Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Dearest Wish.....

Hello everyone,

This post is not a spanking post, it is about my sons!!

We have been celebrating John's Birthday and so both boys and their other halves were with us.

Guess what we were given by son number one and our daughter in law!!

This is our very first Grandchild, due to make it's arrival at the end of August!

We are both so excited, it has been my dearest wish for ages to have a grandbaby, I can't wait ( in fact I have already been shopping, lol). All seems well, they are very happy, brother and his girlfriend pleased, and did I say we are ecstatic ;)  

And now things the other son has said in the past few days. First off his girlfriend  had a bit of an upset healthwise while we were away. We were quite worried about them both and during a phone call I said,
" give ..... a big hug from both of us"

He straightaway said to her,
" Mum and Dad send you a hug but be grateful they aren't here because when dad hugged  .....(his brother's wife) he ended up slapping her a**, so you are safer to have this hug at a distance !!"

At least it made  her  laugh and cheered her a little bit. My husband was mortified and knows he will never live that one down!

A couple of days ago the same son was annoying his girlfriend whilst she was cooking for him, just messing about and cuddling her, generally getting in her way and she turned to him and said

"I shall smack you in a minute and I don't mean in a good sexual way either!!"

Husband and I made a swift exit giggling like a couple of teenagers. I am pretty sure she is not the one who smacks in that relationship, Most people seem to think she is like me and she definitely defers to him on most things. Still we couldn't help laughing and she did gain herself a bit of peace.
They have now managed to save enough for a deposit on a house  and are searching for their own  home.
We will miss them but it is not going to be long before we catch each other out in some activity that perhaps we don't wish to know the other indulges in, no matter what we suspect!!

I hope everyone is okay, my thoughts are with Katie and her family at the moment, I hope everyone can spare a prayer or two for her.

Hope you all have a nice week

Love Jan, xxx

Friday, 20 February 2015


Hello everyone,

As promised I decided  to report back on the promised soundproof room that was much looked forward to on our recent jaunt. We set off with  bags packed, freedom from the oldies (sorry but we are having lots of problems here and this was a much needed break which we only achieved courtesy of my brother stepping up to the plate), and no plans other than a bolt hole and maybe a trip to the pictures ;)

This is the actual room.......                                                       and bathroom......                                                      

It was absolutely lovely, warm, beautiful, gorgeous bathroom and we even had a  little balcony (too cold to sit on but the thought was there)
We were up on the North Norfolk coast, a few minutes walk from the sea. On arrival we unpacked and had a delicious cream tea before venturing out into the wilds for a meander.
The question was,   was it soundproofed? Well on looking at the door you could quite clearly see the soundproofing sandwiched between two layers so, so far so good. 

However, there is bad news to come  for at the bottom of the door was an inch inch gap between the door and the beautifully stained wooden floorboards!! Alas our room was not quite soundproofed, both light and the occasional sound filtered in . I will say though it is probably the quietest hotel room I have ever stayed in and as we were down a corridor and the bathroom was between us and our nearest neighbour hubby decided:

"What the heck we are on holiday and we will never see these people again!" Obviously a trip back there is not in my future, lol  He never packs anything ever when we go away, just usually moans about the weight of the case and wears what I have packed. this trip however he managed a couple of items

How jolly! He finally managed to bring something and it was of no use at all!!

"I brought the crop "he said waving it in the direction of my backside, " as a nod to Christian Grey , thought it might put me in the mood for tomorrow's adventure". 

Cheeky so and so, still put us  both in the mood for something.

The next day we did indeed venture into the nearest big town and go to see that  film.

Call me shallow if you like but I really enjoyed it. I am sick of the critics saying it is not true to real life d/s, it's badly written, the characters are unbelievable, blah blah.....

Has every one forgotten it is a story , a fantasy, a made up tale to spice us up a bit! I thought there were some cheesy bits, some funny bits, some sexy bits ( I liked those ;), some spanky bits( and those). He had me at the first "good girl", I told you I was shallow and I was still there at the end.  If you went looking for true life you weren't going to find it, if you went for a bit of escapism then there it was in glorious shades of grey.....

Roll on the sequel. Btw hubby said it wasn't the worst film I have ever taken him to.  High praise , believe me. He made me laugh when he leaned over to me and said that Christian was spanking too far round near her hip! He was obviously watching Ana's posterior closely then, lol 

Whether it was the holiday or the film the sex was hot in that hotel room!! And I didn't give a hoot whether the soundproofing lived up to it's billing!!!

Today is my beloved's Birthday and over the weekend the boys and their other halves are home so we are planning a more vanilla celebration. I hope he has  a great day, I love him more than I could ever have imagined, more even  than when we first started out on our life together all those years ago..

Happy Birthday Darling, love you always.xx

Hope you are all well, 

Friday, 13 February 2015

I can't Count!

Hello everyone,

 just to give you a giggle....

Earlier on in the week after a count up of the biscuit, cake, chocolate action in the house my oh so kind husband decided to take action :(

"Well I make that eighty" he rumbled in a sort of satisfactory tone .

"Wait, it can't be eighty, that's impossible! I haven't been that bad! Not eighty surely" I actually squeaked on in this way for a few minutes but I figured you have the idea.

"I am going back to the last spanking and there are a few days to consider. Stop your whining and move yourself up those stairs and over those pillows"

Now I don't usually count so I had no idea if this is a lot more or less than normal  or the same but it sounded pretty scary to me so it was with a less than keen attitude that I trudged slowly to my fate.

"Oh and before you get in position get the key out"

It just got better and better, as the key referred to is the key to a lovely leather chest kept in our bedroom that contains all our  toys and kept locked just in case the kids decide to have a look.
In my opinion 80 with anything was not going to be a pleasant experience. The devil left me laying there worrying for a while before he appeared rubbing his hands with no small amount of glee. 

The first ten were administered on his arrival with what seemed like a very determined hand. I was already squirming ( which he moans about all the time, and caused him to "suggest " that  If I didn't keep still 80 could quite easily turn into 90.

"That's ten, let's see what else would make  your naughty food habits better. "
Rummaging in the box I could hear him chuckling as he returned to the bed and put several implements beside me. 

"Ten with each of these  should have you thinking about that piece of cake"

He used  a wooden spoon, I swear I could feel those little egg shapes appearing on my bottom, he used a silicon spoon ( that I actually quite like but won't be telling him anytime soon in case it get's decreed as useless), a wooden ruler ( very stingy), a really hard leather paddle ( that aimed for my thighs as the kicking levels rose)  and then  more with his hand. 

And then, and then this is where I fully expect you to have a laugh at my expense. feel free I don't grudge it to you but he asked me how many we were up to.....

"50!" I shrieked "50!" 
There was a moments silence and then he laughed loudly and said 

"Actually it was 60! But I think we will go with your count "

"No, no. I lost count that's not fair, you can't do that, you are being mean"
Who really tells their Hoh that they are mean when trapped with one hand on their back and their legs pinned ? An extra, not counted flurry of slaps accompanied that small piece of idiocy.  My stupidity levels seemed to have grown even as my counting skills had decreased.  

The remainder were given with the aid of my least favourite implement, a nasty wooden paddle and I screeched the whole time, promising fervently to avoid any food with sugar in it for ever!! 
I will admit I have broken this promise already not even a week later,  but I do think there is a wee bit of improvement.

So there you have it my friends, next time you have to count, my advice is to concentrate, or take a blinking calculator with you. I am simply going to admit I have no idea and rely on his mathematical skills which are quite clearly better than mine.

Hope you all have a good weekend and a Happy Valentine's day with or without spanking as is your wish.
love Jan,xxx