Thursday, 19 March 2015


Hello everyone,

I read all of your blogs almost every day. I read of struggles, achievements, disasters, fun, problems, successes.....and everything else you can think of.

For most of us we seem to have attained some level of happiness in ttwd. As a new blogger appears it is getting easier to see where they are in this adventure. Sometimes nowadays the old hands can even give pretty useful advice ( not me generally, I am more the tea and sympathy type, so I am here for support, not actually of any use, just entertainment!)

My husband and I are happy, very happy but within this I appear to have developed a slight problem.


When I first started ttwd I was a bit (okay a lot) more "serious" about it all. I am fairly submissive anyway, I aim to please, kindness is a priority for everyone in this house and always has been. I am not especially rude, just a bit cheeky. We don't have many rules. I like housework, I don't spend THAT much.  I am too scared to speed and or text in the car so it's not like punishments are an everyday occurrence.

 Our spanking activities are more of the fun variety, with lots of laughter on both sides.

 One thing I have always managed to do however is  take whatever genuine spankings came my way seriously. I try to remedy whatever they  headed my way for, things like swearing, and a bit of attitude all were taken care of  and  as the months went by life in the Rose house became sweeter, softer somehow....

Two years on and I seem to have got the giggles!!!!!

I do not know what is wrong with me but EVERYTIME hubby spanks me, or attempts to punish me I start giggling and I can't stop.
It doesn't seem to matter what the offence, or how bad he tries to make it I still laugh.   I think sometimes it is nervous laughter ( especially when anything wooden appears in the vicinity of my backside)  but still I am putting myself off let alone him. Of course as soon as I start with the chortling and  squiggling about it sets him off too.

This week he attempted to spank for cheek and dangerous behaviour ( I left the hob on, threw a tea towel on top and wandered off. When I smelt burning I thought it was the cake I had in the oven and  gaily checked that ignoring the  tea towel merrily burning on the top of the cooker :((

If hubby and son number 2 hadn't zoomed into the kitchen I feel that maybe there would have been a slight disaster ( and an even worse spanking on the horizon).

After hubby put out the fire, yes it was actually on fire albeit only a little bit, I pretty much knew what was coming the next morning. Accident it may have been  but as John very rarely has cause to punish I knew he wouldn't let this go . He does relish the chance to spank for real as he puts it!!
 ( How rude!)

Why  I can't get in the right headspace I do not know but I started giggling as soon as I was in position and no matter what he said I couldn't stop. I am telling you this did not go down well but it appears not to matter to my mind one whit, once I am chuckling that's it. and very soon after I start so does he and then, well, you know the spanking is soon left behind. ;)

Along with this of course comes another problem. Because I am not in the right frame of mind I can't keep still. I know I am being impossible but I can't seem to help it. I do try but,
 I squeal and wriggle like a stuck pig the whole time.

I reach back until the cuffs go on.

 I whinge and whine about the implements he chooses. ( not that I have any influence there at all)

 I am generally a pain in the a**

Did I mention I move about like a jumping jelly bean?

Oh and Laugh like a hyena?

 Indeed, two days on and I have a couple of nasty little stripes on my left thigh from that blinking crop, given when I kicked my legs up once too many times. That bloody hurt too and still I only shrieked and giggled again. I think I am going bonkers :(

 What is that again? and how do I find it when I really need it ? I seem to have it in daily life just not when I want to give it during a spanking. I do want to behave  and take my spankings well but it is just not happening. This has been going on for a while now and I am getting worse not better.

Hubby is not complaining, after all we both know that laughter is good and let's face it our life is lovely together, better than a lot of people and we are totally grateful for that.
I just wish I could get a grip and shut up and keep still when I should!!

Any ideas my friends?  Or should I just be grateful that I can laugh when otb ? What do you all do? Laugh or cry or somewhere in between?

Hope you are all having a fun week

Monday, 9 March 2015

A Taxing Spanking!

Hello my friends,

 I hope you have all had a better behaved week than me :(

We have had a lot of exciting things happening in our little world. News of a grand baby to come, other son  and his wonderful girlfriend buying a lovely house nearby, husband finally able to drop a few hours at his ghastly job, so we will be able to have  an extra day together. All good you say,

 well yes but into all this gaiety came a very nasty missive (for me...)

I have received a fine from the blinking taxman. He is claiming I have not sent in my tax return in time.:(((

In my defence I did do it, way way back in May 2014.

 it appears (according to the computer) that I didn't press the last button and submit the f*****g thing. I have appealed as it is quite clear that I have done it in principle right to the end.  In fact I am fairly certain it told me that I was successful at the time but....

I do not and have never earn't enough to pay tax in the first place but now I have had to pay a fine of
a hundred pounds!!! and then pray I get it back. I have repeated the process of submitting the form again  and hopefully I have made a better fist of it this time.

 Now this has put a bit of a dampener on things, I duly trotted off to the bank , hubby in tow and paid the fine. How embarrassing!

Now my friends, can you imagine husband's reaction to this little blip!

It's not much of a stretch to your imaginations is it?  To make matters worse, my darling husband has deemed me to be extra cheeky this week and also caught a bit of rather unbecoming language popping out when I was riled up over the whole situation. I rather think he thought he had knocked that on the head quite a while ago, but it appears not :(

My day of reckoning came soon after and included a bit of corner time first then an unpleasant array of implements and a pair of leather cuffs ( which I quite like wearing actually, the only good bit of the whole process but don't mention it to him as I imagine I will lose this pleasure in such     situations ).

I usually like this one

Alas, hubby seems to be able to apply this in as unpleasant a fashion as this

Gosh I hate that wooden thing. He also managed to include a fine old lecture along with his belt ( not something he uses often but seems to be improving his skill with :(  ), a crop and his favourite, a bloody stingy ruler.

 I think the whole process took longer than normal as I seem to have developed a tremendous inability to keep still and  stop squirming about, whilst squealing like a stuck pig, I might add.

I am quite sure you don't need the actual "conversation" but I will say it all ended with abject apologies, a promise to stop swearing, to not be cheeky, and to generally  be the best behaved wife in England.

 Unlikely I know but my guilty conscience has had me baking his favourites and being positively sweet. I do feel horrendously bad about the tax return. it was an honest mistake ( I do think said mistake was the taxman's, though I am pretty certain I won't win my appeal. )

As to the rest, you can't keep a girl down and I am sure I can't keep this up for long. I have discovered something....

                                                          It is awfully hard to be good!!!

Then again, I don't suppose he wants me to be too perfect, after all he likes spanking my chubby behind  ;) .

I am hoping that I can keep up the good behaviour for a few days at least as I am rather tender in a few spots and my rosy cheeks would enjoy the rest!

Hope you are all happy and well. I am enjoying the March questions, loving everyone's answers!

     Jan,  xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Any Questions??

Hello everyone,

Here comes March and along with it come mad march hares and blowing winds, or so they say. We do have the winds, can't say I have noticed any hares hopping around as yet....

Here in Blogland March brings something else, so this is your time to

Ask what ever you wish and I will try and answer ;).

 Come on, this is your chance to delve a bit deeper so start talking and so will I..

Hope you are all having a good week and a great start to the month.

love Jan, xx