Monday, 30 December 2013

Happy New Year.!

John and I would like to wish all our friends in Blogland a very very Happy New Year. See you on the other side.! I hope that 2014 brings you all peace , happiness, health and lots of spankings. ;)

lots of love 

                 Jan and John.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Normal Service Resumes!

Hello Everyone,  I hope that you all had a merry Christmas, All that preparation and the actual event flies past. As John worked every day we seem to be back to normal very fast. He has time off soon though and our family are all descending for a few days. We will be celebrating again then.

Today has been our first day without  company and isn't it funny that the first thing we  embark on is a spanking. We were laying in bed this morning and discussing what we would do today and we both just grinned at each other.

Now as you all know I am pretty good, there are not many punishment spankings in the Rose household but I definitely feel that we have lost our way a bit.  Over Christmas  ( and actually before, I know there have been a lot of things that my darling could have picked me up on, attitude, whinging, and he was fleetingly cross when I left the electric blanket on all day as well as all night. Oops!. This morning however he must have had his rose coloured glasses on . He seems to see me as this:

I myself feel that I have been more like this:

Oh well I thought, this is going to be a picnic. 

"You can choose today" he said.

"Choose what ?" I replied.

"Two implements, off you go, get moving"

I never choose, never. I actually didn't know what to pick. " Can I choose your hand as one?"

"Very funny my sweet, but no. You are keeping me waiting now, not a good idea"

Rummaging through the selection I finally settled on a very gentle paddle and a long ruler that he likes. I avoided the wooden paddle and the new leather paddle that both hurt like billy oh

"That paddle is pathetic, you never even feel it. I guessed you would pick that", he chuckled.

He started with his hand. I couldn't help it. I started complaining straight away. "Too hard, too hard". 

"Good grief, I have hardly started, keep still, you are barely pink yet!"

I think maybe because my spankings have been few and far between I felt it more than normal. I was quite frankly a pain in the a**. 

He moved onto the other implements quite quickly, warning me that if I kept on dancing about this would soon turn into the sort of spanking I wouldn't like. There wasn't much lecturing at all, in fact he said that  
as I had been so good he was struggling to find things to lecture me about!!

I certainly wasn't going to remind him of my misdemeanours, so I kept quiet and still, squirming and squealing until we both collapsed in giggles and cuddles. A great start to the day.

The thing is, while this morning was fun I am a bit worried that we have so lost our way. Is he not noticing because he is busy or is he not  noticing because he doesn't want to? I am happy with our life really but there are times when I wish he would pull me up on things. I think that with me still being so poorly all the time he gives me too much leeway. 

Later on we talked and I tried to let him know how much better I have felt today, both of us have been happier today actually, so hopefully this is the start of a return to where we were before I got so poorly.
Maybe I would some times like him to be a bit stricter and when I said this to him he said

" I find it really hard, it is not my nature and also at the moment it is not what you need. I can't be spanking you when you are in so much pain already!! It's ridiculous."

He loves me and I love him so ...............

This is what I told him today,  I am so lucky to be married to this kind man, I will love him forever.

I hope you all have a great weekend,



Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Hello  to All my Friends in Blogland, 

I would just like to thank you for all your support over the last few seriously bad weeks in the Rose Household. I am so excited to report that yesterday morning my Doctor rang me to say....


 Yes, no cancer, what a relief I can tell you and what a great Christmas present. 

This was me shortly after I put the phone down, okay okay, not so cute or hairy but  definitely as cheery. 

Last night we had our closest friends over for dinner and I may have imbibed a wee bit too much of the fizzy stuff. have a feeling I might just get let off today. ( Don't tell him but I am not sure I want to be let off so I may just be a naughty girl today anyway. Our celebrations will take many forms I am sure ;)  lol). It's funny how a bit of good news makes you feel so much better, more normal. And isn't it interesting that for all  most of us
normal means we quite like a spanking!  Funny world we live in.

Thank you all so much, I hope that your Christmases will be everything you want them to be, 

I know tomorrow is stressful for every woman , so to all my spankable pals, be good or else..... . 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone

Love you lots


Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas versus Submission!

Hello everyone,

 I hope you are all well and happy. Now I am sure that many people have written about this very subject but here is my take on it.
Christmas versus Submission!

Christmas is a joyous time ( when it flipping gets here that is!), maybe like this
Okay not like that, I just liked the picture,

perhaps these though
and definitely one of these

Yes, all the good bits, well I could have shown vast amounts of food and alcohol,  family celebrations, snow ( if that's where you live and love), lots of joy all around. A few carols and a little (or lot) of Religon thrown in for good measure.

BUT   How the bleeping h*** do we get to the above scenarios in a gentle submissive way. 

HOW does anybody remain all yes sir, no sir when at Christmas WE have to take charge in order for the joyful bits to happen.?

It seems to me that for the majority of men, Christmas just happens miraculously  ( and I actually think that the real miracle was supposed to be something entirely different).

Most men go to work each day  whilst many wives are quietly, or maybe even loudly getting the Christmas preparations done. We make decisions at this time of year that maybe at other times we would defer to our men or at least lead them to think we were ( oops did I say that out loud, how unsubmissive of me, good job he doesn't read this blog).

Well I don't think we are not being disobedient but we simply do not have time  at the moment to ask.
Submission flies out of the window when you are looking after small children, Christmas shopping, (has anyone asked for a budget or have we all just done as we liked .
 How many of us have thought just for a fleeting minute,

" I don't care how much  I am spending  it's Christmas"

By the way how many presents do we have to buy?, bleeping loads that's how many and tell me again how many does the average husband buy?   

 ONE  !!!!  

How much food does that same man rush out to purchase to feed the world and his wife. Umm...


(Maybe he does the booze run if you plead inability to carry it, and he fancies a drink over Christmas).

Also can husbands not write ???? Can I just say Christmas cards!! Mine writes


Relatives coming to stay? What fun, no extra work in that is there?

Also I HATE dislike wrapping , I am hopeless at it, truly hopeless.

Christmas is taking over women's lives everywhere. I am a fairly very organised person but it is nearly beating me this year and my kids are grown up, returning like little homing pigeons  for a few days.

We have all spent how ever long since we started ttwd learning to let go, giving him more dominance, submitting to his wishes and I fear that this is flying out the window. 

Have we got time for this lark, there are simply too many decisions to be made, too much to do and really is anyone's husband going to micromanage help us out?

Isn't it hard to switch from being Superwoman  to little Miss Jolly and Submissive when he walks in the door? 

What happens when we are tired and snappy after yet another day of the endless run up, I'll tell you what

and from there it is only a hop and a skip to

Hm,  maybe that is what I need , how about you?

Actually my preferences aside, I think it is jolly unfair that lots of these are going to be doled out when we are doing our best to make Christmas fabulous for our families. I can't see many of us getting away unscathed between now and Christmas Day. 

Maybe December should be declared a submission free month, just a thought.............................

In all honesty in our home, while it is true he only does go shopping for my pressie and he doesn't think to write a Christmas card my John has actually done pretty much everything else with or for me. This is more a general rant than an I blame my husband moan. 

Life is pretty good here,we are all set for a family Christmas. I had my scan today and get the results in a week or two. Thanks to all of you who sent me messages, I thought of you when I was laying on that bed today.Love Ya,

Hope you all have a good weekend, may it be spank free or not as you so wish.

love Jan,xx

P.S. Finally I haven't have got how to do the crossing out thing. lol

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Could you Please Cross Your Fingers.

This is just a quick post to ask you all to cross your fingers for me on Thursday. Most of you know (due to my constant whining) that I have been a tad poorly lately. A couple of weeks ago after many visits to my so patient G.P. I had a scan. Well now, too quickly in my opinion, I have to have a C.T. scan.I have not been given a specific reason for this, just a vague "in case"!! The consultant who did the other one has requested it. I am grateful really but still..........

Now I am a teensy bit scared as it is ten years almost to the day since I had that dreadful disease the first time. So I would dearly love to go from this

to this

I hope all of you are all having a good time at the moment, nobody in trouble, no refusing to submit,  no walls, no masks, no suckiness, just lots of love and good behaviour ( okay so I am having a dream like moment ,  blame my nerves!!)

Please keep your fingers crossed just for a moment on Thursday. I am so grateful to have your support.

lots of love


P.S. I really wish I could find a spanky post to post but that seems to have disappeared again, Life is a pain in the a**.   

On the good side . Yay, it will be soon be Christmas. Bring it on. :)

Friday, 6 December 2013

A Secret Message!!

A few weeks ago it was my birthday and my husband decided to buy me some "spanky" presents. I did have lots of lovely gifts that I could show to everyone but we had a little secret gift giving ;)

Firstly I was given this lovely item:

Yes, we have tested it, oh my goodness I think this is almost as bad as that bleeping wooden paddle!!! How generous John is. 

Then I opened this:

This is a lovely silver necklace with a little ruler charm and a disk that says "spank me!". I love this so much, I wear it every day, When I am teaching I turn the disk round , the back is a plain silver disk. No one has commented yet but do you know what I don't think I care if they do. He really is the best husband a spanko girl could ask for.

( Hubby got this from if you are interested)

Lastly I got this:

This bracelet has a secret message. Can you work it out? It took me a long while but I finally guessed it.

                                             Good Luck, I am interested to see who gets it first.:)

(This came from

 This one I don't have to worry about, no one even suspects what this one says.

I hope everyone is okay, we have had horrendous flooding in our area, usually we miss everything, Its all upside down here...............

Am hoping life returns to normal soon.

Have a good weekend everyone,

love Jan.xxxxxxx