Monday, 10 September 2018

Wedding and Outing!

Hello everyone,

Wedding news.....

On Friday the  7th September our darling youngest son married his fiancee in a sweet ceremony at a gorgeous pile in the country


It was a super day, we now have a beautiful,kind, sweet dil and two darling Grands to add to the collection! 
We partied in a marquee in their garden and a lovely day was had by all. 

A longed for Outing....

Next week I am off on a very special trip to London. Amidst much chaos and emails back and forth ( I even managed to drive one blogger's husband barmy I think), Ronnie, Ami, Rosie and I are off to meet Katie who is making a trip across the pond..

This all sounds easy enough but ......

Two of us  need to catch the same train, but from different places! One of us is out of the country at the moment and so can't contact the other. The tickets are bought, fingers crossed we manage to meet, lol. Our trains are notorious for changing their minds so anything could happen.

Three of us are sharing a hotel room.

 Golly how many years is it since any of us shared with anyone other than a husband! One of us has found a Hotel, one of us has no idea what is going on and one of us has booked it. 
 Thankfully the other two are much better organised :)

Let's hope it is not a dive........

And then of course there is the fact that there are five "ladies" on the loose




Could be.....

Whatever does or doesn't happen, 
however good or bad the Hotel is, 
however or whoever makes it on the train, 
I know one thing

Looking forward to seeing you all next week and am wishing a few more of our faraway friends could come too. 


Monday, 6 August 2018

Castle here I come!

Hello everyone,

Sorry to  have been missing in action lately. No excuses really just that due to the boiling hot weather ( seriously can you tell I am English, we always discuss the weather?) there has been little spanking action around here. My posterior is roasted without so much as  a handprint. We live in a semi detached house and it is so hot hot hot that we have the windows open at all times and although I don't much care who knows about our kink I am not sure the neighbours would appreciate hearing it. Even if he could find a silent implement and you bet he has a few in his arsenal. Unfortunately I am not a quiet person , lol.

I can't be bothered to be naughty either, it is frankly too much effort. I am being angelic and lazy instead. We have had fun at the beach, lazy days in the garden, which due to the lack of rain has begun to look like  a brown carpet instead of the lush green it once was. I am not complaining though, about the weather, the lack of spanking or the dying grass as tomorrow I am off to the Castle..........

In my head at least!

Not this one but in my mind it is a bit like this on the outside

What I wonder is it like on the inside.

Well, tomorrow is release day for the latest book in the series and I have it on pre order. 

I absolutely love Maren Smith's books and this one is surely not going to be the exception. To make things even better it is eight stories by ten of our favourite authors. I have been caught up with the tantalising snippets floating around this last couple of weeks and I can't wait.
 Castle here I come!!

Oh it is.

This is so true, best thing I ever did learn to read at a very young age. Mind you I have moved on a bit since the Famous Five.....

Tomorrow we are going on a longish car journey to visit Grandgirl. She too has started to read and is as obsessed with books as I am.  She is three on Friday and has requested  a scooter in honour of the occasion.  We have an early start as we  are expected to attend dance class with her too! 

I am seriously hoping hubby doesn't want any conversation out of me on the way as my kindle is charged and ready. 

I have other news too and that is not spanky either! So sorry  to disappoint.

Our youngest and his fiancee have announced that they are to be married on Sept 7th ( yes it is only a few weeks away and no I don't think she is, not that we would mind to be honest)  Her children are so excited to take our name and call my son Daddy. They are having a ceremony at a nearby venue and then a garden party at their home ( borrowed a marquee , it is England after all and the rain will surely have paid us a visit by then). It is a proper handmade/ homemade affair, bargain hunting along the way as they want to spend all their money on the cottage. We are all having fun. Now this is the son who shall we say favours this lifestyle so I am hoping their life together will be as much fun as ours has been. 

I hope you are all okay,  and having a beautiful  spanky summer 
 See you at the Castle..........

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Winning, Losing and Passing the time!

Hello everyone,

Losing :(

Well bless their hearts, they tried......

Never mind , we are so proud of them all. Next time boys.....

Winning :)

I entered a competition on facebook and this is what I won

A proper hold it in your hand copy of Maren Smith's Masters of the Castle Book, Saving Sara. I was allowed to choose and this is my favourite. Thank you so much Maren. I have read these books over and over on my Kindle and couldn't believe how pleased I was to get a real life copy, lol.

And then guess what I discovered........

There is a new one coming out on August 7th!!!!!

Ten authors, eight stories! I can't wait. How about you?

Roll on August :)

A final note. How cheeky is your husband?

During a recent fun morning playtime (aka spanking and canoodling) I was having my customary squiggle and squeal. Come on, I have been so angelic, I am sure he didn't need to spank quite that hard and so I was gently informing him he could spank with a bit less fervour than he actually was and I would be quite satisfied. ( Okay you caught me,  I was yelling my head off vociferously and trying to escape his clutches by swimming over the pillows, lol)

His response was this

"Oh come on you love it really, my sweet" ( not I might add lessening the intensity of the  smack one iota)

"Hmmph, I can love it  just as much if it is softer"

Then it  suddenly occurred to me to ask

"Do YOU love it still?"

Silence , then he chuckled

"Well it passes the time I suppose.................."

Bit deeper than our fun and games maybe, lol.

Cheeky devil, spanking me seems to have  become something to fill the time during his retirement!

Not the  same hobby as most of his friends but  hey whatever works I suppose, and at least when anyone asks him how he fills his time he doesn't actually inform them that spanking his wayward wife is his motive for getting out of bed in the morning. 

I hope you are all having fun and laughter with this thing we do and that you are all happy and healthy.

Jan, xx

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Come On England!

Just a quickie.....

Could you hear us cheering across the pond last night? Lol

Semi Finals here we come!!
Watch out Croatia......

At last we are united over here, who cares about Brexit?
Come on England, you can do it!!

love to you all, keep your fingers crossed

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Happy Birthday America!

Happy July 4th to all our friends across the pond. 
Hope you all have a super celebration.

Lots of love
Jan and John.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Thank you My Friends!

Hello everyone,

This post has been a while in the making. I am so sorry to have been missing in action for a while now. Due to circumstances beyond my control I have been  off colour lately.

However the power of Blogland has shone through these difficult times.   I have been inundated with such supportive messages and emails from so many of you. I want to say a massive Thank you to everyone out here who has been so kind.

The Power of Blogland. 

I have seen it myself over the years , how everyone is there for each other, I have been so happy to have been part of it myself in the past and have been so grateful to have been the recipient of all your kindnesses lately.

Never let anyone tell you that these friendships with people we may never meet in reality are not as important as the ones we forge in our day to day lives.  I am so happy to call you all my friends.

Thank you so much.

On to other matters.......

Mother in Law is happily okay since losing father in law a few months ago. He is residing in a beautiful blue ceramic pot in the garden topped with a lovely rose. I chat to him when I am outside and so far the rose is flourishing, all good.

Our youngest is now engaged to a beautiful, submissive girl( Just throwing it out there) and we have absorbed a couple of ready made Grands into our family. We have already been on sleepover duty and trips to the zoo etc. So far so good!

Our little grandgirl is almost three. How that happened I don't know, last time I looked I was awaiting her arrival! She will soon be on her way for her summer holiday by the seaside ( She does love a trip without the parents, lol).

On the subject of which this blog was founded I am afraid I have no tales to tell. In my pathetic state not even the lure of spanking has been able to charge my batteries. Instead I will gift you a picture or two in my gratitude for all your niceness.


Gosh I need this so bad.......

Oh how I miss that belt of his......

He is being absolutely perfect, I couldn't have been better looked after. Ttwd is not always about the spanking after all. I am one spoilt girl.

Thanks so much my friends. I hope all of you are well and happy.
Much Love
Jan, xxxx

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Sadness, Stress and Spanking....

Hello everyone,

Nice to be back, but I will warn you this is not a particularly jolly post so feel free to skip it. I won't hold it against you.

We had the most wonderful holiday ( okay so this is bit is jolly) . A leisurely week , riding round the Scottish Highlands on train after train...... We went on a super steam train, fancied ourselves as Julie Walters lookalikes as we followed in her footsteps to Mallaig and over the Glenfinnan viaduct ( as seen in the Harry Potter films) on another day. Visited Skye, Edinburgh, Inverness, went up Aviemore on a funicular railway. There was snow up there and skiers were doing their thing all around.
We stayed in a nice hotel, his Lordship drank a few drams of Whisky. Great company.  I was good girl all week ( ish)

And then we came home.........

We were held up at the airport, should have been a warning , as we  sat on the tarmac for two hours before we took off, you would think it would have clued me in that life was about to ski downhill faster than those Scottish skiers!

Now this bit isn't funny but oh my goodness I have had trouble keeping my mirth hidden.

After hours of delays at both airports, and a taking a wrong turn at the exit my darling husband got a speeding ticket , lol lol.
 It came through the post a week or so later, I have had some fun with it I can tell you. Threatened him with a you know what!!! He was a fair way over the limit and has had  to pay a fine , giggling.....
I do know that I shouldn't laugh but oh can you imagine what would have happened of it was me?

Anyway, on to the sadness. The day we came home my lovely father in law took  a turn for the worse.  We then spent much of the week sitting beside him. I spent one night just him and I, chatting on to him. I  so hope it gave him comfort. He was 92 and suffered from Dementia and while I know it was  a happy release for him I still feel so sad. Funnily enough I am struggling with silly things. I visit the home three or four times a week, on arrival I have to sign in and write who I am visiting. I find  it hard to not write his name as well as mil. Daft but true......
The hardest part was telling my sweet mother in law that his time was near. She bravely sat with him during that last day, bless her and we were with him when he passed away.

Night  Dad. miss you lots.x

He passed away on Friday 13th and it has been  a busy time since. Organising the funeral, sorting out his belongings and finances, keeping mum's spirits up the best I could.  I  like to think I have always  done my best for him,  He loved flowers so those I chose with care, we chose his favourite songs, and tomorrow I am speaking at the service. ( my speech has been read by mil, we are co conspirators ). It is  a measure of his  and her popularity that fourteen members of staff wish to attend the funeral. We have been so lucky with the support given to us.
 With little input from my husband's brother and sister the decisions are mostly ours and I will not crack just yet!

                                                   Life has been a tad on the stressful side.

 I know what I really really need.

Alas with grandbaby arriving tonight there is only a tiny window to fit that in and as I am wasting time writing this post I may just  have to wait

So I am wondering whether this will do .........

or whether if I get myself in this position  in double quick time

He will de-stress me in the usual fashion for ttwders

Chop chop my Sir, times ticking!

Have a good week everyone
love Jan,