Thursday, 31 January 2013


Please can I ask all of you experienced dders a simple but daft question? I consider myself to be a grown up, actually quite old:( , normal(ish),sensible, capable woman . So why is it I turn into a gooey mess when my husband of over thirty years calls me a good girl? Its flipping ridiculous how much I am beginning to crave this phrase and how inordinately proud of myself I am when those words pop out of his mouth. What on earth is happening to me?


  1. Welcome to blogland, Rose:) I just found you from Elisa's blog.

    Actually, we just put up a post in our blog called The Submission Reflex, it looks at a little bit of the psychology/physiology/biology/neurochemistry of TTWD. There are a few articles in our archives like that as well. I have a compulsion to understand.

    There are very real reasons why we are affected the way we are :) Oh, and the we is not a royal we - it's Ward and myself :)

  2. Hey Jan...June's post is great and makes a lot of should definitely go read it. Bottom line, you're rediscovering your softer, gentler side. Enjoy it!


    1. Hi Cat and June, Thankyou both for visiting, I read both of your sites all the time. I love my softer side. :). Today however It's definitely not going to be good girl. My hubby works nights and comes in around five o.clock in the morning. We snuggle sleepily and then I get up a little while later. This morning when I came down I found an ominous note from him. "Who left the door unlocked ALL night?". Am not looking forward to him getting up :(. love ya

    2. Oh gosh, you just have to remember that it's only him making sure you stay safe.


  3. Hi jan
    I love to be called a good girl. It makes my day. I never understood it either but June and wards blog is great. Go have a read.
    Sorry you're in trouble, sending you my best wishes x

  4. Hi Jan,

    Nice isn't it? Took me awhile to being called 'Babe' at, well, over forty something! Still throws me a bit when he does it in public!
    Sorry you are in trouble :(


  5. I have not been at DD a huge long time, but for me it's knowing that I'm learning to be submissive, I'm learning to want to please him. And being told I'm good? Means I've made him happy, and that he is proud of me, and that makes me very proud of myself for being able to do so. :) So glad I found your blog. Can't wait to read along. :) Thank you for sharing your journey and welcome to blogland. :)

  6. Oh hearing that from Vic makes my heart sing, along with "that's my girl". It makes me wonder the same thing you are asking yourself and now I just want to hear it.

  7. haha! love it!

  8. haha! love it!

  9. Just curious about your very first post.... too cute..... and lovely...... Would be interesting to hear how you would answer this question nowadays. Hugs, Windy