Friday, 28 November 2014

A Grumpy Little Pig gets a Spanking!

Hello everyone,

Does this look like a grumpy little pig to you?

No? Not quite grumpy enough...

How about this one?

Yep, that's her...

"Move it , up those stairs, you my sweet, are being a grumpy little pig and I know just how to change that!"

"Really how unfair, I cannot help my mood. Did you just call me a pig!!!"

"If the little pink skin fits darling... NOW"

Obviously you do not need the exact conversation or description of events that followed but truly how does this thing work? One minute I am a .. well actually I was a grumpy little pig. I cannot lie  ( he would spank me for that:( and I am in enough trouble already).

Spanking ensued, for a change just his rock hard hand, and mercifully it was only short but it was what he said that changed everything.

"Now" he said , landing several hard swats to my plump cheeks  ( no weight loss here this week, I am blinking stuck with that too )

" I am going to spank you until you laugh. "

"What! how can you  say that, how can I laugh when you are spanking me. You are , ouch, being, ow,

A  few more minutes of walloping and ouching followed with a short sharp lecture on how he wasn't going to put up with my grumpy attitude any longer and was in fact going to keep on going, with added implements if necessary until I gave in and my rather more sunny nature appeared.

" Come on , it will be over as soon as you start laughing, you always do so get on with it. I am fed up with the grumpy girl."

With that I collapsed into giggles and he was extremely pleased with his handiwork. Just long enough to see that bright pink butterfly he was pleased to note!

I don't know about all of you but  isn't it ridiculous that a spanking can put us in a good mood?
I think I am officially bonkers, but then again whatever works I suppose, and at least I don't have to take drugs, drink or stuff my face full of chocolate to feel better.

 A quick trip over my beloved's knee and all is well in my world.

Perhaps I am shallow or simple but I actually don't care!
That makes ttwd pretty perfect. It's cheap, good exercise, drug and drink free.

Yes, that is how I feel this afternoon, relaxed and happy. A big change from this morning. What a lucky girl I am. How far we have come in the last couple of years, would we have been this in tune with each other early on in our marriage? Maybe not, we were never unhappy but we definitely focus on each other more, touching, cuddling, talking, happily living together in our almost empty nest.

I hope life is going well for all of you in Blogland too. I am so glad that we all discovered this lifestyle and am glad to have all of you to share the ups and downs with.

Have a nice weekend everyone

love Jan,xx

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

On this special day for all our friends across the pond, John and I would just like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

 Hope you all have a great time.

Couldn't help it. this made me laugh. Hope no one pinches your turkey!

Lots and lots of love 
Jan and John,xxxxx

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Attitude Adjuster :(

 Hello everyone,

Not a great weekend has just passed in the Rose household. I  have been a bit difficult according to the power that is absolute...

My Lord and Master has not been happy with my attitude over the last few days  and today this  was made quite clear. First of all I got this face..

and then this chap appeared....

Okay, well not exactly him but it might as well have been, the sentiments were all there. I can't help  it ( well actually I can help it and I am jolly well going to from now on according to the powers that be :(     ) life is difficult at the moment and I have been letting things get to me, things that you all really don't want to know about. For one thing you might all realise that I am a top class pain and I would like you all to remain in blissful ignorance of the less admirable qualities in my nature. 

I thought we were going to have a relatively pleasant morning Christmas shopping  but my beloved had a few other ideas first. I  was soon put in my place ( over the damn pillows !) and a swift return to my usually (!) sunny nature was assured with the help of a few tools of his trade.

 A hard hand spanking quickly  began (is it just me or do their hands really get harder the longer we are at this thing?),  an extremely nasty bit of leather and a few various bits of wood soon followed to ensure a wriggling, squirming, squealing, but very apologetic and sweet natured wife  was back in evidence for the rest of the day.

" Never fear my sweet, I am always here and am not putting up with any more of that! I have plenty of tools at my disposal to soon sort your attitude out. it ends now and need not return in a hurry"

I've got it :(   Truly.....

Life is hard but I am grateful to this wonderful chap of mine.

This is true, very true  and when things are going badly I have learn't that he is always there to lean on and won't let me struggle alone

I am very grateful to have got my husband by my side or indeed behind me with a paddle in his hand  in times of need.

I hope you are all in a good place today, I know I am a lucky girl, albeit a tender one!

love Jan,xx

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Happy Love our Lurkers Day!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my corner of Blogland. Today is a great day for all of us as we hope to meet and make new friends,so, are you one of these...

It would be very nice if you would pop out today to say hello.  If you would like to ask any questions feel free. I am a fifty something happily married spanked wife. Our version of this thing we do is  fairly gentle ( unless I am in trouble of course;) There are not masses of rules, just the basic being respectful of each other really. We have been at this spanking malarkey for a couple of years now and in that time we have only grown happier. 

Our children are grown and our nest is empty so we have chosen to focus on each other and spice up our lives. I am not particularly submissive but I do aim to please. He is not particularly dominant but he does take care of and protect me. We have found our own way in this lifestyle and  can highly recommend it to you, my lurking friends.

If you have tried, want to try, need advice , anything really just ask any of us bloggers. We all have a different opinion and someone will be able to help. Come join our community,  if only for today and  see what fun life can be. You are very welcome.

Just to give you an idea of my feelings  here are a few of my favourites....

(Actually sometimes I do ask but....)



Well that's me summed up, how about you? Please come and tell me about yourself, go on,

                                                                    Dare you!!
 love Jan,xx