Friday, 25 July 2014

Unexpected Consequences!

Hello everyone,

 Hope you are all enjoying the summer. We are having sunshine and storms. Lots of sunshine. :). Makes a nice change for us, we keep waiting for it all to disappear in a cloud.

In my last post I wrote a little bit about one of these. This is a diary and every day I am keeping one of these about what I eat ( in an insane way to lose weight as hubby has deemed there to be consequences if I eat the wrong thing :(. )

There have been a few spankings, just a few, but on the whole  so far so good. I duly write EVERYTHING that passes my lips into it and when hubby comes home from work he writes comments, issues edicts and dire threats ( on account of my biscuit consumption , they are after all my drug of choice!!). It is very hard to write it down but the one thing I wouldn't do is lie so it is truthful even if a bit unhealthy at times.

 Can you guess some of the comments in my diary?

" Uh uh uh, not a good day, may have to deal with that"

"Good girl, excellent"

" Not bad, could do better"

"Did you really need that ....."

" 30!!!"

"Good God ! is that really all you ate today?" ( that is one of my favourites, I felt so virtuous lol)

" Well done, love you""

Now all the above are there, plus a few others that maybe I don't ought to put in print ;)
I leave this here record of achievement on the kitchen worktop, in hubby's line of vision as he comes in long after I am asleep most nights. By the way as a side event to this post I will just say that I have lost

pounds so far. Okay it's not like I am suddenly skinny but hey ho it is better off than on!!

All of this would be absolutely fine , actually it is fine, but there have been very unexpected consequences of the food diary.

Our son, yes the one who lives at home, ( oh, can you guess what's coming?) was in the car with his dad the other day and casually starts by telling his dad that he and his girlfriend have adopted the same system as us!!!

 My poor husband nearly had a heart attack. Was he really about to have  dd conversation with his child? 

 Upon further conversation it appears that they have READ my diary whilst in the kitchen and she has decided to follow my lead and now reports back to said son for her own comments and consequences.

I think my other half was at first dumbstruck but on realizing that  they probably wouldn't have understood  what a  large number meant for me he did say to his son and heir

"Don't forget all the comments can't just be nice , there have to be threats and consequences too!!"

I think by now the relief that he did not have to discuss spanking with him was so great that the rest of the chat went over his head.  I did have a moment of panic when I realized that they had seen his comments,  I wonder if they know more than they are letting on. If they do I hope they don't let on, EVER !!

Needless to say the comments in my diary are still coming and the spanking word will never actually be written for fear of  discovery. 

 It's not to say I don't know when it's coming though......

I hope you are all doing well, and finding happiness along the way


Monday, 14 July 2014

This and That!

Hello everyone,

Nothing particular to write about so this is a disjointed ramble just because I felt like it..

Firstly we have just taken a little trip to our capital city. We went to visit our son and his wife. Now these two live a very different life to us ( I don't think they spank either!). He has a fancy job, fancy wages , you know what I mean.
He decided he was going to show us a couple of the places he visits regularly as part of his job. First off we went to the Shard for drinks

Thirty two floors up,what a view. This view however comes at a cost. Over fifty pounds for four drinks!! 

Onwards to the Oxo Tower for dinner:

What fabulous time we had, very spoilt we were, we ate in the Brasserie looking out over the Thames

A stroll along the South Bank, Pimms by the Thames, lots of laughter and love.

All in all, the weekend was lovely and we returned home with our batteries recharged.

The next part of my post is about our new D. Yes I know there are four Ds in ttwd but we have added a fifth!! It was my idea and I am sure I will live to regret it. I feel that I need to lose weight so Diet has become our new D. I am keeping a food diary every day and John checks it and writes little comments in after work. The theory is  that if I eat the wrong thing I get spanked for it. Now bearing in mind most of our spankings end up in laughter this is probably not going to work but who knows.
 I have lost five pounds so far ( it has only been a couple of weeks ) and have earned a couple of spankings so far. Both of which did end in the giggles ( mind you I have got  sore rear today and don't think I will be reaching for those biscuits in a hurry).

John is having great fun deciding how many swats each thing is worth! He has got a list in his head of things I can't have  and what it's worth to my bottom to risk it... So ladies. 

How many swats is one of these worth?

 John says ten if it has chocolate on it and five if it hasn't.  lol. Mind you when I am in the mood I don't stop at one. Gosh who am I kidding I NEVER stop at one. :(
Wish me luck, I could do with losing another 14 pounds really.

On a completely different tack  I thought I would give you all a little giggle. Now I have to say I don't find this funny but I am 100% certain you all will. This morning hubby was administering  the swats I accumulated over the weekend whilst foraging into the biscuit tin and the fridge and I was wiggling, squirming and ( this is the important bit) squealing and "ow"ing.  Got the picture? Well  after I had paid for my sins and then had a bit of comfort(ahem) we resumed normal day time activities.

On opening the back door we discovered to our horror ( well my horror , he laughed) that my dad had paid us a visit and left some things for us. Now this door is literally just under our bedroom and there is absolutely no way he could have missed  hearing us. He lives nearby and often drops off books and magazines that I swap with my stepmum on his way out on Mondays. Sometimes we see him but more often than not he is expecting us to be out and I catch up with him later in the week.  

I suppose you are all ROFLYBO, well enjoy it my friends and spare me a thought when I visit him next. Anyone else been caught like that?

  Hope you are all well and happy. It has been a rough week in Blogland and I send everyone it has affected much sympathy.

lots of love Jan.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Happy 4th July

Hi every one.

Just want to wish everyone, no matter where you are or who you are, A very Happy Fourth July!!

Hope you all have a lovely time

Jan and John. xx