Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Renee's Regency Rave.

Captivating,   Jolly,   Funny,   Romantic,    Heartwarming,    Wellwritten,   RECOMMENDED   

Once I started Renee Rose's latest novel "The Reddington  Scandal",  I couldn't put it down.

She had me laughing from the first:

"Go and stand in the corner  until you learn not to be such a selfish cow"

I don't want to give away the plot but I do want to recommend this book, five stars all the way.

The novel is the story of Lord Teddy Fenton, whom we fleetingly met in "The Westerfield Affair" (Another great read btw) and his foray into the marriage stakes with the beautiful, innocent Miss Phoebe Fletcher.

Teddy is handsome, debonair, a regular hottie by today's standard. He has a reputation with the ladies, despite which he is also charming and sweet, loves his sister and is wonderful to our dear little heroine.
Phoebe is an innocent, pretty, gentle and from the first she recognises Teddy's charms! The only question is how long will she take to succumb to said charms and how much trouble will she get in along the way?

 Our heroine rescues her soon to be husband from the clutches of her sister's husband and in doing so, rescues herself from the same man's evil hands.

Upon marrying this rakish playboy Phoebe soon realises that the marriage in name only that she had hoped for is no longer on the cards. Adventures ensue, a bat rescue, an unexpected dip in the pond,    spankings of course, and some very steamy sex all come about as this endearing couple get to know one another.

Of course the path of true love never runs smoothly, misunderstandings and threats cause problems but  hey this is a love story...

Thanks Renee for letting me be part of the advance team, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am honoured to have read it first.  I am however not a book reviewer so apologise if this is not up to general book review standards! I am a better reader than writer.

 I have got my fingers crossed for the next book. Is it maybe Wynn's story? here's hoping.


Monday, 2 September 2013

Scaring my HOH

This is the tale of a night in the life of my Hoh.

Once upon a night time in a small seaside town lived a  kind and unassuming man. He was married to a sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy wife who loved him very much ( even whilst she was trying his patience ).   Recently  his wife of many years had come to him with ideas of dominance and  spanking, hard for such a gentle man to absorb. However wishing to please his wife, this dear soul had begun to enforce rules with a hard hand and an even harder paddle.

 Life was good, there were after all not many rules in his house and his wife was a good girl on the whole. (Okay I may be exaggerating here, but it is a story!)

He worked hard for a living, I cannot say what he does for a living,....

Now this particular night had been fairly uneventful until nearing the end of his long arduous evening when a distress call was put out by another of his workmates. Being near to his friend  he rushed to his aid.

A drunken lout indeed, frightening all and sundry. this gentle hero stepped in, called the local law enforcement and endured the violence of the rowdy  lout until  an arrest was made.

At long last he thought, it is time to return to my wife and snuggle up for a few hours until day break.

Now one of the few rules our hero had set for his errant wife was not to fall asleep with the lights on, wasting  precious electricity. On arriving home his heart sank to his boots, lights were indeed blazing from the upstairs windows.
Oh well he thought tiredly,  "That's a good excuse for a spanking, tomorrow will have to do though, sleep first. I am too tired to lecture my sweet tonight".

He spent a few moments mulling over the events of the evening before making his way upstairs to turn off the Blackpool illuminations ( a famous light show in England) and cuddle up  to his beloved.

Low and behold our poor husband had to turn once again into .....

What did our hero find?  Yes you have guessed it, his poor wife  passed out on the bathroom floor!!
Not much scared our Hoh but the sight of his wife spark out , yes that could do it in a heartbeat.

Scooping her up as she mumbled to him, he muttered  "What a way to get out of a spanking wife, being  so sick ."

Returning her to bed  he informed her that  she couldn't lay there any longer as he needed to use the
facilities himself!

 By the time said gentle chap had  sorted himself out and returned to his darling it was to find her snuggled down and fast asleep. Climbing in beside her and  up, realising that his wife was fine, his job and friend were  safe, and his spanking hand was not required  he finally did what he had wanted to for a while

Please note, as day break returned , his wife recovered well enough to try the patience of a saint, let alone a knight in shining armour and yes, his trusty paddle was called into use once again. :((
Hope you are all well and being good, or maybe a little bit bad depending on your fancy
love Jan.xx