Thursday, 28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving !

This is just to say I hope all my friends all over the world have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy those Turkeys and have lots of fun, Spanking or otherwise ;)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone Everywhere.


Friday, 22 November 2013

I've Named Him!!

Hello everyone, this post is just to introduce you all to the most important  man in my world.

 Who could that be I hear you ask?

Of course it is my beloved, my darling husband. Up until now he has only been known as hubby. The other day he asked if maybe I could see my way to giving him a name, after all he is a real person not just any old nameless husband so.............................

Now the name I have chosen is                              "JOHN".

Why John you ask, well there are lots of famous Johns, so is he named after:

A great man, but no, not this one. So maybe it is this one that gets my attention:
Sadly husband cannot sing a note, tone deaf he is!!

I thought and thought , do I like a bad boy, mm maybe so what about this gangster chappie:

Now that is a lovely dark brooding look but I am far too much of a good girl to tie myself to a  really bad boy.

My search continues far and wide..................

I have always fancied a pirate..
Yes I do like a pirate, but somehow he is not for me( I fear I am too old for his malarkey!

What about a King, perhaps that would sum up his complete dominance....

Um, perhaps not that King John :(

I know  I could try a cowboy:
This one is for Sunny, I did have a picture of this masterful chap spanking Maureen O'Hara but since the computer has come back from the shop it has some adult content control and I can't post a spanking picture. Rotten computer chap must have seen my blog and decided to play a joke on me !!

Back to my search,

 I will leave the cowboys alone. Not many about here by the seaside!

 And then I thought , when I was a small girl I learn't to read . Now , the books I learn't involved a couple of children and ever since I started to discover the world of fiction I think I have always been searching for my very own partner. 

Have you guessed? ( I imagine you stand more chance of guessing if you too learn't to read in England with these very same books. Yep, here he is, my very own partner in  all things:

As a tiny girl I always wanted to meet my opposite number. As an older girl I have realised that my wonderful husband of over thirty years has a bit of all of these famous John's.

 Okay, he will never be president, even though he leads this household.

 He serenades me in other ways than Johnny cash  ;)

Maybe he will never be a gangster, but I don't fancy a life of crime.

A pirate? well I would sail the seven seas with him.

He is my king, and he treats me as his queen.

A cowboy, well he does have a leather belt..... lol

He is my everything, my  John .

  Now all I have to do is remember what I have called him .    

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

lots of love Jan.xxxx                                           

P.S. Sorry about the colour changes ,blogger is not helping me.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Misunderstanding and an angry Spanking!

I think we have hit a teensy bump in our ttwd road of life. Owing  probably ( no definitely(and I still can't do the crossing out thing)) due to my ongoing, never ending, whining and moaning about being in pain. T hings have





Get the drift?

Well last night after reading one too many blogs about all of you lot whom I am becoming quite jealous of, all plodding on quite happily. Before you say it, I KNOW . We are all different, we all go at our own pace,all that stuff that I generally trot out to everyone else. I also know that not everyone is having a high old time but my reading was quite clearly selective.

Just let me say this is not my general mode of action. NORMALLY, I love it when I read about someone's success story and fret about someone who is struggling. Last night however I didn't, and thought maybe we could have a little chat, just a weeny little conversation.

Now I will admit that I had maybe (okay positively)  been a bit quiet (sulky) FOR GODS SAKE WILLIE TELL ME HOW TO DO THE CROSSING OUT THING AGAIN PLEASE.

When we were snuggled up in bed and were sort of dozing off I just happened to say,
" I have been blogging today and I feel that whilst everyone else is jogging along nicely we have come to a standstill"

Now I don't think I was accusing or loud or anything really but ....

Hubby went bananas ( not like him either actually). He was very defensive and started yelling that he felt under pressure. He was a bit accusing and then started in with attack. For once I was speechless so I decided to shut up and say no more. He didn't even give me chance to explain before he leapt into action and turned the lights on and started rummaging in his toy bag.

Bleeping H**l, he spanked me. After a drought,  he spanked and in anger too. He lectured and accused and was definitely very cross with me.

This was so rare and by this time I was so angry I refused to make a single sound ( and bloody hard that was too as he used the wooden ruler after a dose of his hard hand).  I will never know how I managed to say nothing , don't get me wrong I know I could have stopped him at any point but I just lay there over those flipping piloows and took it SILENTLY.

When he stopped saying sadly "
This isn't working either is it ?" I flounced off to the bathroom and got into bed without saying a single word.

Now all this is unheard of in the Rose household.

Things were a bit tense this morning to say the least, but as we were visiting a nearby city for the day I knew we would talk on the journey. 

Well we did and it turned out to have been a simple misunderstanding. I think whilst he thought calling a halt to it all while I was in so much pain was him being kind and caring, I had thought it was him being uncaring and inconsistent about ttwd!!

I think he has been putting up with my moods and blaming illness whilst I have been worse to try and get a reaction.

"Oh the webs we weave when we practise to deceive"

Basically, served me right for being a pain in the neck,

Today we have promised to talk more and he is going to try to be a bit more consistent. One thing he is going to do is text me more when he is at work. He works nights and I am struggling with long hours alone at the minute. I feel happier tonight and hopefully so does he.

Incidentally ,and this is so embarrassing, there are no pictures to lighten the mood of this jolly little tale because I am working on the PC and not my notebook. This is because OMG I have had to take it in to be fixed because , well actually I don't know why or else I would have fixed it myself. I had to sign in to my blog in front of the male child who is endeavouring to fix it for me to show him the problem. Be thankful none of you use your real names. I wanted to sink throught the floor. Hubby is going to collect it for me. By now the poor boy knows all my secrets. Believe me I was tempted to throw it away and buy a new one.

Hope everyone is well and happy.
love Jan.xx

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

After The Party!

What a day yesterday turned out to be.  After worrying about whether or not to join in, after all who was going to come? How embarrassing would it be if no one came? Let's face it a party with no partygoers would be a bit of a flop. Who would eat the cake? see the decorations? have a drink?  play the games? and then......

Oh my goodness every body came, the party started early with a new visitor, a new friend to play with, Hello Rosie and welcome .. my friends then came, some I have known and loved for a while, some very nice newcomers whom I hope will come again. The dancing started:
Okay, that is a bit sedate for us, but  hey I liked the picture and I am a ballroom dancer. The party whizzed by so fast, I couldn't keep up with Blogland ( and neither could blogger, I think he went to one too many parties and had one too many drinks!). I even had some latecomers, probably because we all live in far flung destinations of the world.  I am so glad you all came. Maybe I celebrated a teeny bit too much, and drunk a teeny bit too much as a friendly little spanking was happily given this morning ( alcohol consumption is limited here as I do tend to give orders when inebriated).
Who else I wonder woke up like this:
Of course I may be a little worse for wear, all danced out ,but still I will always remember my manners and I would like to say the biggest
to BONNIE from My Bottom Smarts for organising Love our Lurkers  in the first place.
Also to all my partygoers ,thanks for coming , lets do it again soon. After all ,everyone is welcome here anytime.
Lots and lots of love Jan.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Welcome to everyone who is reading this blog either for the first time or as a lurker. Are you one of these:

If you are please do not be afraid to join in today and say hello. You do not have to give your name, you are always welcome to comment on my blog.
My name is Jan and I have been married for over thirty years to a kind, gentle man who spanks me , mostly for fun, both his and mine. Occasionally he spanks me just a bit more , to make his point and rein me back in ( although I am basically a good girl ;)
We live beside the seaside in England and in real life no one would suspect I am  spanko, but I AM and guess what I LOVE IT, I really do and now my husband loves it too. Yay.!!

I don't blog every day or even every week. Sometimes I blog a happy tale , sometimes I have a good old moan. That's the thing you see, no one minds what you say and without doubt I have made some wonderful friends, even if I don't actually know any one's real name. :)
I did discover a fellow blogger lived only an hour away and we have met up. (Hi Ami) A great day. So who knows what will happen if you just click that button today
Feel free to ask me  any questions you want to, I hope that if you are reading these blogs today you are either living, or considering living a similar lifestyle to us.  If so, be brave, you don't have to remain one of these:
 Come on, dare you, say hello, come and visit, you are very very welcome here. In fact these are for you:

I was a lurker just a year ago and starting my blog and talking to everyone has made the transition to this wonderful life so much easier. There is always plenty of friendship,  oodles of advice, lots of love and buckets of sympathy. There really is nothing to lose, its a win win situation.
                                                            PLEASE, JUST SAY HELLO
I hope you all have a lovely day visiting us all, don't forget to visit my friends, if you click on the sites on my blogroll you will be able to visit Wilma, Ronnie, Ami, Roz, Rogue, Terps, DF, Callie, Mick, Cat, Sunny, Zoe, PK, Meredith and many more. Honestly there are loads of us. We are all over the world and we all live this lifestyle differently. We all have one thing in common though ( apart from spanking, lol)