Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I am trying not to complain, I know everything has been difficult lately. The work is nearly at an end and I fear this is only going to show that we may be living in a great little home but ttwd has taken a few steps backward along the way.
Hubby  (and I ) have had a bad week, we both have colds, no heating, too much work, but a couple of months ago we would have been pulling together , nurturing each other and helping get things on track. Over the last few days I know I have been horrid, irritable, disrespectful, argumentative: you name it I have been it.
I can't cope with this , I can feel myself turning away from him and more to the point he is letting me.  We need to reconnect somehow but I can't see it happening anytime soon. How depressing it is.
At the moment I feel as if we are fighting a losing battle:( . Actually we are on opposing sides and we are both losing. Things are now silent, never a good thing but the longer it goes on I wonder just what will pop out if I  open my mouth.
So for the time being it is a very quiet home. :((
hope you all have a good day, love Janxx

Monday, 25 February 2013

The Plumber needs Spanking

I know, I know this is not going to happen but... As you already know (because I have done a little bit of whining about it) we are having some work done on our home. We are noe into our third week and let me tell you our house is SMALL, that is not large! The new bathroom is wonderful, if you were here I would invite you all in to use the facilites it is so absolutely beautiful, all white , with hints of black, silver and grey. I think the bathroom fitter must know the plumber well as he suggested we still have an electric shower otherwise we would have no way of washing for a week! I love my bathroom fitter almost as much as my husband LOL.
 The plumbers who are fitting the new central heating however are a right royal pain in the rear. They keep disappearing to other jobs. Now along with me if you take on a job that pays thousands of pounds  you damn well do it when you are supposed to. Am I unreasonable? I don't think so  and I have become just a touch irritable about it. There are times I can just keep on smiling BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. And here is the problem: I got spanked for being scratchy, snappy, even a wee bit snarly. Let me tell you though, I AM COLD, I NEED HEAT AND HOT WATER. (Thank god I don't live in lillie's freezing temperatures, I would kill someone!)
Don't tell my hubby but I am still scratchy, snappy and a bit more snarly because I have just found out they are not back for four more days because they promised someone else they would do a job for them.   FOUR DAYS.
So this is why  I maintain : the plumber needs a spanking, and although I am a spankee not  a spanker I would very happily make an exception . Doing a bit of physical activity might just warm me up.
I hope everyone in Blogland is happy, sorry to start with a Monday morning rant. I am now going out to get warm, Love jan,xxx

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Hi everyone, I just want to say how much I enjoyed reading all the valentine's blogs. I am sorry that I haven't blogged. Plain and simple I just don't feel like it. We still have workmen in every day, I feel like we can't connect, I am  flipping fed up!! so sorry, love all of you, Jan.
P.S What does ROFLIMBO stand for? Am I really daft but I can't work it out for love nor money. XXXX

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


When I first started lurking the posts that first called to me and then encouraged me to start blogging belonged to Lillie. Through her I got to know  you all and I am very grateful. So I just want to say                                              
                                                              I AM MISSING LILLIE
I wish she would jolly well behave and come back to us. That's it . I just had to say it. 
love Jan.x
p.s. the carpet is better.:)

Monday, 11 February 2013


We have the workmen in at the minute and I feel like I have a get out  of jail free card. :). We are not used to this situation, our children have left home and although we both work we do have a fair amount of day times together, (hubby works nights). Right now our home is in uproar as we are having a new bathroom and a complete new heating system fitted. I am being generally good, I have made an awful lot of cups of tea (got to keep them happy) .
I do feel guilty about one thing though and I know it is stupid but I spilt a cup of coffee (mine not the workmen's) on our lovely beige carpet. The stupid thing was that I didn't tell hubby because I knew I would get told off for being so careless (I did the same thing  in a different place a few weeks ago). I cleaned it up and thought I had done an okay job. However when it dried there it was,  right in a place I couldn't cover it up, a large brown splodge. At this point I didn't need to confess, just admit it :(
The thing is now it's too late to get it out and it looks like we may have to replace it, we are spending so much on the work that this is  a bit of a blow. I feel really guilty and he has been so good about it. Before we started ttwd I would have shrugged it off but now I just can't seem to, I wish he would spank me for it but circumstances have prevented it and he seems to have moved past it. Why can't I ?
 It is such a trivial thing and I have made a mountain out of it, surely I should just be grateful for a reprieve ?
Sorry to post such a pathetic whiny post . I am going to put it down to stress : no shower or bathroom for two weeks!!!   Thanks for listening to my dubious woes, jan.xx 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

I hate computers!

Hello everyone, I have a problem answering everyone at the minute because we have had computer problems at home. Also when I first created my blog at the top there was always a tiny little two word sign saying create post. Well it's gone and I don't know how to get it back. At the  minute I have gone on to to write this and it is anyone's guess both how I got here and also whether this will appear on the blog. !!  If it does can I say thankyou to everyone who has visited me. Hello my new friends.
 Also to everyone who came to the wooden spoon post and LAUGHED, How rude of you:)
 My darling could not wait for a test run with it. It flipping hurts and has been relegated  (in my mind) to the same category as the hairbrush  - bleeping!
Hope this posts. love to everyone. Jan.xx

Monday, 4 February 2013

I am not reading any more blogs to my hero!

Let me say my husband does not get blogging. Why we blog, why we read them, any of it. That said he apparently listens when I read them to him. Now I don't do this very often , and only when I think it's important, sad stuff, happy stuff and of course hopeful stuff. So far so good.
Lillie's blogs are always entertaining so generally he gets snippets of hers,lovely. Until the last one. He didn't say a thing until today and we were out shopping. Can you guess where this is going? Yep, straight to the kitchen isle. As we were innocently buying some things for cooking he calmly picks up a lovely big wooden spoon and plonks it in my basket. This is Ian's new toy isn't it? Let's give this a try. Speechless!
I assured him that we didn't need to copy others but guess what , it's ready and waiting. Vicious looking thing, one practice swat on inpacking the bags at home made me jump, I just know it's going to be as bad as the bleeping hairbrush:(
I am going to learn to read silently in future. Wish me luck my friends. Jan.x