Saturday, 14 January 2017

Good Bye Mum.

Hello everyone,

A sad post today. I am sorry I have been sniping and snarly around the land lately but it has been a difficult time around here,

Finally after over forty years of her wishing for it and forty years of my brother and I fighting it,  mum has passed away. The last year has been truly awful for her, and the last few weeks have been a nightmare. In all honesty I can feel nothing but relief, so much suffering over the years has finally ended for her.


As most of you know mum has been living n the same nursing home as my parent's in law (both in their 90s) and to top off this week, as my mum lay dying the weather decided to wreak havoc on us all and threaten to flood the place. Plans were put in place behind the scenes ( That means not telling the oldies) to evacuate if necessary and we waited.

Yesterday morning I returned to the home to break my sad news to his parents and right in the middle of calming down a crying mil I was asked to pack a bag as they were off!
Now this went down like a lead balloon, my fil ( dementia not withstanding) decided this was a great adventure , mil not so much  ( that there is the biggest understatement of I have ever made!) :(
 Three hours later and they were moved to safety.

It is now the following day and nothing has  happened as yet but I am seriously thinking of just keeping my head down and hiding.

Yes, that's it exactly!

I sincerely hope you are all having a great week, if so could you please blog about it as I wish to live vicariously through you all this week . Just saying......

much love 
Jan, xx

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year to all of you, may you have some fun-filled celebrations .

Here's hoping that 2017 is a very happy one for all of you, my special Blogland chums.

Let's hope the celebrations look like this ;)

It may just lead to this, lol

Happy New Year!!

lots of love

Jan and John, 

Friday, 23 December 2016

Merry Christmas Blogland!

Hello everyone,

Yes, here it comes again.

 How true!

Would that I looked like that whilst decorating the tree.

How nice to be this laid back at this time of year

So whether you are celebrating in the sunshine or

frolicking in the snow,

We hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New year.

Just saying.....

with love 

Jan and John,

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Wussier Than Ronnie!

Hello everyone,

A few days ago Ronnie posted a picture of P.'s favourite Christmas paddle

And she is very welcome to it I might add!

I thought I would post a picture of my husband's contribution to the Christmas spanking festivities

Very festive!!

Do you think he has too much time on his hands now he is retired? lol.

Christmas? Bring it on!!

So what is your favourite Christmas toy?

Hope you all have a great weekend and a smooth run up to the main event. We are off to visit our little Christmas angel for a few days, :)) (if there is room in the car once the pressies are packed....)

Love Jan,

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Happy Birthday PK!

Hello everyone,

A very special person in Blogland is celebrating today,

Happy Birthday PK, 

Hope you have a lovely day with one of these

Also of course we are glad to hear this news

Hope you have a great retirement, doing everything you always wanted to,

with lots and lots of love,

Jan and John, xxx

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Naughty or Nice!

Hello everyone,

It's that time of year again.

 A time of fun and joy and family and love and well, you know, all the good things.

It is also a  time of great stress, irritability, tiredness and not enough hours in the day!

In Blogland it is also the one time of year that a spanked wife is almost guaranteed to be......


 We can never seem to avoid it, doesn't matter how hard we try. Christmas gets in the blinking way of being good. 

For me this year's preparations are much easier as we are retired for the first Christmas. Still I am managing to be a pain in his a**, which in turn becomes a pain in mine! The thing about  retirement is, he is always around, He knows how much I am spending, he is being dragged round the shops (or coming to keep an eye on me ). 

 My husband is spanking when he feels like it , not of course due to any  Christmas behaviour of mine. Lol ;) It does seem that he is in the mood fairly frequently at this time of year, funny that...

How about the rest of you? How's it going out there?

I would rather be naughty I think, it is so much more interesting.
And I have got to give him something to do over this festive period.

Just a cutie....

Grandbaby, who now is one of these

(Our own little Christmas angel), 

is having her own version of Christmas. Son and dil have put up a beautiful Christmas tree, just like this

The thing is,bless her little heart she thinks it is called a

"Mustn't Touch"!!

 Oh yes she really is as sweet as can be.

I hope you all are having a great week and a lovely leisurely run up to the holiday season.

Much love,

Jan, xx


Sunday, 27 November 2016

LIlli's meme - Ask the Husband!

Hello every one, Liked Lilli's answers so much thought we would have a go.

1.What is something I always say?

Just saying.....(true)

2.What makes me happy?

Shopping,lol  (in actual fact it is him who make me happy above all else)

3.What makes me sad?

Seeing all our oldies in the nursing home (True, it is  source of great sadness to me to see them all suffering)

4. How tall am I?

5ft 6      ( nope 5ft 5)

5. What is my favourite thing to do?

Read ( :)   )

6.What do I do when you are not around?

Read  ( oh yes)

7.If I became famous what would it be for?

Dancing ( unlikely at this stage, to be fair)

8.What makes you proud of me?

My dedication to my mother and his parents.     ( how sweet of him)

9.What is my favourite food?

Toast  (sad but true)

10.What is my favourite restaurant?

Haven't got one ( toast is okay most places to be fair, lol)

11.Where is my favourite place to visit ?

Anywhere grandbaby is. ( Obvious and didn't even have to think about that one)

12.If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

Hawaii. ( I would love to go there but it is so far away...)

13.How do I annoy you?

Nagging.    ( Yes, but really I thought he would have a list as long as your arm here so this is being let off lightly)

14.What is my favourite film?

The Sound of Music ( whose isn't?)

15.You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who will I be with?  

My best real life chum S. ( her fault, she is a leader, lol)

Hope you all do this meme too, thanks Lilli.

Love Jan, xx