Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hi Everyone,

Just a post to say...

Hope you all have fun tonight and a great weekend!

love Jan, xx

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Pink Butterfly!

Hello everyone,

Just thought I would share some of my husband's words of wisdom with you. Spankings for anything much other than fun have been few and far between. Whilst I know that is a good thing in the grand scheme of things, it does make this blog extremely boring. I rather feel that I have become a lurker, nothing to say myself just spying on everyone else.

Spankings are still about though, mostly for fun and during the last one I realized that hubby now has his own funny little phrases. Quite clearly he has never read a blog or any spanking material whatsoever as he has no idea of the standards that instantly make us all melt into charming submission.

"Come on my naughty little biscuit eater I think a bit of spanking this morning, get over those pillows"

Grinning , I sauntered leisurely into place ( oh come on , there is very little reluctance here unless I am in big trouble).

Looming up behind me..

"Now my little incorrigible recidivist what shall I spank you for today!"

"Say what! what did you call me ? I wish you would learn the right things to say, That's not going to get me going  is it?"

" My darling you are always ready, you can't help it. It actually doesn't matter if I call you a naughty girl or a good one you  like me spanking your behind anyway you can get it! Hence recidivist and we both know that incorrigible is just what you are.

Well really, anyone would think I was slightly deranged about this whole spanking malarkey.

Settling in, he started spanking ( actually rather too hard  for my liking, a girl does need to start off gently and work up to the hard stuff) and  I started squealing far too early for his liking.

"For Christ's sake I haven't even got going yet" he muttered. "For goodness sake keep still"

and then...

" I am looking for that nice pink butterfly...


"What are you on about, it's bloody October, no butterflies in here,


 that hurts,

not so hard!

 and do you have to keep spanking the same spot over and over again"

"Of course not, I am just going to do the other side."...Slap, wallop, spank and so on.....

"There you go my sweet, a perfect pink butterfly if I say so myself.  I do  so enjoy my artistic efforts."

Giggling now, I didn't accept his charming offer to photograph his handiwork for my blog. I figured you all had plenty vivid enough imaginations and I didn't want to put you all off your food!! 

"No implements today but oh think what a beautiful butterfly I could make with some of them, give you something to look forward to. Best you be a good girl today or I might be tempted to have  a go later. I quite fancy  a go at a red butterfly" 

 My thoughts here were more on the lines of  " Not if I can help it" so I turned to the normal means of distraction here and the crisis was averted.

 I do quite like butterflies though, so I am fairly sure there will be a return of the little creatures here before the summer rolls round.....

We are about two years into ttwd  and we have settled in to our own version of this lifestyle,  lots of fun, a little bit of discipline ( just a teeny bit due to my angelic tendencies), and  an admiration for all of our Blogland friends who like us are hopefully enjoying life. I am very happy to have "met " you all and long may we all do ttwd. 

Love Jan,xx

P.S. My weight loss seems to have slowed down, I am down a size and stuck. I have stopped shovelling biscuits in but something seems to have gone wrong. I need to get myself back on track before Christmas arrives with it's avalanche of mince pies and can't seem to. Any ideas?