Thursday, 30 April 2015

Empty Nesting!

Hello everyone,

Not a particularly deep and meaningful post here.

 I am not kidding there is actually nothing deep and meaningful here but I found a couple of things just recently amusing and hope you will too.

Last week son number two and his girlfriend finalized the sale of their new home and moved out! I am not sure, should I be cheering? For them yes definitely, for us a more muted cheer. I am enjoying the peace and the tidiness and the opportunities for fun and games are definitely there...

 If either of us had the energy! We are more like this at the moment.

 To be honest the whole thing has been blinking hard work and we are now redecorating here , to make a special place for son, dil and the forthcoming grandbaby to come to as they live away from us.

On moving day we were obviously roped into service :(

My first job was to unpack the kitchen stuff!! Omg how much stuff do they think they need. Seriously they have more than me and I have been married thirty odd years! I dutifully put everything where instructed,, I am determined not to interfere or say the wrong thing. I really want my dils to like me....

Son wandered in as I was putting a collection of wooden spoons away....

"Blimey," I said "you have a lot of these!"

"You can never have too many wooden spoons" he replied.
"They have a lot of uses...."

I moved swiftly on, giggling like a schoolgirl as he wandered off again.

Later on in the day and I was in their bedroom. Okay I know it was stupid but I was making their bed up so they didn't have to do it later and I offered to unpack clothes and hang them in the wardrobes to clear the space. I was thinking I was out of the way, doing something useful. Everyone was happy :)

A big box of shoes, two suitcases full of clothes later and with only a couple of boxes to go, it was her turn to wander in.

" Erm, there's a box or case or something, I can't remember what I packed it in  but......" she trailed off.

Now I am not slow on the uptake so I stopped immediately.

"Shall I leave the rest, is it private? I am fairly broadminded but I can stop now if you like.."
My turn to trail off

"Well it's just some things you don't ought to see maybe.."

"Clothes, toys? How about if I catch sight of anything risky I close the box again. Will that do?"

"yes. lovely it's just, you know, fifty shades clothes sort of stuff......", she sighed, relieved.

I just smiled and said, "Trust me I will not be shocked, you should see my toy box, no problems"

We both had a smirk and off she went.

 And when I came across it, her risky stuff is positively vanilla. They have  lot to discover and hopefully a long time to discover it in. Bless!!
I hope I am making an okay job of this mother in lawing. So far it seems okay!!

I am hoping that when the time comes it is this dil to be who discovers our toys, maybe she will remember this conversation and be tolerant!! Is it only me who worries about this? What if we were to suddenly die and the kids had to sort everything out. I am mortified to think of the boys going through this stuff!!

They are settled in now and the house looks lovely

                                                    with it's two love birds in occupation.

Not much spanking action here to report , just a because we could, 'cos no one was here! There is a threat of one looming for biscuit eating though and I have a feeling that I better not buy any more baby clothes for a couple of weeks. :((.

I hope you are all having a good week,

Love   Jan,xx

Monday, 20 April 2015

Irritating Nuisance!!

 Irritating Nuisance!!
Hello everyone,

This charming phrase is what I was laughingly called by my beloved husband this morning. :(

In truth I was being very annoying, I was asking for trouble, and oops, I managed to get myself in a spot of hot water with ease before I even got out of bed this morning.

I had had  a poor nights sleep and therefore I was wide awake and reading my kindle whilst waiting rather impatiently for my beloved to rise and shine ( I was reading the latest Annabel Joseph - Under a Duke's hand, very  hot, last in a series of four and all great btw)

I was huffing and sighing and generally being irritating  before wandering off to make tea for hubby, rather forcing the time of his awakening as I waved tea  and biscuits under his nose and proceeded to start chatting.

I will admit I talk too much but surely to goodness after thirty three years he is used to it.....

"For Christ's sake go and stand in the corner for five minutes you are being an irritating nuisance this morning!"

"What! what! You can't be serious. that's not fair"
I didn't budge, just lay there whittering on.

" You are getting spanked this morning and if you would prefer an implement free session I suggest you move"

As I was spanked yesterday and there was a teensy bit of wood involved I decided to move as  I felt his hand would be plenty, thank you very much.

 Yesterday I was so desperate for a spanking I sent my son to the local supermarket just to give hubby and I half an hours peace. Seriously I cannot believe I did that,  and he never suspected a thing!! I do love having him here really, truly!!

But I digress...

Get the idea :(

I lazily leant against the wall....

"Stand up straight, you are being a very irritating nuisance this morning and I would like five minutes peace!!!"


Five minutes later and hubby looked just like this!!

After a short while of silence  and with his batteries recharged and his energy replenished things took a slightly more challenging turn for me.....

To be fair the toy chest remained shut and locked. I however was ordered over the pillows and a hand spanking ensued with some speed and alacrity :(

Gosh that was hard, I was squealing and jiggling from the get go,

" This morning you have pushed my limits ( and to be fair his patience is usually endless, I fear I was a proper pain in the a**). I enjoyed the corner time even if you were so lazy you couldn't be bothered to stand up! I needed that bit of peace and quiet"

I sorried and whined and ouched and oohed for what felt like forever. Leaning just a little to his left  hubby decided his lovely leather belt  was near at hand.  He managed to ply this with skill and a great deal of precision. If I didn't know better I would think he has been practicing as he usually is a bit iffy with the technique of this lovely instrument :(

I will admit that by the end of this jolly attack on my posterior I  decided that maybe  being good may just be in my best interests today. Then afterwards as we were cuddling my husband irritated me!! 

"That really hurt you know" I whined, nearly strangling him in a hug.

"I am soo sorry my sweet" he said, and oh my goodness I have NEVER heard anyone say anything with such a lack of sincerity as that single sentence choked out with a damn great grin on his face.

Th rotter!

 I ended up being a smart mouth and earning myself a giggling round two with the belt!! 

Funny how ttwd works. I have a very tender rear end to go with my very tender husband! 

Miraculously I have suddenly turned into  a sweet docile wife, slightly less of an irritating nuisance than at the start of my day.

On to other things from my children

Son number two, whom we are fairly convinced is following in his father's footsteps had the following conversation with his lovely girlfriend, He was downstairs , both she and I were upstairs in separate rooms.

"Have you got those desserts babe?"

"Yes, they are here "

Did you bring spoons?"

"Yes of course I did"

"My Good Girl....."

Followed by lots of giggling from the room next to mine.

Hm, I wasn't listening but  a shouted conversation I couldn't miss. They are buying their own house and move on Friday. I am thinking maybe it is time, I am starting to know too much.

And the most important news of the day from the other son and daughter in law. 

Oh my goodness a grand daughter after two sons!! I am overcome  with delight.

What time do the shops open tomorrow. Oh the world of pink !!I am so excited. My darling husband is panicking already .lol. Everything is okay, baby is strong and healthy and dil is plodding on with determination. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and good wishes.

Hope you all have a good week,

Love Jan,xxx

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Trying not to Panic!!

Hello everyone,

As some of you have already seen as I begged Cat for prayers yesterday we have problems in our neck of the woods.

Our darling daughter in law was born with a rare  not very well known syndrome which at birth showed itself as a birth mark encompassing her leg. As she grew up this turned into  some form of (in her words) elephantism. Not as bad as it sounds but one leg is bigger , chubbier than the other.

BEFORE they tried for the baby they asked  for advice from their doctor. No problem he said , go ahead....................... These are well educated thirty somethings, not risk takers, just seems so unfair

Halfway through and things are not so simple. She is under a serious threat of dvt and is now injecting herself every day with god know's what to help prevent it. As a teenager she was told basically to get on with it, they couldn't do anything about it so she and her family have just sort of ignored it .
Now of course the leg is getting bigger and they are concerned about blood flow and the baby's growth.  The other worry is now whether the baby has inherited the same condition. It came out of now where to her though and doctor's opinion is unlikely.
To be fair her baby doctor is brilliant and she is being checked all the time. My son is so worried, although she seems to be taking it in her stride. When we think about the long haul flights she has taken and never been told by anyone no matter what she asked that it wasn't okay .....

Son thinks they will deliver early and so we are just taking one day at a time, 22 weeks so far.
Baby is okay so far and she is plodding on. The baby is an uncooperative soul though, three scans in and it refuses to show it's bits!!! Trying again on Monday's scan to find out boy or girl. So far it's turned round and crossed it's legs!!

That's my whining over, please just spare a thought for us today and our long awaited grandbaby.

I won't leave this post up for very long as I feel it does identify us all a bit but I did want to ask for some support right now. Thank you all so much
much love

Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Real Neat Blog Award!

Thank you to the two friends who have nominated me for this award, DF and Cali.
I am absolutely hopeless at these things, both my answers and then thinking up questions for my victims so feel free to skip to your next blog on your list!!

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2.Answer 7 questions from the person who nominated you.
3.Nominate other victims
4.Let them know you have landed them in it.

DF's questions.

1.If there was space left in your wardrobe where would you go shopping?
At the moment there is only one place to shop for me and that is ... Mothercare!!! for my little grandbaby.:) (20 weeks to go...)

2.Which side of the road do you drive on and have you ever driven on the "wrong " side?If you haven't would you cope?
I drive on the left ( fairly badly), I would never be allowed to attempt the other side and no I would not cope!

3.If ability was no hindrance, which language in the world would you like to learn?
French, and maybe Latin, better than my schoolgirl attempts.

4.If you could go to any art gallery or museum in the world which paintings would you pick to hang in your house?
I would like one of Minelle's spanking drawings

and maybe a Jack Vettriano

5.If you were told to go door to door to sell kink to a vanilla stranger what would be the most important thing to convey?

6.Sex in the shower, hot tub or pool?
Shower :)

7.What is the most romantic thing your partner has done for you?
Not one thing, it is a general sense of caring that touches me the most. When I was ill I realised just how much he loved me, and ttwd has only increased this..

If you haven't had enough of me here are    Cali's Questions.

1.Is there a particular song that always makes you happy and you can't help singing along with?
Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard. Unbelievable seeing as I dislike going on holiday but I can't help it.

2.Was there ever a book you unexpectedly stayed up all night to finish?
Absolutely hundreds!! Maren Smith's Masters of the Castle, the latest Dick Francis, Ashe Barkers Trilogies,  actually my list is endless and as my husband works nights I get plenty of chances to carry on reading. You name it I have probably stayed up to read it.

3.If you could have a wild animal as a best friend which animal would it be?
A lion or maybe a black bear.

4.Would you describe yourself as an Extrovert or an Introvert?
Depends who I am with, When I am teaching I am  an extrovert but not so much at other times. it is all an act!

5.If you could step into a book or movie which one would it be?
Film - The Sound of Music
Book - Masters of the Castle ( come on, don't you want to come with me for a visit)

6.Is your idea of a perfect vacation exploring new things or relaxing?
Staying at home...

7.Is there anything on your kinky bucket list?
Not really, my husband is very obliging anyway and I am not that kinky!!

Oh dear now for my questions..

1.Is there anything in real life you wish you could have done but don't think you ever will?
2.Have you wanted to tell someone about your ttwd/dd life , been really tempted?
3.What is your favourite recipe, the one that tempts everyone?
4.Name three of your favourite spanking books?
5.Are you a dress or jeans girl?
6.Can you think of one thing you wish some one had told you when you were eighteen? Are you brave enough to tell an eighteen year old  that  you know, that same thing?
7. do you forgive me for nominating you for this award :(?

I nominate........

Anyone else who wishes to answer the questions feel free I just tried to think who hadn't been lumbered already . lol

love Jan, xxxx

Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy Easter!!

Hello everyone, 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, hope you are with your loved ones and celebrating the holiday however you would like. family outings, parties, church, better weather, whatever takes your fancy, it would be nice if we could all get a little bit of what we wish for this Easter.

Maybe this.....


not many of us who don't want one or other of these, and if you say you don't I will know you are fibbing!!

This one is just for Tilda xx

After all a girl can never start on chocolate too early!!!!

Much love to everyone in Blogland.