Wednesday, 29 May 2013

"Do as You are Told!"

This is the tale of the first  "do as you are told" to be combined with  too much alcohol in our house.:(

Once upon a time......

We had friends over for dinner.  "How nice " I hear you cry. A very nice couple, (vanilla of course as was to be expected) No trouble then, just a lovely Chinese meal, yes they even escaped my cooking, lots of chat, lots of wine. Perfect.

Hubby set off to fetch said friends while I finished tidying, laying the table, putting out nibbles. All done, I  just had  a quick Martini and lemonade to get me in the party mood. Soon back with our guests, hubby had ordered the food on the way for delivery, more drinks swiftly followed.
In my defence can I mention that I am not a big drinker, but I do have some new glasses to drink from and they are so sweet I couldn't resist  a top up or two. The evening was great, although I will say that the chap could do with standing up for himself just a tad. I think in times gone by I would not have noticed but with the advent of ttwd into our lives, I find myself noticing how hen pecked the men around me are!!

The food was fine , after the meal we were talking away and I found myself with our very demanding elderly cat sitting on my lap ( because I wouldn't get off his armchair!) I needed my husband to do something for me and having asked him a couple of times and got no response I suddenly said:


Honestly I do not know whose face this is . Mine or his. I think for a split second we both looked at each other with identical expressions of horror. He recovered first, The look swiftly followed, I looked down , our friends laughed and said "that's you told!" to hubby. Oh god  oh god now what.
My heart beat faster, would he say something? I skedaddled into the kitchen and made coffee in double quick time, no more alcohol for me:((
My beloved never said a word and the evening continued on. Somehow though I knew retribution would follow at some point.
When our friends left, taxied into the distance, as to be fair I was not alone in the drinking stakes, we soon tidied up and went to bed, neither of us saying a word about my little faux pas.
The next morning however, I took hubby his tea in bed and  attempted to apologise, blaming my accidental slip on the drink. "Am I in trouble?" was met with "Do you really need to ask that question?"   Gulp
Normally spankings are fairly light hearted, even punishment ones have a friendly side to them. I do think though that I may just have overstepped the mark  just an inch or two.
"Get that nightie off and get in the corner!"
"what! we don't do that , NO  NO , I've never been there, and naked ! NO I didn't mean it..
"Well I do, move right now, cos it will be worse if you don't get moving"
Realising he did actually mean it I was speechless, I did however move , huffing and puttering as I went.  After a few moments He came up to me and whispered in my ear , "how do you feel now stood there thinking about giving orders to me"
Actually I did feel guilty and I told him so. I sagged into the wall,
"Stand up" ,he barked at me. Who is this man? I could hear him getting out his weapons of a** destruction, 
 Now , lecturing is not usually his forte, but  I think I may just have upset him a teeny bit  because oh my goodness he has really got the hang of it.
"Stand up "  he said, "I've just told you that" and suddenly he flicked his belt across my backside a couple of times as I stood there.
I couldn't help myself, " I need a warm up !" I shrieked.
"This is the warm up" he chuckled.
Over the bed I soon went  to be thoroughly spanked with his hand.
 When the cane came out he expected me to count , I lost track at three and then kicked ( I know this is a bad habit of mine but I can't help it).
Repeatedly telling me to keep my legs down, he finally tapped them with the cane mid thigh:((
I leapt up dancing round and earn't myself a few with the bleeping paddle to finish with. I was a wriggling jiggling mess by  now, begging and pleading with him to stop.
 "What's the magic word ? he growled.
"Sorry, sorry ,sorry, I won't do it again  I promise  I promise.
"You had better not ", admitting he was an inch away from letting slip to our friends that I wouldn't be getting away with it, I realised that I had indeed had a lucky escape.
That particular phrase has been washed from my memory banks, I am sure I will never utter it again  ;).
 Normal service resumed shortly after and all was forgiven. I have learnt an important thing , the person in our home who says "DO AS YOU ARE TOLD" isn't me.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Quiet Life

My turn, but I think I must have led a very sheltered life!

Have you ever?

shot a gun?  No
watched someone die?  Yes
served on a jury?  No
flown on a plane? Yes
swam in the ocean? Yes
cried yourself to sleep?  Yes
been camping in a trailer/RV?  Yes
rode on an elephant? No
rode on a camel?  No
been lost?  Yes
eaten just cookies or cake for dinner? Yes
been on TV?  Yes
been on the radio?  Yes
been in a car accident? No
donated blood?  Yes
got a speeding ticket in the last 12 months? No
got a piercing(not ears)?  No
got a tattoo?  No
flew in a hot air balloon? No
flew in a helicopter? No
gone parasailing?  No
been on a jetski/ snowmobile or dune buggy?  No

Oh dear, more no than yes, I knew I was  boring:((
 Content, but boring:))

love Jan.  xxxxx