Thursday, 3 May 2018

Sadness, Stress and Spanking....

Hello everyone,

Nice to be back, but I will warn you this is not a particularly jolly post so feel free to skip it. I won't hold it against you.

We had the most wonderful holiday ( okay so this is bit is jolly) . A leisurely week , riding round the Scottish Highlands on train after train...... We went on a super steam train, fancied ourselves as Julie Walters lookalikes as we followed in her footsteps to Mallaig and over the Glenfinnan viaduct ( as seen in the Harry Potter films) on another day. Visited Skye, Edinburgh, Inverness, went up Aviemore on a funicular railway. There was snow up there and skiers were doing their thing all around.
We stayed in a nice hotel, his Lordship drank a few drams of Whisky. Great company.  I was good girl all week ( ish)

And then we came home.........

We were held up at the airport, should have been a warning , as we  sat on the tarmac for two hours before we took off, you would think it would have clued me in that life was about to ski downhill faster than those Scottish skiers!

Now this bit isn't funny but oh my goodness I have had trouble keeping my mirth hidden.

After hours of delays at both airports, and a taking a wrong turn at the exit my darling husband got a speeding ticket , lol lol.
 It came through the post a week or so later, I have had some fun with it I can tell you. Threatened him with a you know what!!! He was a fair way over the limit and has had  to pay a fine , giggling.....
I do know that I shouldn't laugh but oh can you imagine what would have happened of it was me?

Anyway, on to the sadness. The day we came home my lovely father in law took  a turn for the worse.  We then spent much of the week sitting beside him. I spent one night just him and I, chatting on to him. I  so hope it gave him comfort. He was 92 and suffered from Dementia and while I know it was  a happy release for him I still feel so sad. Funnily enough I am struggling with silly things. I visit the home three or four times a week, on arrival I have to sign in and write who I am visiting. I find  it hard to not write his name as well as mil. Daft but true......
The hardest part was telling my sweet mother in law that his time was near. She bravely sat with him during that last day, bless her and we were with him when he passed away.

Night  Dad. miss you lots.x

He passed away on Friday 13th and it has been  a busy time since. Organising the funeral, sorting out his belongings and finances, keeping mum's spirits up the best I could.  I  like to think I have always  done my best for him,  He loved flowers so those I chose with care, we chose his favourite songs, and tomorrow I am speaking at the service. ( my speech has been read by mil, we are co conspirators ). It is  a measure of his  and her popularity that fourteen members of staff wish to attend the funeral. We have been so lucky with the support given to us.
 With little input from my husband's brother and sister the decisions are mostly ours and I will not crack just yet!

                                                   Life has been a tad on the stressful side.

 I know what I really really need.

Alas with grandbaby arriving tonight there is only a tiny window to fit that in and as I am wasting time writing this post I may just  have to wait

So I am wondering whether this will do .........

or whether if I get myself in this position  in double quick time

He will de-stress me in the usual fashion for ttwders

Chop chop my Sir, times ticking!

Have a good week everyone
love Jan, 

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Packing and Pinkifying!

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is well and happy. Tomorrow we are off on our little adventure to Scotland. This is the Birthday trip I treated my beloved to for his special Birthday. A few days travelling round the Scottish highlands by rail . I am sure hubby will be tasting a few  Highland whiskies, just as I am sure I will be testing a few Shortbread biscuits, gotta try the area specialities after all.

We are definitely booked on this one

and this one! I think the snow will be there too :(

Typical really, Spring has just arrived in our neck of the woods and we are going North back to the winter. I really should have booked Spain!

We are travelling with another couple,  remember the poor cousin and his wife I dragged to the beach in the pouring rain to watch my brother surfing. Goodness knows why they agreed to come on this jaunt, they must be wondering what I have in store for them this time.  We are all  very much looking forward to it. Of course as we are all travelling to the airport in one car it means we can only take a little suitcase each. Oh dear I am not a great packer, I always think I will need more than I actually will and so I have been well and truly warned......

I have a new suitcase too, one of these lightweight four wheeled jobs


 At this point you may notice a theme to this post :(

Today I was due to  cram it to bursting pack a few necessary bits and pieces, as we leave at four in the morning!

 "All fine and dandy" I hear you cry, 

"Have fun" you say.

My beloved and I were just getting ready to start the day ( i.e. stop reading blogs, kindles, and drinking coffee and finally get out of bed! )

Before  this activity though he decided to implement a few of his wishes. You simply won't believe his plan of action.

It appeared I had to lay over the pillows in order for his wishes to be met.

 "How odd "you must be thinking

"What ever is wrong with the chap? .

Having reluctantly got into the position deemed necessary I was then required to listen to a totally pointless riveting lecture on how I was not to pack everything but the kitchen sink and our entire wardrobe full of clothes (does he not know how cold it is in Scotland? and what if it is hot?)
More importantly I am apparently not allowed to even mention how uncomfortable the bed is, and how I don't like heights when I am on a train going up a mountain or across a bridge..... In short I am to behave like the Angel you all know I am  ;)

And then the cheek of it he proceeded to spank me, as if to imprint his desires on my posterior and had totally absorbed his feelings on the subject. 

"I am going to do a spot of "pinkifying", he stated. 
"Just to make sure you remember I am going to make these cheeks the same colour as your suitcase!"

not mine, add quite a few pounds, lol.

I ended up with rosy cheeks

 and my suitcase (and his I might add) is packed perfectly ;)
It is implement free too, although he did say he could get creative if necessary. Yay.......

Scotland here we come!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

back soon


Saturday, 31 March 2018

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you all!

However you are celebrating I hope you all have  a lovely weekend, filled with family, friends, spankings and chocolate. I am assuming these are the standard requirements all round.

Hope you all manage a bit of funny business.......

and receive an Easter egg as jolly as this one ;)

Maybe even one of these

I know, I know, my  sense of humour  is terribly lacking but this made me giggle 

Throw in  a dollop of cuteness and you are all set to have  a very 


Monday, 26 March 2018

Sunny's Meme!

Hello everyone,

As we are heading into April, hopefully everyone has nicer weather and Spring is on the way. Today we have a bit of sunshine and no rain. There are many spring flowers popping up in the garden. Life is  somehow hopeful. having said that there is little to blog about in our home. There are plenty of spankings for fun, and a slightly more determined one  for eating chocolate :(
Goodness knows what I will be like when Easter is actually here...... The sugar free malarkey is so hard when everytime I turn round there is a chocolate egg in my vision.....

Any way in lieu of an exciting, spankfilled, angst filled, thought provoking post I am doing a meme I found over at Sunny's. Hope you will all do it too.

1. Age - 58. amazing really, last time I looked I was only thirty!

2.Bed Size - double, perfect for two and the occasional snuggle with a Grand girl

3.Chore you hate - cooking the dinner, I always feel like I can't be bothered by then ( I do do it though, can't starve him)

4.Pet's names - Chivers, Whisky, Snoops Sam and Ruby ( from my childhood to now, all cats and all sadly passed away)

5.Essential start to your day - shower, cuddle ( a spanking is not essential but.....)

6.Favourite colour - pink (to make the boys wink, as grand girl says)

7.Gold or silver? - both, depends on what I am wearing

8.Height - Five foot four inches

9.Instruments you play ( in your head or in reality) - Drums in my head, Clarinet as a child.

10.Job - Happily retired

11. Kids - Two

12.Living arrangements - Very happily married, thirty six years soon

13.Music you love - Swing and dance music

14.Nicknames - My Sweet, Chuckles

15.Overnight hospital stay other than birth - Sadly several, 

16.Pet peeve - Meanness

17. Quote from a movie - I drew a blank here, I am not really interested in films, now a book I could do.....

18.Right or left handed? - Left

19.Siblings - A wonderful Brother . Wwe are off to relive our childhood in a few weeks and see a Showaddywaddy gig.They were his favourite when he was a little chap! 

20.Time you wake up - varies as most nights I sleep badly and then nod off when I shouldn't.

21.Underwear - Matching.

22.Vegetables you dislike - Peas, yuk , who invented them!

23.Work out style - say what?   

24.Best dish I make - Risotto (he says it is his current favourite) ,it is nothing special though.

25. Best place to visit - home is better than anywhere. But I would love to visit Hawaii and I love Italy.

Have a lovely week my friends, hope the sun shines and you are all good.

love Jan,

Monday, 12 March 2018

Here Come the Answers.....

Hello everyone,

I had some great questions, giving me lots to think about. Thinking over, I thought it was about time I came up with some answers.
So here goes..

Lindy asked
If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose?  What item do you and John pack when you are travelling?

I am the most boring person. I absolutely don't want to live anywhere but here. Having said that the last few weeks with the pressure from our aged and infirm I could happily move to anywhere else, lol. 
When we are travelling I always do the packing. I take everything but the kitchen sink, and never go without my hairdryer! Hubby only  packs his camera, it is the only thing he remembers!

Meredith asked
If  we were all coming for dinner what would you serve?

I found this one really difficult. I have very little confidence in this department. I would love you all to come though. Maybe I would plie you all with Champagne so you wouldn't care what the food was like. I could do a traditional Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding, followed by Fruit crumble and ice cream.  Proper English stodge!!

Amy asked
What are the different kinds of spankings John gives you?  Has that changed over the years?

Mostly my spankings are for fun and games. They always have been really. I occasionally get one when I have annoyed him , but to be truthful I am not particularly naughty. Sometimes I think he would prefer it, He likes a reason. He always says he feels more satisfied when he has something to spank about.  I get stress relief ones too, and if I am in the mood he will always oblige if I ask. 
There hasn't been much change over the years, although I think he spanks harder now than in the beginning!

Roz asked
What is your favourite movie? favourite childhood memory? favourite implement?

Two films spring to mind

Got to be these two!

The childhood memory is a bit harder, not involving my family, it has to be learning to dance.

Favourite implement is easy


Ronnie asked
What three things would you take to a desert island( not family)? Do you have a spanking fantasy?

My oh so precious Kindle, a vast supply of sun cream as I am a proper English Rose and an endless supply of Champagne to while away the time while I await rescue.

Yes I do......

Red asked
What were son and daughter in law's reactions to the implements we gave them for Christmas? Do you travel occasionally, what spanking implements do you take with you?

On Christmas morning we got a photo of dil standing in the kitchen with her xmas apron on holding the crop and giggling madly. they are still speaking to us so presumably the paddle and leather cuffs didn't offend them either!
We do travel, yes. If we are going in this country hubby will sometimes slip a paddle or a spoon or whatever takes his fancy from his arsenal at the time into the case. If we are going abroad and through an airport we would only have "normal" stuff like a belt or hairbrush. I think we would both be mortified if the luggage was checked and anything was discovered.

Katie asked
What is your favourite thing to do with your Grands?  What two spankings have been the most memorable for you - a fun one and one that John has doled out that was more on the serious side?

We have Three Grands, the oldest  (8)is a doer, she  and I love to sew together, she is always in my fabrics and my button tin!

Next one down is 3, he is always on the go but with me he likes to sit and listen to stories. I think he tries to learn stuff, I must be a calming influence on him as he is generally a proper live wire.

Grandgirl is 3 in the the summer. She is book mad and her and I can spend ages reading. She can pick out a few words herself now and is so pleased when she does that she will read the word and then say "ta dah!" after it. It takes us a long time to read  a

I don't know if I have  a memorable fun spanking, most of them I end up giggling my way through.
We had one that went wrong, I had annoyed him unintentionally, didn't realise I had and he took umbrage. It was all a misunderstanding but he was cross and spanked me. I was determined not to react and so it was all a bit frosty! We resolved it almost straightaway although it took us a bit of time to get going again.  Another one I remember was when I was tipsy and we had guests I told him to "shut up and sit down"! That has never happened since I can tell you :(

That's it for now, sorry if you are sick to death of me..
Hope you are all enjoying the March inquisition, I am having fun lolloping around the land nosing into other people's lives. I am especially enjoying reading Eric's one line answers, bless him. He is such a man......

love Jan, xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Ask Away, it's March!

Hello everyone,

Golly, Spring is hereabouts, Winter has flown. I think it is a sign of our great age that times flies past so fast! 

It is that time again. Spring is springing, everyone is getting a bit more lively as the sun starts to shine and so  Blogland comes to life with a friendly little question and answer session.

Hopefully someone will ask me something, (I always wonder if you  all know everything there is to know about me already) . Feel free to ask whatever you want, there are not many secrets in my little corner of the land..

My March Mood!

Grandgirl has gone home leaving us tired and bereft! We had a fun visit and have done our duty as Grandparents by giving her loads of bad habits along with the chocolate buttons and rich tea biscuits ;).

We have had a few fun spankings just because we have an empty nest but in usual fashion life has thrown us for a loop. My dad is in hospital, very poorly and we do seem to be busier than ever with visiting every day, coping with the wicked stepmother  and then our usual visits to the nursing home for my parents in law! My mother in law is 92 tomorrow and so we are off to party with the oldies! I will need a stress relief spanking any minute now.....

Hope you are all having fun and life is good, may all your spankings be good girl ones.

I will leave this post up and answer any questions in a separate post later in the month.

Much love, 


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Happy Birthday My Sir!

Hello everyone,

Today is a special day,  my beloved's Birthday.

 It is a very special Birthday.....

AT the weekend  we had a lovely lunch at a local hotel. Eighteen of us all together,  cake and balloons, super food, family and friends. A day to treasure.

Happy Birthday darling, my best friend,  I will love you always.

The grands had fun together and today we are now  back to just the three of us. Surprisingly grand girl was happy to stay and let mummy and daddy  return home without her. We are in week two now, and are getting tireder by the hour, lol.  Still having fun, we are finally in a semblance of a routine.The weekend seems a long way off though.

Guess what I am missing though.....
I wish......

Well deserve is perhaps pushing it as I haven't had the time or energy to be naughty. I am going to save it all up for next week. It is more of a want, greedy girl that I am ;)

Oh Golly, who knew? When I can't have one, and there is no chance of one for another five days I suddenly am quite desperate to be spanked......

Yes,those needs


How contrary of me.  If a spanking was on the cards I probably wouldn't one, but now I find myself rather keen. Wonder how up for it I will be at the weekend when he is doling out his Birthday spanking. Probably be  wishing  he was a lot younger, lol.

Hope you all are having a good week,
Love Jan, xx