Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly

I haven't blogged for a while, life for me is pretty good at the minute. We are strong, ttwd is great. I am behaving (ish).
BUT the world around me is bleeping  awful.
 Obviously I am English, and the furore about the article is not here, ( it took me ages to find it on the internet so don't you go worrying in America we are a long way out of touch. What a silly woman to write such claptrap, I know I live in cloud cuckooland but I thought journalists had to write some truth otherwise its a fictional novel isn't it? I don't think the British press would actually be that bothered. Spanking is the English vice after all!. I don't know if any  English bloggers have been contacted so I may be wrong but I don't think we are in the radar.

The GOOD is that poor little Emily appears to have turned the corner and for that, wherever we are, we are so grateful.  We can only hope that her recovery continues. I hope so, her and Jim and Christina and her brothers and sisters are in our thoughts constantly.
Also good news is that Cat is getting better after surgery and hopefully will soon be back to entertain us.x

The BAD is the fact that due to the bleeping article we are losing bloggers, it is so unfair that you should be driven underground. We are entitled to live our lives however we wish and in contact with whomever we want and I feel so angry that we have to let some random uneducated journalist force us  to this course of action. I don't post an awful lot, most of my blogland pals know I don't have a lot to say about this life ,I just live it . ( I am a happily spanked wife not an abused one if any journalists are reading this btw) I do know however that if I need friends there you all are, ready with advice and sympathy and I read all your blogs hoping your lives are as you wish them to be.
I hope that when the fuss dies down Stormy and co appear again. What aloss to our little world

The UGLY  has to be the attitude of all the people ( including  the media) who are portraying us as abused wives and abusing husbands. As my hubby said most of the husbands were persuaded by the wives in the first place and I do believe some took more convincing than others.  Please don't think I do not realise the seriousness of domestic abuse, I do I teach kids from these sorts of families sometimes and believe me  it is truly terrible.
Our community however is a great place to be and I wish we could all stand up and be counted and openly admit we live this lifestyle. I know we can't and if anyone ever tried to talk to me from the media they would get very short shrift.

I want to say to everyone that hopefully we will turn the corner soon and these people will leave us alone and find something better to talk about. Please don't all disappear. love ya lots