Monday, 25 February 2013

The Plumber needs Spanking

I know, I know this is not going to happen but... As you already know (because I have done a little bit of whining about it) we are having some work done on our home. We are noe into our third week and let me tell you our house is SMALL, that is not large! The new bathroom is wonderful, if you were here I would invite you all in to use the facilites it is so absolutely beautiful, all white , with hints of black, silver and grey. I think the bathroom fitter must know the plumber well as he suggested we still have an electric shower otherwise we would have no way of washing for a week! I love my bathroom fitter almost as much as my husband LOL.
 The plumbers who are fitting the new central heating however are a right royal pain in the rear. They keep disappearing to other jobs. Now along with me if you take on a job that pays thousands of pounds  you damn well do it when you are supposed to. Am I unreasonable? I don't think so  and I have become just a touch irritable about it. There are times I can just keep on smiling BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. And here is the problem: I got spanked for being scratchy, snappy, even a wee bit snarly. Let me tell you though, I AM COLD, I NEED HEAT AND HOT WATER. (Thank god I don't live in lillie's freezing temperatures, I would kill someone!)
Don't tell my hubby but I am still scratchy, snappy and a bit more snarly because I have just found out they are not back for four more days because they promised someone else they would do a job for them.   FOUR DAYS.
So this is why  I maintain : the plumber needs a spanking, and although I am a spankee not  a spanker I would very happily make an exception . Doing a bit of physical activity might just warm me up.
I hope everyone in Blogland is happy, sorry to start with a Monday morning rant. I am now going out to get warm, Love jan,xxx


  1. Hey Jan, ugh, how frustrating! Yep, the plumber needs a spanking alright! LoL Hang in there hun!


  2. Oh sweetie! That stinks! Our heater is broken as well...I hope yours gets fixed soon!

  3. I would be ranting too. Hope it gets better sooner rather than later.

  4. How annoying! I'm glad it's not too cold.

  5. Hi there Roz,Bea, Sunnygirl and Meg, Thanks for your sympathies. Just to say, on a brighter note we have spent a nice warm cozy afternoon in bed

  6. Sounds like the plumbers we had a couple of years ago. Came on Monday then didn't see them until Friday.

    Hope it's all finished soon.

    Perfect way to stay warm:)


  7. I'm always trying to encourage the kids to give up the University malarkey and become plumbers. But they have our DNA...and are inept...whenever the dishwasher packs up in our house me and Peter stare at each other and do not have a clue what to do.

    When we had work done years ago I visited the local swimming pool for a shower


  8. Hi Ronnie and Sarah, gosh I can tell you two are fellow English folk.:)
    What is it with tradesmen here? love Janxxx

  9. You poor dear! Camping out in your own house sucks. We have done it a few times. Hang in there.

  10. Ugh! That sounds really frustrating! Hang in there Jan!