Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Renee's Regency Rave.

Captivating,   Jolly,   Funny,   Romantic,    Heartwarming,    Wellwritten,   RECOMMENDED   

Once I started Renee Rose's latest novel "The Reddington  Scandal",  I couldn't put it down.

She had me laughing from the first:

"Go and stand in the corner  until you learn not to be such a selfish cow"

I don't want to give away the plot but I do want to recommend this book, five stars all the way.

The novel is the story of Lord Teddy Fenton, whom we fleetingly met in "The Westerfield Affair" (Another great read btw) and his foray into the marriage stakes with the beautiful, innocent Miss Phoebe Fletcher.

Teddy is handsome, debonair, a regular hottie by today's standard. He has a reputation with the ladies, despite which he is also charming and sweet, loves his sister and is wonderful to our dear little heroine.
Phoebe is an innocent, pretty, gentle and from the first she recognises Teddy's charms! The only question is how long will she take to succumb to said charms and how much trouble will she get in along the way?

 Our heroine rescues her soon to be husband from the clutches of her sister's husband and in doing so, rescues herself from the same man's evil hands.

Upon marrying this rakish playboy Phoebe soon realises that the marriage in name only that she had hoped for is no longer on the cards. Adventures ensue, a bat rescue, an unexpected dip in the pond,    spankings of course, and some very steamy sex all come about as this endearing couple get to know one another.

Of course the path of true love never runs smoothly, misunderstandings and threats cause problems but  hey this is a love story...

Thanks Renee for letting me be part of the advance team, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am honoured to have read it first.  I am however not a book reviewer so apologise if this is not up to general book review standards! I am a better reader than writer.

 I have got my fingers crossed for the next book. Is it maybe Wynn's story? here's hoping.



  1. Hi Jan,

    Great review! I enjoyed reading this, and definitely going to have to add this to my reading list!

    I'm not a reviewer either, but for what it's worth. I think you did a great job :) I really liked how you described the plot.


  2. You are a fabulous reviewer! Sorry, I didn't see this till now. Good thing Willie had us post our links, because somehow I don't think you were on my blog roll!! thank you so much!!!! xxoo

    1. My pleasure, I loved the whole thing, reading a fab book, reviewing a fab book .....
      love Jan.
      P.S. Welcome to my blog.x