Monday, 4 February 2013

I am not reading any more blogs to my hero!

Let me say my husband does not get blogging. Why we blog, why we read them, any of it. That said he apparently listens when I read them to him. Now I don't do this very often , and only when I think it's important, sad stuff, happy stuff and of course hopeful stuff. So far so good.
Lillie's blogs are always entertaining so generally he gets snippets of hers,lovely. Until the last one. He didn't say a thing until today and we were out shopping. Can you guess where this is going? Yep, straight to the kitchen isle. As we were innocently buying some things for cooking he calmly picks up a lovely big wooden spoon and plonks it in my basket. This is Ian's new toy isn't it? Let's give this a try. Speechless!
I assured him that we didn't need to copy others but guess what , it's ready and waiting. Vicious looking thing, one practice swat on inpacking the bags at home made me jump, I just know it's going to be as bad as the bleeping hairbrush:(
I am going to learn to read silently in future. Wish me luck my friends. Jan.x


  1. LOL. Sorry Jan. I read to mine as well but I read selectively and I always read the post first. It is really rare for him to take an idea from anyone else and yet...a gal must be careful. :)

    The good news is that sometimes wooden spoons break.

  2. LOL Jan...not really laughing at you but I imagine the look on your face when he picked up the spoon was priceless. HoH's getting ideas from others can actually be a good times. When implements are, not so much. Hope the spoon does not get used any time in the near future.


  3. Oh bless you lol
    Yeah not good for HOHS to read much. I'm glad mine isn't really interested. Only in mine and only some times he asks me to read something.
    The spoon is not good, but have to say its a he'll of a lot better than some weapons my hubs has, and I'm stupid enough to add to it :(

  4. Well my blog is safe

    Now this is important. Listen carefully, and I know Lillie will agree. KEEP HIM AWAY FROM THE HARD SILICONE SPATULA/SPREADER SECTION OF *ANY* STORE !!!!

    and so ends my pulic service announcement.

    As for the spoon- well eventually your bum goes numb. If that is any consolation ?

    Love Willie

  5. Lillie sent me over. Wood is terrible in any form. So sorry.

  6. Oh no! lol Sorry for giggling. Michael doesn't generally go wandering around blogland on his own, thankfully. But, I have on occasion regretted sharing someone's blog post with him! There are two wooden spoons that reside in the drawer of doom, and imo they are both easier to take than the wooden hairbrush. Good luck!

  7. Hi to all of you, If you have read my newest post you will see I have had a bit of computer trouble, it appears to have righted itself, I certainly couldn't fix it so to all of you I would like to say that laughing at my predicament is a teeny bit rude. Since I wrote the post my hubby has tried it out because I was " a grumpy cranky cow" , gosh it hurts. Needless to say I am being all sweetness and light now. love you all .xx