Friday, 15 May 2015

I Want to Savour this Spanking!!

Hello every one,

Will I ever learn? That is a question that both my husband and I have asked me this week :(
In actual fact I have been rather a pain  ...... Again :(

Over the last couple of weeks things have been really busy in the Rose household. I thought an empty nest would means lots of lovely time for all those activities that have been curtailed of late.  But alas  there has been simply too much to do.

 Now, I am a grown woman of vast age,  surely I can just get on with it and behave like an adult..

Erm.... actually no it appears I can't :( . For the last couple of weeks I have been positively annoying according to my husband. He didn't need to spell it out for me. I am aware of my own failings and I will admit to even annoying myself!

Apparently this is a skill I have developed,  Mithering!! Now I am fairly certain that unless you are English you have no idea what this is but basically it means pestering, fussing, moaning. Okay you get the drift?

Hubby has been doing lots of work on the house, decorating etc. We have been getting a room ready for the vip visitors to stay in ( grandbaby has a lovely new cot :), amongst other things. 
He hates for me to interfere but  this person seems to popped out

I don't mean to but I cannot keep my mouth shut . Oops!! We haven't argued but there have been lots of comments such as

"You are stockpiling!"

"There's another one"

You are doing it again!"

" Leave me alone!"

You are really asking for trouble!"

Now on this last one  my mouth simply ran away with me.
"If you are not happy with me you know what to do, "

" I haven't got time right now"
This  was issued with a corresponding look

Anyone out there seen this look before?

Thought so........

Seriously, None of this improved my disposition, there was only one thing that would do that and by now I was starting to feel  in dire need of some attention. My nagging got worse and and I interfered even more :( Okay I am not proud of myself  but  truly  I didn't do it on purpose, life ran away with me ( that's my excuse anyway). Finally another person made an appearance

At this point my husband said  

"Soon, chuckles you are going to pay for this last couple of weeks and I for one am going to savour this spanking!!"

How rude, capitalizing on my behaviour for his own amusement. Really??

Sure enough  my reckoning came the following morning and even then I couldn't resist.

"Get the key and unlock the toy box"

"No , no time today sorry" ( Brave words from a foolish wife)

He laughed,"Get the key  because if I have to I will use every damn thing in the box!"

I got the key:(

There really wasn't much of a lecture, not much need for it  I suppose, but some of hubby's comments will surely give you all a laugh. I wasn't much up for a laugh at this point, being over the pillows and with my bottom fast turning red.

" You really really deserve this spanking"

" You need to realize who is in charge of the work round here and it isn't you"

I think you could do with stripes today!"
( no , actually I didn't feel that was necessary, but apparently my opinions didn't count here either and stripes were applied with the aid of his belt :(    )

"You are a rubbish foreman, so give the job up and keep quiet in future"

"I am sick of you mithering on at me, I am sure the job takes longer with your input"

" Since we started ttwd you have become so clingy, attention seeking! I am sorry that I have been so busy working on our home that I haven't been catering to your every whim" ( Oh now this one got me, it is the absolute truth and I did start to feel a whole lot guilty at this point, just not bad enough to take the blooming spanking without protest though, wimp that I am)

"I know it hurts , it is actually supposed to, so you remember not to repeat this in the future Fat chance I know but I can always repeat this  another day . " (This followed my gift of information to him about the fact that he was managing to cause great pain to my posterior). I cannot believe they actually say this, how many times have we read it and laughed at the poor girl whose bottom is being roasted.

"Don't kick your legs, for goodness sake Keep Still!!" ( a short period of leg pinning followed a hefty swat to my thighs  and gosh don't you just hate that).

This last was  cheerfully uttered as he applied a few swats with that damn wooden paddle and I squealed and squiggled like a stuck pig, making all sorts of promises that both of us know are very unlikely  to be kept, at least not for longer than five minutes anyway. 

I am sure the whole thing didn't take long as he started hard and finished fast. 

As soon as he starts rubbing I know he is done and when he remarked on the red butterfly appearing on my ass I knew things were okay and more pleasurable things were soon to follow

"Maybe now you will learn to be a bit more subservient!"

" Say what! that's the wrong word . It's submissive and I don't think I am much good at that either "

"Subservient - submissive - it's all the same to me . Are you still arguing here because I can have another go you know?"

"No, no I am fine, done, sub whatever you like " See I can manage it , fleetingly at least.

To be truthful we have never aimed for a classic definition of submissiveness or subservience or sub anything. Our life  together is based on honesty, respect and lots of love.

And yes I will admit I have slipped a bit  on the respect side over the last couple of weeks but hey ho all is well now and the work has stopped for a bit so maybe at last we have got a bit of time to enjoy this little old empty nest ;)

Hope you are all well and happy and  have a great weekend.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Great New Book from Sunny!!

Hello everyone,

A while ago I had a surprise email from Leigh Smith inviting me to have a sneaky peak at her latest book. Well, not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I started reading .....

What a great story, actually a tale of triumph in the face of tragedy. The feisty heroine first comes across  her soulmate on  a teenage drunken night out. Under an assumed name she gets herself in a bit of bother and ends up being rescued and spanked by our hero.

Annie is probably one of the most stubborn, headstrong, wilful female characters I have had the pleasure to read about.
Life goes on for both Annie and Jace and it is five years before the two meet again. During this time Annie has married another, had a child and then tragically her husband is killed. ( Please note there is a lot more to it than this but really you need to read it for yourselves!!)
On meeting each other again, it is clear that they still have feelings for each other and as the story progresses their relationship develops. Whilst Annie may be stubborn  Jace is strong and determined
and spankings , both good girl and bad girl,follow as the couple's lives become intertwined.

This is a strong story full of both happy and sad times. A bit different to some of the usual, it is  a bit "deeper" somehow, with lots of twists and turns and fun and laughter too.

 I always love Sunny's books and this one doesn't disappoint in the slightest. In fact I think it is one of her best.
If you  like to read of strong cowboys, feisty women and plenty of spanking this one is for you.

Thanks Sunny, for the chance to have an early read and congratulations on the book. I  am sure this one will be a best seller!!

Love Jan, xx