Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Real Neat Blog Award!

Thank you to the two friends who have nominated me for this award, DF and Cali.
I am absolutely hopeless at these things, both my answers and then thinking up questions for my victims so feel free to skip to your next blog on your list!!

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2.Answer 7 questions from the person who nominated you.
3.Nominate other victims
4.Let them know you have landed them in it.

DF's questions.

1.If there was space left in your wardrobe where would you go shopping?
At the moment there is only one place to shop for me and that is ... Mothercare!!! for my little grandbaby.:) (20 weeks to go...)

2.Which side of the road do you drive on and have you ever driven on the "wrong " side?If you haven't would you cope?
I drive on the left ( fairly badly), I would never be allowed to attempt the other side and no I would not cope!

3.If ability was no hindrance, which language in the world would you like to learn?
French, and maybe Latin, better than my schoolgirl attempts.

4.If you could go to any art gallery or museum in the world which paintings would you pick to hang in your house?
I would like one of Minelle's spanking drawings

and maybe a Jack Vettriano

5.If you were told to go door to door to sell kink to a vanilla stranger what would be the most important thing to convey?

6.Sex in the shower, hot tub or pool?
Shower :)

7.What is the most romantic thing your partner has done for you?
Not one thing, it is a general sense of caring that touches me the most. When I was ill I realised just how much he loved me, and ttwd has only increased this..

If you haven't had enough of me here are    Cali's Questions.

1.Is there a particular song that always makes you happy and you can't help singing along with?
Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard. Unbelievable seeing as I dislike going on holiday but I can't help it.

2.Was there ever a book you unexpectedly stayed up all night to finish?
Absolutely hundreds!! Maren Smith's Masters of the Castle, the latest Dick Francis, Ashe Barkers Trilogies,  actually my list is endless and as my husband works nights I get plenty of chances to carry on reading. You name it I have probably stayed up to read it.

3.If you could have a wild animal as a best friend which animal would it be?
A lion or maybe a black bear.

4.Would you describe yourself as an Extrovert or an Introvert?
Depends who I am with, When I am teaching I am  an extrovert but not so much at other times. it is all an act!

5.If you could step into a book or movie which one would it be?
Film - The Sound of Music
Book - Masters of the Castle ( come on, don't you want to come with me for a visit)

6.Is your idea of a perfect vacation exploring new things or relaxing?
Staying at home...

7.Is there anything on your kinky bucket list?
Not really, my husband is very obliging anyway and I am not that kinky!!

Oh dear now for my questions..

1.Is there anything in real life you wish you could have done but don't think you ever will?
2.Have you wanted to tell someone about your ttwd/dd life , been really tempted?
3.What is your favourite recipe, the one that tempts everyone?
4.Name three of your favourite spanking books?
5.Are you a dress or jeans girl?
6.Can you think of one thing you wish some one had told you when you were eighteen? Are you brave enough to tell an eighteen year old  that  you know, that same thing?
7. do you forgive me for nominating you for this award :(?

I nominate........

Anyone else who wishes to answer the questions feel free I just tried to think who hadn't been lumbered already . lol

love Jan, xxxx


  1. I don't think you're hopeless at all, I enjoyed reading your answers

  2. Hi Jan, your answers are wonderful, I loved reading them. The pictures are great, I like Vettriano’s beach pictures, but can see why you chose the dancers. They are lovely. :) I had virtually the same answer to DF’s number 7, it is about the care, feeling cherished. :) Your answer about reading too long at night made me giggle. I’d love to do that now and then but I would be in so much trouble with hubby and Tilda then. A visit to the Castle sounds like real fun, I’d go with you. :)

    Jan, you are not hopeless at all with your answers, and if I had known that you answer more questions I would have loved so much to nominate you too (DF was quicker! :) ). Thank you for sharing!

    Wishing you a wonderful happy Easter and all the chocolate goodies you want (without getting into too much trouble for that). And if trouble, then only good girl style of trouble. :)



    1. Hi Nina, I wanted to nominate you too but someone beat me to it!! Oh what fun we would have at the Castle, we could get up a coach party!!Happy Easter to you all, especially Tilda.
      love Jan,xx

  3. Jan - you are so fun! I loved that you called your nominees 'victims! lol. But I so appreciate you being such a good sport and answering TWO sets of questions!! And I thoroughly enjoyed all your answers. Thanks for playing along! :)

    1. Hi Cali, lol, Thanks for nominating me
      love Jan,xx

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Terps, hope you and yours are having a great Easter, not my son's favourite celebration I don't know about yours!
      love Jan,xx

  5. Hi Jan. This was a fun post. Love your answers... And thank you so much for the lovely words about my work!! I like that pic too! You are so kind!

    1. Hi Minelle, I love your pictures, just being truthful. Hope you are having a nice celebration
      love Jan,xx

  6. Loved your answers Jan! Buying stuff for the grands is so much is easy to go overboard. I have to be very careful not to end up sending packages every week! *sigh* No...I will never forgive you for nominating me! LOL Seriously, I will try to find time to answer your questions (actually very good ones) but just finished answering my March Q&A questions...still need to post them. Maybe next month? ;)

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. hi Cat, I gave a parcel to my son and daughter in law yesterday. He was chuffed, she not so much I don't think. I thought the things I bought were pretty harmless so I am not sure what to do now :(. I wouldn't blame you if you don't forgive me , I am not keen on these blooming things either, lol
      love Jan,xx

  7. Hi Jan, really enjoyed reading your answers. See, you are not hopeless :)


    1. Hi Roz, Bless you. I was so glad to see your post too
      love Jan,xx

  8. Hi Jan! I loved reading about you. Sorry I backed out. I think I would end up running out of material for my random blog. Hey, that's where I can answer your questions!

    1. Hi Megan, that's a good idea, we will find out about you somehow,LOL
      ;love Jan,xx

  9. Thanks for answering the questions.
    Mothercare :) I love Mini Boden.
    Have a happy Easter.

    1. Hi DF, It's all changed in the baby departments since my day! I don't know what half the stuff is anymore. Hope your children have enjoyed Easter . It's such a nice time for littlies
      love Jan,xx

  10. Great Jan, Really enjoyed reading your answers. I'd pick a lion as well.


    1. Hi Ronnie, I hope you and P.are okay this week
      love Jan,xx