Thursday, 31 January 2013


Please can I ask all of you experienced dders a simple but daft question? I consider myself to be a grown up, actually quite old:( , normal(ish),sensible, capable woman . So why is it I turn into a gooey mess when my husband of over thirty years calls me a good girl? Its flipping ridiculous how much I am beginning to crave this phrase and how inordinately proud of myself I am when those words pop out of his mouth. What on earth is happening to me?

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Well actually, the trouble was Monday, but the spanking was Tuesday. Every Monday my husband and grown up son go to a nearby town for some sports training. Normally I stay at home and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, but oh no not this week, this week I decided to go get into trouble. One of my friends lives nearby to the sports facilities so I offered to drop them off and pay her a visit. (Iwas invited I didn't just inflict myself on her!). So far so good, we had  a good gossip, watched a soap that we both like and we had a drink.Now I do not drink often and definitely not much so a little goes  long long way. I expect you can see where I am heading. Time passed quickly and I set off to fetch my tired sportsmen.Now, I did mention my one drink.
." Are you safe to drive?" my hero asked. Indignantly I assured him that of course I was and off we set.. Now my friends, I nearly made it, chatting to my son and hubby about their days I didnt stop for a red light until my darling yelled his head off and I slammed on the brakes. Actually the roads were quiet and all was well. I didnt cause an accident, I didn't harm anyone, my son even had athe audacity to laugh.
I  however, having glanced acrossat my husbands set face, did not laugh. He said straightaway, IN FRONT OF OUR SON," you know what this means". Colour me speechless. Of course I knew what it mean't. I may be a bad driver :( but stupid I am not. I did not dare open my mouth and we made it home in silence. Our son then left to return to his own home and I  speedily fed the hungry hero with no mention of my teeny little  mistake. Our evening continued with t.v. and a cuddle and off to bed.
I must admit that I did not sleep well and sure enough as Iwas snuggling up to my beloved in the morning he said don't forget we have something to take care of and I knew my goose was cooked. A lecture swiftly followed, and this was followed with a spanking and the bleeping hairbrush. Will I ever  have a drink at my friend's house? NO. Will I ever insist on driving when he could take over for me? NO.  Am I sorry? YES. Does he still love me ? YES YES YES. All is now forgiven and I am being very very careful.
 I am still amazed at the power ttwd has to bring us closer together ,  I love my husband,I love my life.X  

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Hello everyone, My name is  Jan and I am happily married to a gentle kind man who recently has started to spank me.  Actually I don't know if anyone is reading this blog, possibly it is only of interest to me but having been inspired by the blogs I read, (Hi Lillie, Elle, Wilma, Roz, Zoe, Ami ) I have wanted to start talking myself.
For ages I have been interested in spanking and gradually introduced it to my husband in a fun way, its taken a while as we have been married for over thirty years. I finally plucked up courage to bring up a dd lifestyle to him. He was shocked to say the least and at first said he just could not envision the discipline and punishment side of things.
He soon caught on though with the aid of me reading other people's blogs out loud and dropping hints.:)
As everyone says we all do tttwd differently and we have settled into our way of things. Most of the time all goes well, basically we follow the 4ds, well he does and I try to with the aid of a variety of implements he has at his disposal.
The first time I realised that he was leading me and not being led by me in ttwd was when I was just getting ready to go to work and I just let the f word slip out. He marched me straight back up the stairs and used the hairbrush. I couldn't believe it and afterwards he said he enjoyed himself! From then on we have grown closer and closer ( and I have stopped swearing).
See you soon.