Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Scrabble and Spanking!

Hello dear readers,

As you know in the  Rose household there has been somewhat of a spanking drought. This has been entirely my own fault  as I appeared to have lost interest in the lifestyle that I so badly craved for ages.
My darling husband has acquiesced to my wishes  but has not entirely given up the ghost and over the last week or so  fun spankings have started to make a reappearance, just because I need it , he needs it , whoever needs it.....

We have had a hectic holiday weekend with both of our homing pigeons returning and bringing their mates :)
Lots of fun, but last night as peace descended we suddenly didn't know what to do with ourselves.

"let's play Scrabble". I know , I know we are a bit on the boring side but in our defence we were too tired to do much else, and television didn't appeal so :

We are both fairly competitive and play to win. I was in luck and it really was only luck, we beat each other often and fairly equally. But not last night.

 I WON !!!!!

Actually I didn't just win , I slaughtered him, I trounced him,  he lost!!   LOL

My winning margin:

  Yes I got 102 points more than him and I gloated big time, just a bit too much. 

My prize he decided, was 102 spanks!!!  Now I ask you was that fair, I was the winner , shouldn't I have been the spanker here?

Oh no, Up the stairs I went and over those pillows. We don't  count on a general basis, only maybe the last few with  a nasty implement so I  was a bit worried as 102 seemed a lot to me. 

This spanking turned out to be  not too bad, he only used his hand which is my favourite implement of all.        I don't think either of us have ever laughed as much for ages. he looked a bit like this:

                                                      Please note the size of his paw!!!!!

I have to say I am sure I looked like this:

 I couldn't stop giggling, he added extras for squirming. I went up to 108! 

 Afterwards we both were laughing, that jollied up our scrabble and maybe life is returning to normal here.
Here's hoping...


I hope every one in Blogland is happy and ttwd is going well for all.

lots of love Jan,xxx

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Spanking? No Thanks...

Hello Everyone,

 Just a bit of  a non post really. I don't know what is wrong with me. We have been happily (for the most part) ttwd ing for almost two years. We are really happy on a general every day basis

a bit of this,

( not much of that actually, more the former, but you get the general idea)

I am fairly good, no honestly, not much real naughtiness here, just the odd bit of snippiness...
Mostly spankings are for fun or reminding. 

 Now all of a sudden I am just not interested, nope, I can't be doing with any of it. I just keep avoiding all mention of ttwd. I am just me so actually he is not going to suddenly notice, as " me" is fairly ordinary and boring, a goody two shoes in fact. I can't even be bothered to cause  a bit of spanking fun, no teasing, no gestures, no attitude .

 When he swats me as he always does I just think "too hard, go away". 
Obviously I am not saying anything to hubby beyond the odd ouch or a half- hearted giggle. I do find myself thinking I would rather have had a hug ( not that they are in short supply in this house either). Maybe I am just greedy.

Our son has recently moved back home so our privacy has been a teeny bit curtailed but not enough so you could say it has put an end to anything. He works when we don't and stays with his girlfriend a lot so that is not the problem. The problem is ME. I don't want to know and I have no idea why. 

One evening this week hubby suggested a reminder was due, ( more for fun I think) and I refused , just said I didn't feel up to it. The next morning I refused again, giving the same excuse and he let me off. He knows something is wrong but I am sure he is at a loss as to what to do. After all as he said: 

"I can't push it as you haven't actually done anything wrong".

 I felt glad of the reprieve and just sort of dropped the subject . Now we have both let the topic die so.......

I know I am in the wrong by  refusing and also by not talking but I just plain and simply don't want to.
If any one has any suggestions please feel free to throw them my way as I fear with me working full time for the next couple of months things are not going to improve. I honestly don't feel that I want to be spanked, not for any reason and as this is so unlike me I have no clue where we are heading.

I don't think reminder spankings do me any good at all, he has not really anything to remind me about usually and I have just started to think all the time how hard he is spanking and I don't seem to get there in my mind nowadays., much as I might try to.............

It all seems a bit pointless at the minute, maybe we need to have a break or something. Maybe I need to be naughty lol . Any ideas welcome.

Hope everything is going well for all of you
love Jan,xx