Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Bad and the Good...

Hello everyone,

Just a quick post to ask for your prayers and thoughts for my friend Ami Starsong.  Last night the gorgeous barn that her and Dan recently moved from, and next door to, caught fire. I think the damage is pretty extensive and the chaps that lived there are now staying with Ami and Dan whilst insurance  etc gets under way. The ten fire engines did manage to prevent the fire spreading to Ami's farm house but...... What a terrible thing to happen , an absolute disaster all round. Our thoughts are with you Ami and I am sure everyone feels like John and I do that we wish we were near enough to provide real help.

On a better note I would like to say how pleased I am for Esmay and the Duke. I have never been so affected by a post as much as when Esmay talked about her first baby boy. Yesterday's post letting us all know about the safe arrival of their daughter affected me just as much. I wish them so much happiness


What a roller coaster week, thinking of you all

much love  

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Sneaky Saucy Spatula!

Hello everyone,

Nothing deep and meaningful on this blog, just something to amuse.....

My darling husband has got a new toy. On a very innocuous shopping trip to a huge local store that sells anything you can think of, whilst wandering down the kitchen aisle he came across this:

It is very a cute,  very cheap silicon sauce spatula! 

I got the giggles when he casually chucked it in the trolley and we both laughed as we decided to leave it in the kitchen utensil jar and not in the toy box. I think we thought the son and girlfriend would get a laugh too!

Now I thought that meant the flipping thing would not actually be used as a spanking implement. They are kept securely locked in a lovely leather "toy box" in our bedroom. The kids think that contains bed linen! Bless their innocent hearts ;)

A couple of nights ago however I realised I had been  sorely misinformed :(
I was dozing in bed waiting for hubby to join me.  With his job this is not an every night occurence , he usually appears at some point in the middle of the night and we have a somewhat muted chat and cuddle before snuggling in.

Anyway I digress.....

In he crept beside me, snapping lamps off and putting away my kindle that I had fell asleep over (Owning O. by Maren Smith, part of the Masters of the Castle box set, great read, recommend it to all btw). A quick snuggle and then all of a sudden 

Whap! Whap!. Whap!

 I jumped out of my skin.

"What the hell is that! What are you doing. Omg that hurt!"

He simply laughed and laughed as he whaled away with his  little new spoon. Then we realised that son number two was in the room next door and we both fell about again like a couple of errant teenagers. Why do things always feel naughtier in the dark and with a possible chance of being caught? lol

Needless to say the blooming thing has moved house now and resides among the rest of the implements. The kids haven't commented on it's disappearance from the kitchen.  What I will say and whether I will be able to keep a straight face and not blush is anyone's guess.

My husband has used it a couple more times this week, I have been spanked three days running ( and I have been good too:). We seem to have had lots of spare time to fill and it's too chilly to go out so...

He has taken a shine to it as he likes the little heart shapes it leaves behind. I can only hope it doesn't last long! For such a little thing it packs a nasty sting, lol

So there you have it, my advice is don't go shopping where I do, and if you do make jolly sure you know where the goods are once purchased  and don't let any cheeky husband creep up on you in the night!!

Hope you are all having a good week and just asking, but has anyone heard from Esmay?

     Jan,   xxx

Sunday, 25 January 2015

2nd Blogiversary!

Hello everyone,

Today is our second Blogiversary

It is hard to believe that it is over two years since we started ttwd. The old saying  "Time flies when you are having fun" must be true.

We were chatting the other day about the changes we have made to our marriage and also about our  "real life" friends around us.

For us the most obvious thing is we are so happy together. We find ourselves wanting to be around others much less and we simply grab every moment we can together. Funny how we can always find something to do ;), life is never boring.

 I want to please him, he tends to spoil me ( oh come on, I am not going to refuse his attention am I?)  I am not especially naughty, well only about food :( so much of our spanking is purely fun and games. We both feel that life is supposed to be fun at this stage. We have done the hard bit, if we can't play now when can we? That being said he can and does rein me in a bit now and again if I push things a bit ( only rarely you understand )

I asked him what he thought ttwd has done for us and he straightaway said that we were closer, more focused on each other and more caring and considerate . Also we laugh more than we ever did.

We have been married for almost thirty three years  so we can read each other pretty well anyway, somehow now he only has to look at me and I know what he is thinking!!

Sometimes I wish I could spill the beans  to my friends. In my job I work with couples and oh so many times I think "for goodness sake spank her!" . I do manage to keep my mouth shut (just). I see friends I have known for years and their relationships quite frankly are poor to say the least. I am not judging really,  just saying what I see. They drift along not even particularly happily, almost like two parallel lines that never touch whereas I am grateful to say our lines are intertwined.

I would never interfere but oh gosh I wish I could.

I love reading about everyone in Blogland. Over the last two years there have been some upsets, losing bloggers, making real friendships with others ( Hi Ami),  rejoicing in the new babies ( hi Tilda !) , awaiting others with baited breath (yes we are still waiting for Esmay) . I have loved reading all the new books written by blogger pals( thanks DF, Sunny and PK).

I am a much happier girl since embarking on this escapade and I am pretty sure my husband is too.

I think this quote is beautiful:

 I hope you all have a great week, John and I are going to think of some way to celebrate our blogiversary !!!

      Jan, xxx

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Consequences are coming!

Hello everyone,

I am having the normal struggle with getting back on track after Christmas with food :(
I managed okay over the festive period but now I just can't seem to get a grip. I want to eat ( in fact, am eating) chocolate, biscuits, cake, anything really that is not good for me. I know I am doing wrong as I am daintily munching away  ( okay stuffing my chubby chops)  but nothing seems to persuade me to stop.

Today I received a couple of  "gifts" from my beloved to "encourage" me back on to the straight and narrow.

Oh yes my friends, you have quite easily guessed the first :(

A jolly hard spanking followed swiftly on the reading of last night's food diary. Yes folks I really do write down what I eat, even knowing I am being naughty and confessing my sins I can't seem to omit anything.   If he asked me I wouldn't be able to lie, it has never been one of the life skills I have acquired and whilst most of the time he doesn't actually ask I just think what if he did!

  He is a very trusting soul and believes what  he reads. As he works into the night I am up first and as soon as I read the comments he so kindly left :(   I knew what fate had in store for me. He didn't actually write "You are getting a spanking" in case the kids read it but the words "You know what is coming " in capital letters were pretty self explanatory .....

A humdinger of a spanking, legs pinned, implements galore, more wood than you can shake a stick at and  the rosiest most shiny crimson  cheeks I have had for ages, all have encouraged me to at least give it a good go whilst muttering apologies and promises which I am sure I won't be able to keep, much as I try. He didn't keep me waiting either, he practically leapt out of bed raring to go. I think limits had been reached as he reeled off  the list of things I should have stayed away from. Amazingly the scales are only up by a pound but that apparently is a pound too many:(

A bit later on in the day and the postman arrives with a little parcel for me. :)

Yes it is a new journal to start the new year off!! What a sweet present. He had it printed and I am to start writing my food diary and any other misdeeds in here.  Retribution to follow......  

On another subject entirely I was talking to son number 2 the other day, ( this remember is the son who appears to be following in his father's footsteps ). He and his girlfriend are house hunting and one they are viewing has an extra room downstairs, a study maybe or an extra bedroom.

" If we were to buy this one" he says, " I am going to soundproof that room!!!!"

Good grief, I thought don't tell your dad he will want to come and borrow it.

" What for?" I asked quite tentatively.

"So I don't annoy the neighbours with my guitar of course"

Of course,  what else could I have been thinking lol. He is actually a brilliant guitarist ( yes yes I know I am biased but one of my friends heard a disc he had made and asked who it was. She thought it was someone famous!!)

I hope everyone is okay and happy out there, I hope the weather gets better for those of you in snow covered lands. Also I hope that we soon get to hear news from TL and Bucko,  and Esmay and the Duke, the waiting is endless lol.

Lots of love

Monday, 5 January 2015

Bits and Pieces!

Hello everyone,

Nothing really to report but reading of  my friend's latest adventures I felt like putting pen to paper ( okay finger to keyboard) . I can't come up with funnies, have no dramas to report, no major successes, just daily life plodding on here.

We went away for Christmas, but with my darling man working almost non stop we spent a great deal of time apart and it became a big deal to both of us. In years gone by maybe we would have accepted it more easily but now  I find myself struggling with it.

So I believe, did John. Is this the result of our heightened sense of each other since beginning ttwd? Or is it old age? Is it seeing the kids partnered up?  Maybe it is all these things but not for one moment was I happy to be without him, even though things couldn't be helped.
The log cabin was lovely, son number 1  even cooked the Christmas lunch!!  I don't mean to sound ungrateful, when we were all there it was a proper fun experience, just how you imagine xmas to be, and usually isn't.....

 My sons were great,  they have lovely girlfriends, my youngest especially is very aware of how we are. I am pretty sure that he and his girlfriend lead a life very similar to ours. Whilst I don't think he spanks her, he definitely swats her rear pretty often and they are so cute together.

Today John and I  have had a day together and we just booked a hotel for a couple of nights away around John's birthday next month. Funny thing was we couldn't decide where to go and son number 2 suggested a hotel he and his girlfriend have stayed at. When we went online to book it it looks lovely and among the room information it announced that the room was soundproof!!!

With much hilarity we booked in with hubby ruminating on what implements he should take as noise is not an

I have had a couple of spankings since Christmas, nothing major, more fun and games than punishment although as from tomorrow he is going to get a bit stricter on the biscuit front.;)
Yesterday he decided he would like to leave a mark or two! In his words

" because you like wearing them as a badge of honour or some such thing"

How rude, as if .... I do have a couple of marks today from that lovely little crop he has :)

Over Christmas I was very smug that I only put on 2 pounds and that is off again now. I would really like to get another half a stone off. I suppose that is my new years resolution of sorts, hence the biscuit ban :(( and the threat of a wooden intervention.

 Something to look forward to :(

When wandering through the cyber world I came across  a few things to give me some thought and amusement.

I think this is lovely.

Oh how funny this would be if it popped out when we have one of our regular chinese dinner nights with our vanilla friends!!

My most favourite thing in the world to be called :)

Well I am always happy anyway!!

Hope you all are having a great start to the year, may it be wonderful for all of us. 

Love Jan,xxxx