Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Greetings

Hello there, I just want to say

                                         HAPPY     EASTER    EVERYONE.

That's it, no info, no moaning, no questions, simply:

Hope you all have a wonderful, spank free Easter, lots and lots of love


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Conversational Breakthrough:)

Today is the most common day of the week for me to get a spanking. This could be maintenance, reset, punishment(often saved up:( ), fun :) or just plain because. It is hubby's day off you see. We spend the day together, just us, no kids, oldies (we have several of these, bless them), just us. Always at some point of the day we talk about ttwd, mostly it is like pulling teeth and this is the point where I feel like try as I might I am just a little bit in control. I don't want to be, not one teensy bit, but I started this and I want it so bad that I know I am always pushing just a bit.

Today something changed , not exactly Eureka but for us close to.

Now whether you believe it or not I am basically a good girl, He has stopped the swearing, (or the paddle has) I am pretty good on the housework stakes, I like looking after him, I don't lie, I am pretty respectful, yada yada yada. Yes, I am boring.

When we first started spanking it was a way to spice up our sex life, just for fun. Okay for a while, but I knew I wanted more. My hubby is a really gentle man and when I plucked up courage to explain about dd at first he was horrified. It took weeks before he would even consider it . Always though we have worked together in our marriage and so after a while he decided to try.  At first it felt like a game, like we were acting the part.
Gradually over the last nine months he has got braver,
  learn't to lecture ;((( , bought some implements, punished when he wanted to not when I wanted to.

Life has got better, we are closer, I feel calmer, he feels stronger, and today:

We were laying in bed this morning chatting and he said
"I am trying to think of a lecture I can give you but you have been too good. No spanking today, It's not right any more to just play at it, we are doing this properly now. "

Me - speechless!

 Finally he talked, he made the decisions, laid down a few ground rules, we are on our way at last.

So today I am spank free,  other more pleasurable activities took place instead, I am hoping for an erotic spanking to appear on the horizon whilst he admits he is hoping I do something naughty sooner rather than later!! My darling man has eyes like a hawk, I won't be getting away with much and a few new rules are starting to be introduced. You know what;

 I am a happy girl, married to a wonderful man who has taken this lifestyle on board for me and I appreciate him and everything he does for me so much, yep even the spankings with the bleeping paddle.
I hope that I don't let him down, I hope I behave, I hope that I can be the best I can for him. He is everything to me always.
I hope that you are all having a good day,

love Jan.xxxx

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Variety is the spice of life, so my mother says. We all like different things in life and that includes ttwd. No  couple does this thing the same as another and that is how it should be, but just for fun and please remember this is a VIRTUAL WORLD, who would you pick ? Imagine all our HoHs were in a big box of chocolates
Now we wouldn't all pick the same one would we? And  while I am sure that we all have very happily chosen our favourite, just for today lets imagine we have to pick a different one, who are you going to be spanked by today?
There are lots and lots to chose from in this virtual world and so please feel free to say who and why, after all they can't actually get anywhere near us :)
Now at the risk of offending someone, and I really don't wish to , I am going to give a few ideas to help you on your way. So will it be:
Ami's Starman (spatula anyone?)
Wilma's Barney (don't forget there's a plastic coathanger in that home)
Lillie's Ian (20 minutes with a belt!!!!)
Stormy's Ogre  (has own place of work, (cosy shed))
Elle's fireman (don't forget to say sir)
Roz's Rick (used to dealing with scrappy little dogs)
Ronnie's P (lots of implements to choose from)
My own hubby ( currently attached to a nice new wooden paddle )
PK's Nick ( likes to add a few stripes with his cane)
Sara's Grant ( the wisest one of all)
Lynda's Mick ( STRICT, Have you seen that list?)
Sarah's Peter ( spanks swiftly for sarcasm and sulking)
Zoe's Alec ( free corner time thrown in)
Lisa's Bas (hand spanking only)
Jared (or Rogue)
Rogue (or Jared)
Gosh I didn't realise how many spankers I know,lol. And this is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Please feel free to add one of your own , only not your own if you get my meaning. I am sorry if I have left anyone out, I just picked a few at random.
I suppose I ought to open this question up a little bit, so:
 if you are a HoH who do you want to spank just for a change.
As I am whiling away my lazy Sunday afternoon, making mischief here on the computer I am wondering if anyone will be brave enough to answer. My hubby says if I am going to ask this question I have to start you all off with my own answer. I would appreciate somebody else saying something afterwards as I don't want to be the only one out here.
Whom will I visit, well I don't like the idea of the coathanger, actually nothing plastic floats my boat, and Lillie, you can keep your marathon sessions with the belt ( I think I am terrified of Ian ).
Also when I said you could add to the list I did not mean Sean (yuk)n Connery.
I could say Sir,hmn, Too many implements at Ronnie's for my liking, I don't fancy looking like a zebra, I wouldn't  last long at Mick's  as my obedience levels are not that good. Grant's persistence is  heartwarming  never tried corner time.........but where will I go?
SO while you are all pondering this teensy little question I am packing my virtual bags and going to visit  ( oh gosh it's actually quite hard to say it now I have got to the end of my ramblings and have to spit it out),  I am off to see the
 because I have a thing about sheds, yes I really do, and lets face it, he is deliciously bossy Also I love Stormy and it would give her a break.
So there you have it , come on ladies, tell all. Who would you pick to be spanked by??
Hope you are all having good weekends
,love you lots

Thursday, 14 March 2013


I am fairly new to blogging and have enjoyed reading everyone else's  March question and answer
sessions. Yes , ok, I am basically a nosy person but hey, no one is perfect are they? My question is to anyone who wants to answer it ( and I am hoping someone will!). It concerns obedience. When I read the blogs, it seems to me that the majority of us are long married or at least in long term relationships so I would like to know how you feel about this:
  Remember when we were all innocent (some more than others I think) little chicks scrabbling round in the farmyard of life ,
We were all looking for our very own one of these:

What happened I want to know when you hooked your wonderful , charming rooster and you dragged him up that aisle. During that most important ceremony did you say love ,honour and OBEY?
 I bet lots of us didn't say that magic word, I know I didn't ( the vicar advised me against it, said "it wasn't really done these days" , and that was over thirty years ago I might add!! I cherished him instead :)
I am sure that it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. most of us have happily enough got to this
Also how many of us if we were getting married now to those same men and living how we do would say it now. I would, and be proud to, no matter what anyone said. I may not obey all the time but I'd like to think I try to and that in my mind I am happy to. What about you?
That is the question. 
Hope you are all happy and well, love 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Over the last few weeks we have definitely been slipping backwards. Now I can blame the builders, BUT, I know that really it is our own faults. I say  both of us but  if I am honest (and what's the point of any of it if I am not truthful?) it is probably , okay okay definitely me:(
I may have grown a little like this: 
and over the last few days my hubby has tried to reel me in . Yesterday morning we had an attempt at maintainance or whatever ( yes that word has popped out a few times). There was plenty of ouching, plenty of spanking but I knew deep inside that I was nowhere near my happy place.  The rest of the day we enjoyed but I still felt snarky and out of sorts.
During the evening I could feel myself getting moodier, hubby ignored it really. I made a few sarcastic comments, told him I was bored and then : 
Actually I made a different gesture but cats don't have fingers. I am sure you get the picture.
At this point I took myself off to bed, leaving hubby in peace to watch television and plan the morning's activities:(
I woke up early and snuck away feeling guilty, a while later  and I knew I had to face the music. I sweetly took my hubby some juice and snuggled up in bed chatting. Soon however things became more like this:
My husband is not usually into the big lecture, mostly I get you know why we are here lets get on with it.Today however he excelled himself:(
Conversation went something like this:

It seems as though yesterday's little session didn't help at all with this snippy attitude. I have had enough. You are being bossy, giving orders,answering back, giving me gestures, moping ,whining and it's got to stop.
I am not giving orders and I am trying to stop, really I am
Note I couldn't really defend the other charges , not without lying ( and that's not allowed).OTB , that's where I went next.
I think the last couple of days have earn't more than my hand , I am going to use some of my weapons of a** destruction!!! (chuckling to himself, how rude)
No No I'll be good, please not the hairbrush ,please please. ouch ouch
smack smack smack, I thought it would never end and then lol he stopped:
Oh bummer, the damn hairbrush has cracked, thats a pain, ( he sounded so sad for a moment)
Are  you done then ? I whimpered, .bottom burning, god I am glad the hairbrush is broken 
Am I heck,I'll just find something else, he said picking something else up and applying it to my poor bottom with gusto.
Ow , ow, oh no don't please, what is that ouch...
Are you going to be good,stop whining , stop telling me what to do?
Yes,yes I will, I promise oh stop with that please please
It was my slipper, on top of the hairbrush I had had enough and amidst more lecturing to stop behaving like I have been and start being good frantic promises to be good followed swiftly.  He finished off with his hand and forgiveness.
Back to bed for cuddles;).The after spanking is so much better than the before. I do feel calmer and less snippy. We did discuss more immediate action so I don't let it all build up to a massive drama and a really sore bottom . This is how I look now:
Does this mean we are back on track?
I hope so, I am really trying ( he is always calling me that btw!).
 Hope you all have a lovely day and that ttwd is working in your home, love Janxxx

Sunday, 3 March 2013



Ok not that hot, more a lazy kind of heat like this:
I feel so like rolling round in the warm. The workmen have gone , ( leaving behind a horrendous mess). We now have hot water, heating and a fancy new bathroom.                                            
Tomorrow is hubby's day off and we are going to talk and enjoy our home for a while. Over the weekend we have chatted and he has read a couple of blogs, (thankyou Lillie and Ian, and P.K.). He definitely identifies with Nick I think and we have decided that we are  not going back. Hopefully now we can move forward and find our own path into ttwd.
I hope you all have had wonderful weekends with or without spanking depending on your preference,lots of love, Janxxxx