Monday, 15 June 2015

Comfort comes in many forms...

Hello everyone,

Lately life has been busy, overwhelmingly busy and I have found myself thinking about and needing comfort more and more. Perhaps it is my age, or I am getting wussier!

I find myself becoming clingier and more needy than ever. There is nothing really wrong over here. I simply think we have been too busy to focus on each other and I am missing the attention. I know, I know , what am I ? Five or something. I have turned into this pathetic female, always wanting.

We are on the last stretch of redecorating, our home looks lovely ( well to us anyway) and my husband has done a wonderful job (bearing in mind my tendency to boss from the sidelines on something I know very little about :).

I have been working a temporary job for the last couple of months and with caring for the oldies I have quite frankly struggled.
On the plus side my husband is pleased with me, he says after the last spanking for interference I have managed to control myself and have been a good girl. If he knew how much  that phrase made me want to be good for him he would say it every day I am sure, lol.

Today we are having a day together and my heart feels lighter somehow. I was talking to John over the weekend about how I feel and decided to put my needs in pictures! This life is not always about spanking ( although unsurprisingly I can't go long without some sort of attention to my behind).

My comfort comes in many forms...........

A simple touch always helps

Sometimes we spoon this way..


and sometimes like this......

Often there is dancing ;)

When I know I have been good and he knows it too, well is there anything better?

I can't help it but comfort comes in this form too :)

This morning I had a lovely start to the day as hubby said this

( and very yummy it was too, stripes and all :)

 A touch, a cuddle,  a look,  a spanking, a chat, a bit of undivided attention, all of these and more do it for me. What about you? Where do you find your comfort?

Other News!!

Son and Daughter in law have made it to thirty weeks now. However dil is very poorly, the drugs ( at least we hope it is the drugs have affected her liver on top of everything else. She is at great risk now and is having to give up work  partly due to the many hospital appointments she has to have.

 Grandbaby is fine  :),

 Son is frantic :(

 Dil is amazingly stoic. I wish it was over and everyone was safe.. 

As a final note I wish to announce that I haven't eaten a biscuit, cookie, piece of cake for three weeks!!!! This is an amazing feat in this house I can tell you and has nearly killed me, lol.
Just saying.............

Hope you are all well and happy and enjoying ttwd