Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Spanking and Smirking!

Hello every one.

At the weekend I was just a teeny weeny bit of a naughty girl. I know, it's so unusual isn't it?  I decided to go to a local store, initially to buy some shoes for work. In an unheard of moment I asked my husband ( who incidentally was joking about my shopping expedition at the time) if I had a spending limit. I have NEVER done this before, not ever, normally I just spend a little bit at a time and usually he is with me anyway, so what ever possessed me I don't know.

Armed with my limit (and his debit card) off I went. I haven't been to this store for ages and it was very quiet. I thought I would just have a little amble round, pick up the shoes if I could, pass an hour or so..

Two t-shirts, two matching jumpers, a pair of gorgeous  trousers, some tights and socks, one pair of shoes, oh, and a new outfit for my son's girlfriend's baby (who could have resisted that one) I returned home. Do you know I didn't give it a thought that he might be cross, not until I saw his face when he saw the bags.

" How much did you spend?" he demanded. I looked at the floor as I mumbled the amount.

"You had better be joking" he said. "That is fifty pounds more than I said!!"

I said nothing, just muttered on about the sales and that his limit was a bit low ( yes I did say that, moment of madness).

"Well my love, you are going to pay for that. Guess how" he said crossly. Soon after that he had to go to work. Swatting me as he went out of the door "Tomorrow" he said darkly

I was rather surprised at first. I didn't believe he was really upset. Surely he wouldn't spank me for shopping?

Later that night, as guilt was firmly settling in. I texted him

"Are you still mad at me?"

"Not mad , not at all, just flexing my left hand ready for tomorrow"

" I am sorry, I don't know what got into me (actually I do - the sale but....) We women do funny things when we get to the menopause you know!"

"Omg I can't believe you blamed the menopause , that has earned you extras"

I went quiet after telling him I loved him I signed off.

The next morning I left for work while he was still in bed as he worked half the night. I was quite glad. maybe he would forget. Hmm.

I arrived home after lunch and we spent some time catching up with each other :)
Wisely I kept my mouth shut on the subject of shopping. It was however still on hubby's mind as I found out when I bent over to get something. I felt a really hearty wallop,

 "That's a preview, don't think you are getting away with it. I have not forgotten.  We haven't time before ......arrives (our son) so it will have to wait until this evening after he has gone."

During the rest of the day he took every opportunity to remind me both verbally and physically :( that a spanking was eminent. Our son arrived, they went off to do a sporting activity, returning home I fed them both and then to my relief and John's chagrin, son duly decided to stay over. lol

The next day was  a repeat of the previous one with me working. On my return John prepared a lovely meal for the two of us and I thought I had got away with it. Whilst I was washing up he swatted my behind and said

 "Upstairs now, your wait is over my sweet". About to argue I looked at his face.

 I went.

In no time at all I was over those pillows and his hard hand was smacking my behind.

"I am using plenty of weapons today, you have earn't this. I can't believe you just spent that much money, fifty pounds over budget without asking. In fact the first time you ask for a limit you then ignore it. Well that is not going to happen again is it?"

At this point I was so stunned with his lecture that I giggled (out of fear I think!). Didn't help matters much.

"You aren't even sorry, not a little bit, Well you are going to be" he said, bringing into play his bleeping wooden paddle and that rock hard leather paddle, both of which I hate.

Changed my tune though, and pretty quickly. I squirmed and wriggled so much he accidentally got my leg. "Ow,ow ow not fair, not my leg"

"That will teach you to keep still, put that foot down", he continued on without even stopping. The extras weren't forgotten either.

 "The menopause!!!that's a good one" he chuckled, adding a couple of strokes of a nasty  cane for good measure.

Finally, my contrition was evident and implements were put away, much to my relief.
Once we were in our much more satisfactory cuddling position, he assured me that he had forgiven me.

 "You haven't even shown me these things that cost your bottom so much" he smirked at me.

"You are smirking at me!! That's not fair, stop it. You look so smug, my rear end is burning, don't be mean"

"I can't help it darling. You deserved that one. Believe me, I enjoyed that. It is so much more fun spanking you when you are naughty. "

Yes, he admitted to being smug, he was one happy husband ! This morning  as we sat together in bed drinking coffee I winced as I moved, I am just a little bit tender and the cheeky man smirked again,

"Tender are we? that will teach you....". He has grinned all day today , oh well a happy husband is a good thing I suppose.

I think in future I will be more careful when I am shopping. I will never ask for a limit either, although I think I will probably be given one anyway:(

Hope you are all well and happy,


Monday, 27 January 2014

Our first Blogiversary :)

Today is our first blogiversary. I am not sure what I want to say so I have found a few pictures and a few quotes to say a lot of it for me. One thing I do want to say is that I am now, and always have been,( well for thirty odd years):

Yes, definitely yes. Since finding ttwd  I we are even happier than we were when we started on this adventure. As with all of us we have had hurdles to overcome, sickness (boy when he said in sickness and in health I bet he didn't expect, cancer and all the rest he has had to put up with!), 
money worries, job stress, family, all the usual. We have however produced wonderful (yes yes I know I am biased but) children who grew into the adults we hoped they would be.

So what now? Is the hard work done? Are we just going to grow old gracefully? Are we heck?
NO, not a chance. I thought it was time to spice things up a little. So in a rash moment, lulled as he was into a false sense of security ( that's after sex in case you were wondering), I sort of suggested he might like to spank me, especially if  I was naughty.

He said he didn't know if he could but he said he would think about it. At least he didn't just say no. He did say he didn't think he could hurt me!! Hm, that feeling didn't last long...

A couple of weeks later and I was talking about blogs I had read, and sort of dropping hints about what I thought I might like. Before you say I was controlling the situation, somehow I had to put the ideas in his head in the first place and then hope that maybe he would run with it.

Spanking as fun was, and still is great, but I wanted more, I suppose I am just greedy. I talked about the four D's and eventually we decided to give it a go. 

As John has just reminded me," we sort of drifted into it". A new lifestyle began. This was sometime in 2012 , maybe September ish.

I basically follow the four D's and punishments were, and still are few and far between. The fun is often.
What we have discovered is a greater awareness of each other, our bond is strengthened.
We talk more, we love often, we have fun together.

Sometimes I am like this, ( only chubbier).

Yes, sometimes I argue like this. We all know what happens then

What have I learn't from this? I have learn't that good girl spankings are nicer than bad girl ones. the trouble is sometimes I just can't help myself, that naughty girl pops out to play.  
I have learn't that I am at my happiest when I am being nice to, and caring for my husband. 
I have learn't that while being spanked for a wrong doing is unpleasant, the feelings I get afterwards and the love and care I receive from John soothe my soul. 
I have found such happiness in this stage of our marriage and so I think has my husband.

By the way did I mention that 

Oh I did, well I am celebrating you know.

Along the way I have discovered many things. here are a few:

 In our world we have lots of ways of resolving, usually  I am otb!!

I am not sure how far along this journey I am, the love and trust are  totally there. The self control and obedience are there in my head, still practicing these two in reality.

This one we have definitely decided on together.

                                            This one I just like (and tell him often),

                                       and the last one is the most important of all,

(Just in case you were wondering!)

Lastly I would like to say to all of you, my Blogland friends, the biggest thank you. I am so grateful for all the support, advice, comments, technical support( Hi Willie and Cat) and friendship as we undertake these  adventures together. 

                                                Long may it continue.


P.S. At this present moment in time I am waiting for a naughty girl spanking for overspending. Fiddlesticks,  and I have been so good ....... All sympathy gratefully received!!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My First Attempt at Fiction!!

The Poppy.

Oh my gosh I had done it. I came out of the tattoo parlour feeling both elated and scared. There it was just peaking out of the top of my scoop-necked T shirt. A bright red poppy. I knew as soon as I saw the design it was the one for me, my name you see is Poppy. Although I hadn't actually chosen the name for myself, I had doting parents who named all three of their girls after various flowers, I loved my name and the flower associated with it. Still I am drifting from the story...

Now I have been happily married for over twenty five years and over the last year, ( after a certain famous novel had been published), and in the hopes of injecting a bit of spice into our long married sex lives, we had been experimenting just a bit. Nothing earth shattering, we are not the sex,drugs and rock and roll type, but a bit of spanking, a bit of role play and a bit of bondage all seem to have entered our lives with a fair amount of ease.

One thing Alex (that's my game for it all husband) absolutely hates is tattoos. I have never been keen myself really, maybe middle age has affected me more than a little, who knows, there are more mysteries in life than a few.

One thing I did know as I walked out of that shop was that Alex was not going to like my dear little poppy, no sir, not one little bit. This is where I had to face things, I knew he wouldn't like it, yet I had still gone ahead and done why?

Deep inside myself I knew exactly why I had a bright red poppy nuzzling against my left breast. I wanted to find out what he would do. Oh gosh, it sounds so awful when I come right out and say it. What a bad girl I was. So far all our spankings have been of the playful, erotic sort and I had begun to wonder what sort of spanking Alex would dole out to a naughty wife rather than a playful one. So there I had been planning how to get in trouble when basically I am a pretty average please my husband sort of girl.

 I couldn't simply march in and say

"Look what I have had done, what are you going to do about it?"

No , I needed a plan. Next shop, the supermarket, whereupon I bought all the ingredients for his favourite meal, a yummy dessert and an extra special bottle of wine. All set, I returned home to prepare for the evening ahead.

By the time Alex returned from work, the meal was ready, the table set (and very romantically if I say so myself), candles were lit and I was wearing a dress I knew he liked.

"Hi baby, are we celebrating, have I forgotten anything?"

"No,no, just thought we would have a cosy night in" I could feel myself blushing and inside my tummy a few butterflies were having themselves a jolly party.

He knows me so well this man of mine,

" Come on Poppy, what have you done, speeding ticket, overspent? I know there is something you are not telling me"

Never in a million years would he guess and by now I was desperate to keep my mouth shut so I started dishing up dinner, realizing that maybe I was in over my head with this whole adventure. I wanted to back track to this morning and think of a better idea, one with less consequences at least.

I tried to change the subject, asking him about his day, I told him I had been into town,(but not why). I started to relax a bit, the two glasses of wine I sloshed back probably helped there to be frank, and then my guard slipped. As I went to take my darling his dessert ,he pulled me onto his lap. "Let's share" he said, "lifting his spoon to my mouth.

Of course the inevitable happened and as I leaned towards him he glanced down and hey presto, out popped my poppy!!!

" Is that what I think it is? " he said stony faced, pulling me up to stand in front of him. 

" That's what this evening has been about, buttering me up before I saw that that... that tattoo. Why would you think that was an acceptable thing to do, and at your age too?"

Now I am not vain about my age but that stung just a bit. So I lapsed into sullen silence, still standing in front of him. I could feel myself pouting, how old did he think I was? If I want a tattoo I would damn well have one!!

He glared at me for a full minute  and then said the words I THOUGHT I had wished for....

"Well guess what Missy, you know all those lovely turn you on spankings you have been getting lately, well you are about to get a not so lovely spanking to compare them with."

With that I was tipped over his lap before I could even squeak and he flipped my dress up and yanked my knickers down in a flash. " I cannot believe you would do such a thing, and without asking me too", "How could you mark your lovely breasts like that" . The lecture went on and on all the time he was spanking my behind so hard I couldn't catch my breath. First one cheek then the other, then lower on my sit spots. I was wriggling and squirming so much he hooked one of his legs over mine to keep me in place. How embarrassing to be held in place like that, and how humiliating to be lectured like a five year old. Why had I wanted this goodness knows. I started to whimper and then outright cry.

Pausing for breath, or to rest his hand he said," I know you have always wanted to see what a real spanking was like but for god's sake did you have to go this far. I hope after this you won't do anything so stupid ever again". Each word of his last sentence was punctuated with a really hard smack to my behind, setting me off weeping and wailing again.

"Please stop, please, you don't understand, please please...... I'm sorry, sorry.." was pretty much all I could get out.

When he finally stopped, I lay limply over his knee, crying softly as he gently rubbed my back. After a few minutes ( or hours, I had no idea of anything at this point) he said " Your bottom is the exact red of that poppy, how appropriate, seems like a fitting punishment to me, what do you think? Going to do anything like that again?  Going to be a bad girl again, testing me like that?"

"No, I am so sorry, I promise not to do anything so stupid again, truly, honestly. Please can I have a cuddle , have you forgiven me?"

"Of course I have, that's the whole point of a proper spanking isn't it? Wipe the slate clean so to speak. Do you honestly think I don't know how you have been feeling darling girl. We have had enough conversations about ttwd for me to understand your needs by now. If you wanted a spanking that badly you could have just told me . You didn't have to go to these lengths" He pulled me up to sit on his lap, ( and it jolly hurt too, but I wasn't going anywhere else), I decided I much preferred this part of the spanking, the make it all better bit. I did love how close we were, I could have stayed there all night.

" It's bedtime", Alex said, both firmly and tenderly. I can't wait to make love to you with your poppy red posterior. It might have been punishment for you but we both need a bit of loving I think. 
Go and get ready, I will be up in a minute, I'd like you naked and waiting for me if you feel like being on your best behaviour now" he winked as he said this last and then very calmly said,

"By the way, on your way to bed, stop off in the bathroom and wash off that very temporary tattoo, there's a good girl. It had better not be there when I get up those stairs.

I stood , speechless, just staring at him......

"How did you.., when did...why did you spank me so hard if you already knew it was fake?"

"Oh Poppy, I knew within the first thirty seconds, I knew because you would never do anything you were sure I would hate and I spanked you for a few reasons. Firstly, because you tried to deceive me, secondly you wanted me too and lastly I think we  are moving this new lifestyle up a gear and as from now on you better watch yourself my girl.  Now get moving because if you argue as I can see you are about to, then when we go upstairs I will be getting out that lovely leather paddle you bought me for my birthday, and I would say your behind is a bit tender already!!!"

I went, via the bathroom as ordered, and on my way I hid that leather paddle, just in case.
 I had learned my lesson tonight, be careful what you wish for and never try and deceive the man who knows you better than you know yourself.

Love Jan. xxxx

P.S. I don't really hate tattoos, in fact I am quite jealous of some and I hope I have not offended anyone. Hope you all enjoyed my first, and probably only foray into the literary world.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Stay Safe!!

Hello to all my friends all over the world. I am just writing this post to everyone who is suffering with the weather.I just want you to know you have my sympathy. Over here in England the scenery is a bit like this:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Since before Christmas the gale force winds and storms have steadily moved around the country causing mayhem.  There has been a lot of flooding, storm damage and just a general gloomy January but....

Watching the news, we in this country can't fail to sympathize with our friends across the Pond who are dealing with a visit  from the North Pole snow fall.


Now I know this is a lovely snowy scene and in reality things are much worse but I just want to say that I hope you can all stay safe and warm. It is difficult for us to imagine as our snowfall is generally light, but John and I want you to know we are thinking about you and hope that this doesn't last long. He also says that our gales came from you and can you please not send this to us as well!!!

Let us all hope that soon we will be seeing this:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

I don't know where all of you are but I am fairly certain that some of my friends are suffering at the minute and  I wish you well. Stay warm.


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Has My HoH made a resolution?

Hello everyone, Just a tale of a day in the Rose household. A much less controversial post than my last one.

As most of you know we have generally got one of these
Sometimes however it is filled with these

Recently we have had one of those times. A house full of adult children and their other halves, even a baby to coo over. Lovely................ but I did just get a teensy bit on the stressed side. Ahem, okay a bit more than teensy.

Actually we have had a great few days  and it was to end in a family party. I have to admit I was a bit worried about it, I wanted the house perfect, plenty of food, every one happy. To this end I will admit I was a bit lot snappy towards my long suffering husband. I couldn't help it (okay I could have if I tried but quite clearly I didn't). I knew I was being awful too and I kept my eyes firmly away from John. He is very lenient and I honestly thought I would get away with it.

To be honest he tried to be patient and helpful but somehow I wanted him to know what I wanted done without having to tell   ask him!

Then, unfortunately for me the kids decided to go out to visit family nearby.

As soon as the he saw the car driving off  John went straight to the door and locked it . 

"Right, upstairs, we have plenty of time to sort this out", he stated, 

"Oh no, I haven't got time for this at the moment, I need to get on..."

" Not a chance, I have had it with this this morning. You NEED a spanking , call it stress relief, call it attitude but get up stairs now"

I can honestly say he was the most determined I had seen him for .. well ever really. He is usually this sort of bird

Sort of kindly, and gentle. How come when I got upstairs I was greeted by this fellow

By the time I got there, the pillows were over the bed and implements were waiting at the ready. 
Now John is, as he freely admits, hopeless at the lecture and as for most of us, this is the bit that gets me the most. To be honest it was like he had taken lessons!!

"We haven't got time, really " I tried again.

"That's okay, I am going to be hard and fast, just as like I like it" he chuckled.

" You have been a naughty girl this morning, not letting any one help and giving me this attitude. I am not having it, enough. When we are finished you are going to go back downstairs and relax about this party."
 He carried on in this vein all the while walloping my poor rear end. If my poor bottom had not been suffering quite so much under his onslaught I would have enjoyed it.  lol
How and when did he learn all those button pushing phrases? " Good girl", "bad girl", "Why are we here again?" ( Gosh I hate that one, if I don't reply fast enough he spanks harder. I am never fast enough either :( ) I actually can't remember all the conversation as I was too busy whimpering and whining.

"I want my good girl back, are you going to behave and listen to me? I know you are stressing but you need to calm down. " 

Out came his favourite implements, that blasted leather paddle and his trusty wooden ruler :(

And then as he got near the end  he even prompted me "Are you going to be good and calm now?"
I felt a harder smack then "Well?"

Gosh I would have agreed to just about anything at that point in the proceedings.

 "Yes, yes of course, I am fine now"

 And then."Well I am waiting, surely you know what you need to say to end this by now"

"I'm sorry, sorry". 

I was too, I did realise that maybe I had been a pain in the a** , and that's why I now had a pain in the a**!

I felt him stroking my rosy cheeks, soothing, "Better now?" he questioned.

Of course I was . How could I fail to be, loved as I am by this man.

The implements were put away, our cuddling position assumed. One thing he always does is cuddle me. Funny thing was during this time I cried.
I very rarely cry during a spanking, no matter how hard it is. I do whimper, whinge and wail but tears, no, not really.

I  think for me it was his tenderness, both during, even while he was practising his lecture techniques, and after, when he was assuring me I was his good girl and that everything would be fine. I felt more cared for than ever.

The party was great , I did have an amusing moment with my daughter in law though. We were in the kitchen and she was helping me put out the food. She was looking for a serving spoon and she suddenly said

" I love all your wooden spoons, I only have one as .....(my son) broke the other one a couple of days ago"

Speechless, I did not even want to ask how, because I know that in our house there would be only one way of breaking a wooden spoon, I just muttered something non committal and made a mental note to go and buy her a set  as soon as possible.

All went well, I think everyone had a nice time. I certainly did. Times when we are altogether are fairly rare now because of distance. I love seeing my grown up sons together as men, just touches me I suppose.

 Today we are like this in our empty nest

I loved how he took charge and jokingly asked him if this was his new years resolution. His reply, 

"Generally my sweet you are good and you don't give me enough of an excuse to lecture you. It is hard to be a HoH if you only have a good girl. You want me to keep on doing it you are going to have to be a naughty girl more often."

So who knows what will happen now, not me , though I might have an inkling. ;)

Can I just say that Meredith has written a follow up  to my last post. If you would like to read click on her blog on my blog list. It is New Twist,After all These Years.  Enjoy.

Hope you are all happy

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Spanking Can't Fix Everything!

Hello everyone,

I hope no one will be offended by this post. Please can I assure everyone it is not aimed at any one. It is just a very general observation made over the last year whilst reading various blogs. To be honest I generally only return to these bloggers sporadically as I often find myself getting frustrated and in fear of saying the wrong thing. Often ( not always) these wives are fairly young and have often got small children. I do know I am generalising but I am saying what I see.

ALL of us start out like this

and this

Marriage is jolly hard work and along the way we all without exception encounter problems. Pressure from outside, work, family, everything really. Sometimes, not always, children come charging along. This is very often when couples start to drift apart.

At this point  every woman, ( lets face it we are the doers)  looks for a solution and hey presto there it is in front of our faces, floating around in cyberspace or in a book the magic of DD. Now sometimes this takes a long time. A lot of very happy bloggers have been married forever, happily too and are looking for a bit of spice. Some howeve start looking quicker. We all however get to the internet eventually!!

Sometimes,  this IS the magic solution  but NEVER without a lot of soul searching, hard work and commitment. The thing is , and finally I am getting to my point, yes I know I talk a lot, ( at least you are only reading, feel sorry for John he has to listen to me for hours on end!).


Basically we knew what our husbands were like when we married them and putting one of these in his hand

is not going to fix your lives no matter how much you want it to.

Often when I read the blogs I notice that the happier wives are the older ones.

 Do we have lower standards?NO.

 Do we want to improve our marriages? YES

BUT, maybe we have grown older and perhaps a bit wiser. I think maybe we come to ACCEPTANCE quicker I know my husband is not the most dominant man in Blogland, but I knew what he was like when I married him. I loved him then and I love him now and perhaps with our age and over thirty years of marriage has come a greater awareness of each other. We have weathered our storms, or at least a good few of them. Our children are grown and we have space to play. I will never know how any one can do ttwd when there are children about. I definitely make too much noise.

So what I would like to say to young marrieds who are struggling with dd. Please give yourselves a chance to play. Enjoy life alongside ttwd. You don't need micro managing. You need to be kind to each other, respect each other and COMPROMISE.  And maybe get spanked along the way :)) sometimes for fun and if hubby is willing sometimes not for fun :(.  I think constantly wanting what you can't have must be so draining and no one is going to be happy are they? 

We all have to remember who we married and why we married them.  Surely then with a bit of communication and hard work the happiness we seek will be within our grasp.

Hopefully then you will make it to this

My greatest wish for 2014 is that we all, young and old, find some measure of success in ttwd. Maybe all get that bit further than we have got so far. 

My own marriage is so much happier now, we love each other how we are and hopefully will continue to do so. Hubby is not a great one to discuss ttwd but he will openly say how much happier he is  and how much more together we are. And do you know what? That will do for me.:)

Good luck everyone in 2014. May you all be healthy, wealthy and wise ( and spanked;)

Love Jan.xx
P.S. I wrote this post one night after reading an unhappy blog and have debated long and hard about whether to post as I am not usually so soul searching and pontificating but I felt that if you don't like it you can stop reading. If you have got this far thank you.. I also hope I haven't offended  anyone.