Sunday, 5 January 2014

Has My HoH made a resolution?

Hello everyone, Just a tale of a day in the Rose household. A much less controversial post than my last one.

As most of you know we have generally got one of these
Sometimes however it is filled with these

Recently we have had one of those times. A house full of adult children and their other halves, even a baby to coo over. Lovely................ but I did just get a teensy bit on the stressed side. Ahem, okay a bit more than teensy.

Actually we have had a great few days  and it was to end in a family party. I have to admit I was a bit worried about it, I wanted the house perfect, plenty of food, every one happy. To this end I will admit I was a bit lot snappy towards my long suffering husband. I couldn't help it (okay I could have if I tried but quite clearly I didn't). I knew I was being awful too and I kept my eyes firmly away from John. He is very lenient and I honestly thought I would get away with it.

To be honest he tried to be patient and helpful but somehow I wanted him to know what I wanted done without having to tell   ask him!

Then, unfortunately for me the kids decided to go out to visit family nearby.

As soon as the he saw the car driving off  John went straight to the door and locked it . 

"Right, upstairs, we have plenty of time to sort this out", he stated, 

"Oh no, I haven't got time for this at the moment, I need to get on..."

" Not a chance, I have had it with this this morning. You NEED a spanking , call it stress relief, call it attitude but get up stairs now"

I can honestly say he was the most determined I had seen him for .. well ever really. He is usually this sort of bird

Sort of kindly, and gentle. How come when I got upstairs I was greeted by this fellow

By the time I got there, the pillows were over the bed and implements were waiting at the ready. 
Now John is, as he freely admits, hopeless at the lecture and as for most of us, this is the bit that gets me the most. To be honest it was like he had taken lessons!!

"We haven't got time, really " I tried again.

"That's okay, I am going to be hard and fast, just as like I like it" he chuckled.

" You have been a naughty girl this morning, not letting any one help and giving me this attitude. I am not having it, enough. When we are finished you are going to go back downstairs and relax about this party."
 He carried on in this vein all the while walloping my poor rear end. If my poor bottom had not been suffering quite so much under his onslaught I would have enjoyed it.  lol
How and when did he learn all those button pushing phrases? " Good girl", "bad girl", "Why are we here again?" ( Gosh I hate that one, if I don't reply fast enough he spanks harder. I am never fast enough either :( ) I actually can't remember all the conversation as I was too busy whimpering and whining.

"I want my good girl back, are you going to behave and listen to me? I know you are stressing but you need to calm down. " 

Out came his favourite implements, that blasted leather paddle and his trusty wooden ruler :(

And then as he got near the end  he even prompted me "Are you going to be good and calm now?"
I felt a harder smack then "Well?"

Gosh I would have agreed to just about anything at that point in the proceedings.

 "Yes, yes of course, I am fine now"

 And then."Well I am waiting, surely you know what you need to say to end this by now"

"I'm sorry, sorry". 

I was too, I did realise that maybe I had been a pain in the a** , and that's why I now had a pain in the a**!

I felt him stroking my rosy cheeks, soothing, "Better now?" he questioned.

Of course I was . How could I fail to be, loved as I am by this man.

The implements were put away, our cuddling position assumed. One thing he always does is cuddle me. Funny thing was during this time I cried.
I very rarely cry during a spanking, no matter how hard it is. I do whimper, whinge and wail but tears, no, not really.

I  think for me it was his tenderness, both during, even while he was practising his lecture techniques, and after, when he was assuring me I was his good girl and that everything would be fine. I felt more cared for than ever.

The party was great , I did have an amusing moment with my daughter in law though. We were in the kitchen and she was helping me put out the food. She was looking for a serving spoon and she suddenly said

" I love all your wooden spoons, I only have one as .....(my son) broke the other one a couple of days ago"

Speechless, I did not even want to ask how, because I know that in our house there would be only one way of breaking a wooden spoon, I just muttered something non committal and made a mental note to go and buy her a set  as soon as possible.

All went well, I think everyone had a nice time. I certainly did. Times when we are altogether are fairly rare now because of distance. I love seeing my grown up sons together as men, just touches me I suppose.

 Today we are like this in our empty nest

I loved how he took charge and jokingly asked him if this was his new years resolution. His reply, 

"Generally my sweet you are good and you don't give me enough of an excuse to lecture you. It is hard to be a HoH if you only have a good girl. You want me to keep on doing it you are going to have to be a naughty girl more often."

So who knows what will happen now, not me , though I might have an inkling. ;)

Can I just say that Meredith has written a follow up  to my last post. If you would like to read click on her blog on my blog list. It is New Twist,After all These Years.  Enjoy.

Hope you are all happy


  1. Oh my goodness Jan, sorry for your poor pain in the a** but I smiled reading this :)

    Sounds as though John got himself a copy of the HoH manual we are all sure exists! Good on him for stepping up and relieving your stress. Good job with the lecture too! I need to hear the words and yes those phrases get me too! His comment about it being hard to be an HoH when you only have a good girl made me laugh.

    I'm glad he was able to calm you down and that the party went well and you had a lovely time with the family. The comment from your daughter in law cracked me up, I can just imagine your reaction! LoL.

    Be good ... or not :)


    1. Hi Roz, he is on a roll at the moment. Got another one this morning , just because!!
      The daughter in law did make me laugh. I have been and got her some new spoons now
      love Jan.xx

  2. For me it's at moments like this that I realise that my husband does actually recognise when and what I need and knows how to deliver. These times see me through the other times when that can't or doesn't happen.
    I'm good hubby just seems to be getting pickier!

    1. Hi Janey, You are right, they do seem to know us well don't they?. Poor you, a picky hubby always leaves us on sticky ground
      love Jan.xx

  3. Oh gosh! SM and I had a lecture moment last night during maintenance. It is funny how so many HoH things happen similarly when they don't even talk to each other or read each others blogs!

    Glad it was all sorted out. Love all your little owl representations.

    Love and hugs
    sara :)

    P.S. that part about the wooden spoon made me giggle.

    1. Hi Sara, we don't have many lecture moments so it was a bit of a surprise for me. Btw there is always cake here, you have seen my picture. !
      love Jan.xx

  4. Barney isn't much of a lecturer, however I have discovered that if he has the opportunity to act in the moment, or not long after it he finds his words. He has said similar things about the good girl and finding it hard to lecture when he has no conviction behind it.
    Such a conundrum, the words we need come only after we have misbehaved, but we try not to misbehave because that is the point of all of this! LOL
    Sounds like you are quite content Jan. Hope this feeling lasts and lasts

    1. Hi Willie, I suppose if they find it difficult we can't expect it. Perhaps that is why it affects us more when it happens.Yes I think we are both content so far, hope you are too. Have you taken your latest post down as I can't get on, I don't want to miss anything you
      love Jan.xx

    2. Yes I did take down my latest post after a few comments I realized I didn't need to share with everyone. Some times things are just meant for those close by. No need to kill my buzz by negative comments ;)

  5. Oh, Jan
    To always be a good girl would be heaven. Thinking of you!

    1. Hi Merry, I tell him I am a good girl all the time, so far he is fairly hoodwinked.
      love Jan.xx

  6. Loved this, Jan! Aren't leather paddles super?! Really "zingy"! Trouble is I like mine too much!

    I haven't a clue why we are so horrible, and we know we are being horrible, yet can't stop. Also loved the "he rushed and locked the door" sentence! We never lock our door and it sometimes gives me the complete heebie jeebies!

    I am so glad you had a good (and well earned!) conversation with John. It's surprising what comes out of these conversations. But to think I was told I had a rhino hide, yet I always cry and you never cry! Huh?! So what sort of a hide must you have?! Whaleskin?! LOL! So funny!

    Glad you had a great time with your sons, and that the party went well. The wooden spoon moment was interesting. I would definitely buy her a set of wooden spoons! LOL!


    1. Hi Ami, excuse me but my rear end is as soft as a baby's you know what thankyou very much. Cheek of it. Omg I would die if the door was unlocked and someone came in. This is a little house and it doesn't bear thinking about. I cry very infrequently, I don't know why. I guess he stops a bit on the early side.
      I have been and bought my daughter in law some wooden spoons, red tea towels ( also on her wish list) and a lovely red silicon spoon to match her kitchen. I don't want to know what they do with them! She will be surprised to get her parcel I think.
      lovely to talk to you on the emails
      love Jan.xx

  7. very nice...and my favorite part is the love weaved through and through. :-) Hugs

    1. Hi Terps, It has been a great few days, sometimes I find it a bit difficult but this time all went well. I am so hoping that my youngest and his girlfriend get serious. She comes with a ready made baby. He and I are very happy about this. She is adorable,I am very excited Hope you have a good week
      love Jan.xx

  8. Happy everything worked out so well for everyone. New year can bring all sorts of new thoughts and things. Had to laugh at your DIL' statement. Makes you think doesn't it. I think something everytime I see my SIL swat my daughter's backside.

    1. Hi Sunny, I do wonder, once my husband patted my daughter in law's bottom. We all laughed and I said" wrong rear babe!!" My son blushed but she laughed
      love Jan.xx

    2. My kids are still young, so I'm not used to seeing SIL. I was wondering why your sister-in-law would be patting your daughter's backside - funny.

  9. I believe there was something put in the water world wide - some kind of HOH potion. Nick, never been one to lecture during a spanking and that's fine. I have no problem filling in the blanks for myself. I think many of us are off to a good New Years!

  10. What is it about throwing parties that sets us off? We haven't had once, not even a small dinner party, since we started ttwd, but I'm sure I'll be in for it. I'm glad he used those button-pushing phrases. I haven't had a lecture yet - it'll take time, I'm sure.

    1. Hi Leah, I loved your new post btw. We have been attempting this thing for over a here now so we aren't exactly speedy in the Rose house! Some of these HoHs seem to be able to lecture instantly!
      love Jan.xx

  11. Cute post Jan! So John found the HoH manual did he? Better be prepared for your tushie to pay the price. ;)

    Sheesh Jan! Why would you buy weapons of m'ass destruction for your DIL? LOL

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Hi Cat, I can't believe that my son would use them on her, she is a sweet little soul, he spoils her though so who knows ... I have had another spanking since this one so he is on form at the moment. I shall capitalize on it and be as naughty as
      Love Jan.xx