Friday, 29 August 2014

Just a Ramble!

Hello everyone,

We all know about the four Ds and presumably we all try and stick to them on a general basis. After all being disrespectful, dishonest, disobedient and indulging in dangerous exploits are all daft things to indulge in in real life let alone with a heavy handed HoH breathing down our necks as we "enjoy" ourselves without regard to others him.

I don't actually have much trouble with these, I am far too much a good girl ( hm, in truth I am just too wussy to behave like that, even when I want to, at most I can dish out a bit of attitude but...)

Recently though my life seems to have added another daft   D.

 There is our recently introduced D for diet.  So far so good I am seriously trying to lose weight and am keeping a food diary which his lordship checks every night. Even now every time I see a "good girl " it keeps me going another day. I have now lost fifteen pounds and gone down a size. Yay!! :)

I am not such a fat cat now, just a chubby one

I am still earning loads of spanks for biscuit eating, usually all added together and given once  a week. Plus extra swats as and when he catches me. I  am sure I pay for some of those biscuits twice!  It amazes me that I eat that many , for goodness sake whatever was I eating before? ( doesn't bare thinking about). When we go through the diary and add up all my sins for the week I can't believe that I do in fact eat so many naughty things but  as the weight is coming off I am going to sneak in those digestives ( I am good but not that good :(   )

This week however I got a peculiar spanking. Now, John is hopeless at the lecture, he is the first to admit it  so this weeks lecture had us both in stitches.  Just imagine being over the pillows and his hard hand coming    repeatedly down as  he uses that tone of voice (come on you all know the one, I don't need to describe it do I?). The funny thing was that instead of telling me what a naughty girl I was he was complaining that I had been a good one! 

"This spanking is because you are a good girl, just you make sure you continue the way you are going"  smack, smack

"I am really proud of you" wallop, wallop

" You have been such a good girl, I can see this bottom is getting smaller!" spank spank spank. 
( Seriously, How embarrassing to have my assets sized up in this position, )

   and so on and so on.

Honestly I know what you are all thinking that this was a good girl spanking and yes I know it too but..

Somehow he managed to make it come across as a bad girl one, the wooden paddle came out and the silicon spatula attacked my poor rear end without remorse. And all the way through ,my  non lecturing husband lectured as if I had committed a crime of vast proportions until.........

We both collapsed with laughter and, well you know, the next bit is only interesting to me;) 

Only I could earn a punishment for being good, really I am figuring I might do something BAD before the next one is due and at least earn the spanking... Hm any ideas?

Another D has come into being in our house and I don't think he will spank for it but suddenly I have become quite Dippy. I seem to have turned overnight into a very dim blonde, I even turned up to the hairdressers on the wrong day!  

My exasperated husband has laughingly said he will spank for it , he said that would keep him busy and my cheeks pink.
 My son jokingly stated his opinion on the dippiness, his version said dementia!!! How rude .lol. 
Personally I think it is just a phase I am going through, my version of the Menopause and if any one has any ideas how to stop the decline I would be grateful, especially if said ideas don't involve wooden implements.

I hope everyone in Blogland is okay, I know some are having a few struggles, am thinking of you and hoping life gets better. Hope you all have a good weekend

love Jan,

Friday, 22 August 2014

A Merry Meme!

Hi there everyone, my turn at answering Meredith's questionnaire.

1. Do your eyes light up when he comes to you? I don't know  but they feel like they do :)

2. What sports do you watch together?  Athletics, swimming, tennis

3. On a scale of 1-10 how important is lingerie when it usually ends up on the floor? About half way up the scale, sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn't matter at all

4. Do you watch Netflix's House of Cards? Never heard of it!

5. What outdoor activity do you do together? We walk, especially near the beach where we live.

6.What is his dream vacation? A  trip to space ( you did say dream...)

7.What is your dream vacation?  I don't like holidays really, definitely somewhere in this country like a cottage in the country .

8.What is your favourite book of all time? I can't pick one, There are so many fab authors in the world.

9.What was your last argument about? Argument? what's that ;)

10. Are there any words you use that he doesn't like? Lots,  I am not allowed to swear ...

11.Do you have any restrictions about internet time? Luckily no, and don't go giving him any ideas either thank you.

12.Do you have a phobia?  Dogs.

13.When do you melt in his arms? When I am tired, poorly or in trouble.

14. Are you watching Outlander? Nope, no idea what that is either, tv is not my thing.

15.Does your HoH have a motto?  No not really, just a look. he doesn't need words...

16. Question for Meredith.  What is your favourite film?

Thanks Meredith,   Hope you and Jack are well and happy. Enjoyed answering your questions.

Love Jan,xx

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Happy Birthday Cat!

This post is just to wish the nicest blogger a very happy Birthday

                                                             HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAT


Thanks for being such a great friend to all of us in Blogland, dispensing advice and laughter freely. 

                                         lots and lots of love

                                                          Jan and John,xxx

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Keep Calm!

Hi everyone. Rogue asked us to post our favourite Keep Calm signs. Here's mine:

All of these pretty much sum me up in  a nutshell!! but they are not as exciting as Blondie's ;).

Hope you are all happy
love Jan,xx