Monday, 11 February 2013


We have the workmen in at the minute and I feel like I have a get out  of jail free card. :). We are not used to this situation, our children have left home and although we both work we do have a fair amount of day times together, (hubby works nights). Right now our home is in uproar as we are having a new bathroom and a complete new heating system fitted. I am being generally good, I have made an awful lot of cups of tea (got to keep them happy) .
I do feel guilty about one thing though and I know it is stupid but I spilt a cup of coffee (mine not the workmen's) on our lovely beige carpet. The stupid thing was that I didn't tell hubby because I knew I would get told off for being so careless (I did the same thing  in a different place a few weeks ago). I cleaned it up and thought I had done an okay job. However when it dried there it was,  right in a place I couldn't cover it up, a large brown splodge. At this point I didn't need to confess, just admit it :(
The thing is now it's too late to get it out and it looks like we may have to replace it, we are spending so much on the work that this is  a bit of a blow. I feel really guilty and he has been so good about it. Before we started ttwd I would have shrugged it off but now I just can't seem to, I wish he would spank me for it but circumstances have prevented it and he seems to have moved past it. Why can't I ?
 It is such a trivial thing and I have made a mountain out of it, surely I should just be grateful for a reprieve ?
Sorry to post such a pathetic whiny post . I am going to put it down to stress : no shower or bathroom for two weeks!!!   Thanks for listening to my dubious woes, jan.xx 


  1. Have you tried club soda and then blotting. It may bring the stain to the surface. It's worth a try.
    Quit beating yourself up. It was an accident and they happen. You can always get a pretty throw rug or rearrange furniture.

    1. you are very kind, I'll suggest it to him cos I am not allowed to go any where near it!

  2. Hey Jan -

    First, you are not whining, you simply feel guilty and frustrated. Let it go...Sunny is right, accidents happen.

    Second, I have also spilled coffee on a carpet, thought I'd blotted it all up, only to have it show up when it dried. I used 3% hydrogen peroxide on a clean, white towel to moisten the stain. After letting the peroxide stand for about an hour, I used another clean, white cloth to blot the stain until it disappeared. I then placed another clean, white cloth on the stain and placed a heavy book (wrapped in cling wrap to protect it) on the cloth so that the stain would be drawn upward. Lots of washing white clothes, but it worked! Found this method somewhere on the internet but can't find it now. :( Good luck.


    1. Hi Cat, I am whining (at full volume at that!) Tomorrow we are going to have another go at it, I am just going to get a pile of white cloths ready:)Thanks a lot.Jan xxx

  3. Hey Jan, it is stressful having renovations done and having the bathroom out of action.

    As the others said. Try 2 let it go and not be so hard on yourself. It was an accident. I hope the above suggestions work for you.

    Hang in there, the workman will be gone soon and you will have the house back to yourselves.


    1. Thanks Roz, I have been such a baby about it, am soo looking forward to my new bathroom.:)love Jan.x

  4. Hi Jan, I found a tutorial specifically addressing removing old coffee stains from carpet: How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

    Hope it helps. And as everyone said, let it go, it's out and you'll get it resolved :)


  5. omg, just looked at that site, did you pop round in the night ?That is exactly what my carpet looks like, am going shopping this morning for supplies to try these ideas. This carpet will be the cleanest one in England soon :) Thanks a lot. love Jan,xx

  6. Just a quick note to say welcome to Blogland and thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend as well. Wishing you the best in blogging and TTWD. Take care.