Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Personal Post.

Hello everyone.

This is  a special post to say something to the most special person in my world.

Hi Baby,
 I hope you have a lovely day, I love you so much. You are so special, everything to me. I love our life together, especially since we embarked on this adventure. Who would have anticipated all those years ago that we would end up here ? 

A bit of this, a bit of that, I learn't this


Did I say I love you, always and forever.

On the subject of a birthday spanking, I wonder who will get yours ;)

Hmm, I would love like a try with that lovely wooden paddle......       


I reckon it will be more like this:))


        Your good girl.x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Going Vanilla!!

Hello everyone,

Just  a quickie vanilla post. Made me smile anyway. My husband doesn't really talk much about this life, just gets on with it (happily, I think). This week as a present for Valentines


My darling husband said he would paint our bedroom. I have been wanting it done for ages but there always seems something more important to do. Over the last couple of days he has been decorating. We decided to paint three walls in a nice gentle colour and have a feature wall in a darker colour.

 All went well until  he started the fourth wall, the one that was going to jazz our bedroom up and turn it into a special place. Hmm, I hated it almost instantly, it was too bright, too bold, too jazzy!!!

"What do you think?", he said "Do you like it?"

"No", I whispered. "It's just not us". 

AT that moment our son came for a visit ( dinner actually I think!!). His words on the paint:

"It's not really you two is it? You  are a bit more subtle than that, It's just a bit much...

"Do you think we are boring?" I asked him quite loudly.He was at this point, on a sticky wicket, and in the knowledge that he was hoping I would feed him any minute he tried very hard to say the right thing.

" Oh no not at all, it's just a bit too bright. No mum, but it is a bit tacky for you two, that's all"

He wouldn't think we were boring if he knew what happened in that bedroom but I could hardly defend myself, especially with my husband smirking in the background "Us boring, surely not!!"

So today the room is finished and my beloved husband laughed and said

"Who would have thought it my sweet. Fancy us painting our bedroom VANILLA. Doesn't seem right now in the spirit of our new lifestyle does it? Maybe we should have had a red wall !!!

Cheeky devil, and then he proceeded to give me  my second spanking of the week just to christen our new room!

I am a lucky girl though , what a great Valentines present. I am sure I must have one of these:

I hope everyone is having a good week.

 For all my fellow English bloggers I hope you are not suffering with the floods, we are so lucky where we live but it is very distressing to see and I hope you are all safe and well. 

lots of love to everyone,


Friday, 7 February 2014

Reviewing my Prize :)

Shouting out my opinion!!

Just recently I was lucky enough to win a copy of P K Corey's latest book "Cassie's Tale" . Thank you Nick for picking me out of the hat, I love reading and so am a very happy girl when a new book pops my way.

I am sure all of my readers have read  Cassie's blog but I decided to put my opinion out there too.

It is, I think, hard to review a book or story written by someone you consider a friend, Am I biased before I start reading? What happens if I don't like it? PK didn't ask me to review it but I just wanted to.




I have now read both of the books. They tell the story of a middle aged couple, Cassie, a former ( I use the term former  rather recklessly as she appears to be able to keep up with anyone you could mention) wild child and her gorgeous, HoH husband Tom. He is the old fashioned sort of chap who knows his best bet to keeping Cassie in line is with his spanking  hand!!   Throughout both books we read of Cassie's adventures with a group of girlfriends and their husbands. And what adventures Cassie and her pals come up with, arrests, speeding, drinking, gambling ( definitely one of the funniest tales for me) to name but a few.

I love PK's writing style, she brings all the characters in the books to life and even though you know Cassie is walking and talking herself into trouble you can't help but love her. And  I am sure that all of us spanked wives ( or want to be spanked wives) can appreciate Tom, if not perhaps his hairbrush!!

There are times that the author's writing  just makes you laugh, the spankings are hot and the adventures varied. How can one woman get into so much trouble?

I am a sucker for romance, spanking and a bit of mischief. Throw in a handsome spanker and a naughty girl. This book has it all. 

Some of Cassie's adventures are just the sort of thing we would all like to get up to. I for one am not brave enough so will have to live vicariously through Cassie.  I am looking forward to the next one.  

I recommend this gentle spanking book to all of you,  Enjoy :)

Love Jan.xx