Friday, 28 March 2014


Hello everyone, just a quickie to tell of my latest life lesson learned, lol.

          A healthy husband


 a spanked wife.

 Oh yes indeed, there are lots of ways of putting it ,

                                                a hard hand   = a pink posterior,

                                          a wooden  walloping          =        a red rear

   rubbished rules   =   the rotten ruler

Get the drift, yep, thought you might. Oh, and so have I.................

Often on the blogs, bloggers much more analytical than me  talk about how dominance feeds submission  and vice versa. There is not really much of either of those in our home as he is not particularly dominant and I am not  at all especially submissive. Don't get me wrong, I do agree with it though, and there are times (albeit few and far between when there is a smidgeon of this hereabouts)

However in our house I think  something else feeds each other,


When one of us is happy so is the other, always happens, so I am going to try and focus on keeping that in my mind.  Never mind all this submissive lark, I am just going to be aiming for happiness from now on, especially his.

I love this picture, couldn't resist it, this is just how he looked in our youth

Hope you are all happy, healthy and still here.

Love Jan.xx

Monday, 17 March 2014

I think I need a you know what!!

Hello everyone,

Today I am in a funny mood. I am tetchy, fed up ranting at my enemies (okay that is a bit extreme but they are not my friends either), can't find my softness today. My beloved hasn't said anything (yet) but I know that if I don't get a grip fairly soon I will be in that special place :(

I decided to browse and see if I could find some inspiration anywhere. I started here

That's how I feel today, as I am, I am safe  but do I want to be? I think this is more likely ;)

This little girl just made me smile, she is enjoying her naughtiness I reckon

Now this one made me laugh,  you too I hope.

Watching these mischievous kittens hasn't made me want to behave better, I don't think I will be pole dancing for him though.

Maybe this one will help me get my sweet submissiveness back, I need to lean on him at the moment and not be a bossy pain, ranting and raving.

My husband has always been supportive of my business but this week he has gone above and beyond, How lucky I am.

This quote I love, I would love to find that mindset and keep it...

That's better, I am going to have one of Sara's be nice to her HoH days tomorrow, that will do it. Now I have talked myself into a better frame of mind ........

Perhaps I will get a good girl spanking instead of a bad girl one.

Thanks everyone for all your support this week. I am officially over it!

Love ya

Friday, 7 March 2014

Any Questions out there?

Hello everyone,

March is here, bringing spring (sort of), mad march hares, and the wind is still blowing.

Tea anyone?

Here in Blogland as opposed to Wonderland, March brings  something different. So.......

Please ask me anything, I don't mind what, but I am hoping someone asks me something!! 

Hope you all are happy and healthy,


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Waiting, Whining and a Well Learned Lesson.

Hello Everyone,

As you  know our life is not much of a DD one, more a gentle TTWD version, with a bit less firm strictness and a lot more fun spanking, so  today's post , while not a surprise to anyone in this world perhaps is a bit less expected from me.

I have had a naughty week. During a just because you need it and I am happy to give it spanking at the weekend I let slip a teeny tiny bit of name calling. The fun took a bit of a turn to the dark side, a few more implements joined the party ( wooden ones :(  ) and I was a bit tender and a lot sorry for the rest of the day.


Later on that night when Hubby was at work I sent him a  text which in hindsight ( Okay I knew at the time I was writing it) was a bit lot unfair. I didn't get an answer as he was actually working. I knew not to expect one,  it is impossible for him to text me when he is at work.  The next day however, we were out together and he suddenly remembered  what I had done and informed me LOUDLY when we were in a cafe full of people that I had cooked my goose and would be in trouble later.

 Scarlet in the face and frantically shushing him,  I tried to change the subject.  He is not one for talking about ttwd, let alone in public so I was stunned into silence as he carried on his tirade for a minute or two. This no doubt was his aim.

Our day continued and whilst I didn't worry unduly I will admit it was on my mind off and on. And this is where it all fell apart because when we got home NOTHING happened. I think really he was too tired and I was too sheepish to say anything but then the wait began.

Now I am as brave as the next girl, and can and do ask for a spanking when I WANT one. However I didn't want this one so I kept my mouth  firmly shut, a feat in itself in this house I can tell you.  I waited and waited.  That night Son Number 2 stayed over  (at my invitation and hubby raised his eyebrows at this as he knew exactly why I had issued the invite), so the wait continued.

Next morning nothing was said and I was getting just a bit miffed by now, how could he make me wait this long? How unfair? I don't expect instant action but in my mind this was veering into the dreaded inconsistency. I tentatively hinted and just got  "I haven't forgotten." 

The whole day passed and in the evening I could feel myself huffing and puffing, distancing myself. I do not usually do this as we are very close, I am very chatty and can talk to him above anyone else and about anything.  I just got crosser and crosser inside myself ( even I am not stupid enough to be angry at him when a spanking is already on the cards). I went off to bed instead.

This morning I knew I was not going to wait any longer no matter what I had to do to provoke him so I started pouting , just a bit, almost as soon as my eyes were open and he said he knew what was wrong with me but he just hadn't felt like it last night ,he was too tired!!!!!!!

I tried to explain nicely that I felt that he was being inconsistent.

 His Response:

" I know I am, but " he said, " I am doing this thing my way, I am not leaping to your bidding , you will do as you are told and if I say wait, then  you will have to wait. Just because you want  my attention all the time you can't have every minute."

Now to be fair to him I do get his attention pretty much all the time he is here. We do as much as we can together. I do not want for anything from him and I was just being petulant. 

Obviously by now I was otb and he who struggles with the lecture suddenly found his voice. 

Spanking away he brought up the  damn  blinking text message and I now know his thoughts on that very clearly. :((

Moving on to implements, he pursued his theme of  my petulance and pouting for a while. I was at this point still moaning about his inconsistency. Once I am on a roll, my mouth just seems to take on a life of it's own.

" I don't care if I am inconsistent," he said. " I am what I am, I am trying and you are going to learn that if you want me to be in charge I an going to do it my way . Doesn't matter how petulant you are ( that was definitely word of the morning) you are not going to get away with it. I will deal with you and your behaviour in my own time"

I now hate the leather paddle as much as the wooden one. He says for someone who likes spanking there are a lot of implements I hate!!

I am now sitting on a tender rear end again :(

What  I have learn't though, is not to send dodgy texts,  to lose the attitude,  to wait patiently as he will get there in his own time.  His inconsistency isn't really that, what it is, is life getting in the way, He can't help being tired, he works hard and maybe I should try pampering him a bit more and not being such a
 pain in the ......

Oh well, normal service is resumed over here in the Rose household. I am going to be good for a bit (hopefully) as my posterior could do with a break and so I think could my patient  husband.
I am sorry babe, Love you always.

Love Jan.xxxx

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Afternoon Thoughts.

Hello everyone,

A lazy Sunday afternoon in the English countryside and I am supposedly blogging. But what to say? I feel a bit blank on the important issues that some people can seem so readily to write about, I don't feel amusing or entertaining either. So I think I will start writing and see what pops out (well, rambles out really).

Do you really want to know I got spanked this morning? (and it jolly well hurt too). he said I needed it, not for anything terrible, just because. Well yes okay, I maybe did need a little spanking, just for fun. However I didn't have to call him a nasty name whilst otb and then earn myself a whole much more unpleasant go round with that bleeping wooden ruler, not to mention that nasty stingy little wooden spoon I suppose. My mouth just ran away with me and now things are a tad uncomfortable in the sitting department :((
 On the plus side he can never remember what I have been naughty for, I cheekily told him he needed to keep a notebook for his short term memory loss. Yes, yes I know that was pretty stupid too, no wonder I can't sit down at the moment.


 Anyway I think I will write about just what I am thinking about  right now.


Yes, you, all of you. I was just thinking about everyone and all the friends I have met over the last year or so. I don't actually know many real names, occupations, locations, circumstances...

But what I do know is this:

So I am very glad that you all come out to play. I often find myself thinking about all of you rather than my "real-life" friends. Do we here in this community worry about each other more I wonder, because we cannot just pop round and share a hug or a cup of tea? Or is it because a lot of  the problems we deal with are specific to our treasured lifestyles? I know we all have everyday, normal  life problems and joys too but maybe our methods of dealing with those things are different to an "ordinary" couple. Ttwd/DD is only a tiny part of most of our lives but it does seem to be of such great value to us all.

I know we live ttwd in a gentle less disciplinary way (most of the time anyway ), but I cannot imagine a return to  our former marriage, happy though it was. 
 Perhaps I just am feeling anxious about bloggers with issues and sadnesses  because of my hormones, age, general insanity but I will profess to being tearful sometimes when I read some posts ( often though I find myself giggling my head off). Don't get me wrong I am not complaining in the least, I love Blogland and I choose what I read. I would like to think that these friendships will be long lasting but in reality Bloggers come and go. I just hope that lots of my friends stay for a good long time.

Just for you

Lots of love to everyone,