Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Over the last few weeks we have definitely been slipping backwards. Now I can blame the builders, BUT, I know that really it is our own faults. I say  both of us but  if I am honest (and what's the point of any of it if I am not truthful?) it is probably , okay okay definitely me:(
I may have grown a little like this: 
and over the last few days my hubby has tried to reel me in . Yesterday morning we had an attempt at maintainance or whatever ( yes that word has popped out a few times). There was plenty of ouching, plenty of spanking but I knew deep inside that I was nowhere near my happy place.  The rest of the day we enjoyed but I still felt snarky and out of sorts.
During the evening I could feel myself getting moodier, hubby ignored it really. I made a few sarcastic comments, told him I was bored and then : 
Actually I made a different gesture but cats don't have fingers. I am sure you get the picture.
At this point I took myself off to bed, leaving hubby in peace to watch television and plan the morning's activities:(
I woke up early and snuck away feeling guilty, a while later  and I knew I had to face the music. I sweetly took my hubby some juice and snuggled up in bed chatting. Soon however things became more like this:
My husband is not usually into the big lecture, mostly I get you know why we are here lets get on with it.Today however he excelled himself:(
Conversation went something like this:

It seems as though yesterday's little session didn't help at all with this snippy attitude. I have had enough. You are being bossy, giving orders,answering back, giving me gestures, moping ,whining and it's got to stop.
I am not giving orders and I am trying to stop, really I am
Note I couldn't really defend the other charges , not without lying ( and that's not allowed).OTB , that's where I went next.
I think the last couple of days have earn't more than my hand , I am going to use some of my weapons of a** destruction!!! (chuckling to himself, how rude)
No No I'll be good, please not the hairbrush ,please please. ouch ouch
smack smack smack, I thought it would never end and then lol he stopped:
Oh bummer, the damn hairbrush has cracked, thats a pain, ( he sounded so sad for a moment)
Are  you done then ? I whimpered, .bottom burning, god I am glad the hairbrush is broken 
Am I heck,I'll just find something else, he said picking something else up and applying it to my poor bottom with gusto.
Ow , ow, oh no don't please, what is that ouch...
Are you going to be good,stop whining , stop telling me what to do?
Yes,yes I will, I promise oh stop with that please please
It was my slipper, on top of the hairbrush I had had enough and amidst more lecturing to stop behaving like I have been and start being good frantic promises to be good followed swiftly.  He finished off with his hand and forgiveness.
Back to bed for cuddles;).The after spanking is so much better than the before. I do feel calmer and less snippy. We did discuss more immediate action so I don't let it all build up to a massive drama and a really sore bottom . This is how I look now:
Does this mean we are back on track?
I hope so, I am really trying ( he is always calling me that btw!).
 Hope you all have a lovely day and that ttwd is working in your home, love Janxxx


  1. I always tell my husband that I'm trying and he says "Yes, you are very trying." It's inconceivable.

    Hope you are all reset. I know that here after a period of stress it sometimes takes a few "rounds" to get back to us again. It's no fun and hopefully you are a much quicker learner than I am!

    1. Hi Susie, I fear I am a slow learner :( Today I have been good though,:) Love janxx

  2. Glad you are back on track. It should stay that way now that life is more back to normal.

    1. Hi Sunnygirl, What's normal? lol. Here's hoping, love janxx

  3. Heeeeey, you clever girl, you...doing pics and all.
    Yep, def back on track and glad to hear it.
    Glad you enjoyed snuggly sorted after spanking nice time *sigh* sarah,LD,UK

    1. Hi Sarah, I amazed myself with my computer skills:). Hopefully we are back on the right road for a while, Love Janxxx

  4. Sorry it took two sessions but happy that you are feeling better. It always makes me sort of happy that he takes the time to bring me back to him even if it is ouchy.

  5. Hi Zoe, hope you are feeling okay now, I am grateful to him really but gosh MY behind is still tender :( Love Janxxx

  6. Hey sorry everything had to blow up like that but happy to hear you're back on track. Wonder if that 'you're really trying' is in the HoH manual...have heard that one before. ;)


    1. Hi Cat, Those pictures summed up my morning purrfectly:) Mind you, it took me ages to sort out with my very limited computer skills. love Janxx

  7. Yep Jan, I'd say you are back on track. Glad you are feeling better. Sorry it took two rounds.

    Love the pics!


    1. Hi Roz,I am lucky it only took two rounds I think. I have been like that first picture all week!!, love Janxx

  8. Jan, sometimes, somebody will have to explain to me why this build up of anxiety happens.
    It's not that you are not aware of it.
    And it certainly is not just you.
    This happens everywhere and every HoH regularly despairs.
    Beautiful cat-pictures btw.

  9. I am sorry on behalf of all women that we could possibly make you darling hohs despair, but hey , wouldn't you be out of a job if we wereall sweetness and light. I am definitely a cat person, our elderly chap is definitely the hoh inour house, minus the spanking hand of course.xx

  10. I love your cat pictures! Must post some of ours one day.

    Glad you are back on track - it's good to have a friend with a sore butt!

    I did, however, go and get our hairbrush and study it carefully. Believe me when I tell you that there is no way on this earth that my quarter inch thick wooden hairbrush would break even if I slammed it into a rock solid surface - and my butt isn't very rock solid! So either you are granite bum, or you are now not wearing anything below the waist for a week!

    LOL and hugs,


    1. I'll tell you this Ami, my hairbrush was as thick as yours, My rear end is very squidgy lol, am glad the bleeping thing is in the bin though. love Janxx

  11. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I love roses. :-) So, it sounds like a soft paddle cover would have been perfect...though unusable in broken pieces in the trash is probably good, too.
    :-) Glad you are both back on track. Best wishes, Terpsichore

    1. Thanks a Lot, In the bin is the perfect solution! love, janxx