Thursday, 30 July 2015

A very nice Meme from a very nice Blogger!

Hello everyone,

Must get in on the act and do Ella's meme....

1. Take a look at the walls of your home, which picture or object is your favourite?

Without a doubt it is a photo of my boys taken as they just about reached men. It was taken by my daughter in law for my birthday shortly after I had been ill.

2. What is your favourite perfume?

Ricci, by Nina Ricci

3. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Have you ever hidden new shoes from your spouse?

About thirty, but several are dance shoes ( so work wear, lol) and no never.

4. Snacks - sweet or salty? If you could have a no calorie snack what would it be?

Sweet, every time. A no calorie biscuit would make me soo happy :)

5. What are your favourite cut flowers?

I actually love all flowers but obviously my favourite would be...

6. Without using a real name, describe one person in your life with whom you have trouble being patient?

To be honest, there are lots of people who  simply annoy me but my greatest skill is my patience so this is not one of my problems. I think  it comes from years of teaching inept

7.What food do you love that your spouse hates and vice versa?

I love peanut butter. He loves Marmite, fish, onions,  actually he eats anything and I am fussy so his list could be endless here!

8. What is the song you associate with meeting your honey?

Not with meeting him but in our courting days I can remember lovely days picnicking and listening to ....

9. Do you have a favourite movie that you watch every few months or once a year?

Not a great film fan but  I will watch White Christmas anytime!

10. What collection(s) do you have and how did  they start?

None, I am not a hoarder.

11. Where would you like to go on your next holiday? Is there somewhere else on your bucket list?

Nowhere really. there is no place like home for me. I would like to visit  and meet a couple of bloggers though,

12. If you could buy clothes at one store where would it be?

Phase eight, alas my budget doesn't really run to it!

13.What gifts from your spouse have you most appreciated?

The easiest question of all. My sons and this life we now lead. Does spanking count as a gift?
Also I do love these...

Seriously he has given me everything and I appreciate it all.

14.Name one item of your spouse's clothing you would like to get rid of

A ghastly pale blue,  faded, tatty, paint stained polo shirt that he likes to work in around the house. I hate it!

15. What is the submissive action or inaction that you are most proud of?

Washing the above t shirt instead of throwing it away every time it gets in the washing basket!!
Truly, I think it is trying to keep my mouth shut  when  I don't really want to.  I think I do more things for him now, I love fussing over him even if he is not so keen ;)

Great meme Ella, thank you very much

love Jan,xxxxx

Monday, 20 July 2015

He said, She said!

Hello everyone,

It is a while since I blogged here, I find myself reading more and not having much of interest to say.
Life for us is good, I am fairly good, he is great, see I told you, nothing to report......

However there is one teeny incident that made us laugh and I find it funny sometimes the things that pop out of our mouths!

Things he says are in blue, mine are pink. These are not in sequence just merely random things we have said.

After a good girl spanking

I wish you would do something really naughty

Aren't they supposed to want us to be good?

I love wearing these cuffs, they are so cosy.

Why did this one make him laugh his socks off?

You are a headcase!

Seriously, How Rude! and he laughed as he said it.

I just bought a few things for the baby....

This grandbaby is going to bankrupt me and she's not even here yet!

I love that pink butterfly on your rear end, it's gorgeous.

How he manages to get that perfect shape I will never know, considering how much I squirm about .

And then one night I had an idea ;)

Can you come up here for a minute I have something to show you?

Do I have to?


This had better be good

No, naughty, really naughty...

On walking into our room to find me bottom up over the pillows displaying my posterior and...

(Can I just put in at this point that that is what my bottom looks like in my dreams . In reality it is a bit chubbier :( )

That had better not be real, I mean it, that just had better not be real. 

This wasn't so much as spoken, more growled really and was accompanied by a few very hard spanks. 

Would I, would I ? I just thought it was pretty and you did say you wished I was naughty.....

You would have never sat down again if that had been real, mind you it is pretty and a damn good excuse for a good hiding. You do realize you are mad don't you?

Yep, can't get to be a nearly Grandma without a bit of eccentricity, come on husband admit you like it.

More spanking followed and this in turn lead to more pleasurable pursuits. Result!!

The next night he texted me whilst he was at work.

How's my butterfly?

Still there, :)

A few days later and I removed it, texting him that my butterfly had flown away :(

Get some more, but not permanent ones. I do like it but still.......

I am convinced he has a thing for butterflies, I tempted fate slightly  the other day when I had been shopping with a friend and she bought a butterfly covered dress. When we got home  I told him and then said in front of her, he has a thing for butterflies!! He smirked and I then blushed . I imagine my poor friend thought we were both daft!

Baby News

We are nearly there. Dil has been totally amazing and is set to go in to hospital on the 6th August to be started off. By the weekend after that baby should be here. Please all keep your fingers crossed for everything to go well and hope that baby makes it to the longed for five pounds!!

Hope all is well with all of my friends in Blogland, May you all have a spanking great week!



Friday, 3 July 2015

Happy Independence Day!!

Just a quickie to say......................

Happy Independence day!!

Hope all of my friends across the Pond have a very happy time celebrating . May your weekend be exactly as you wish it to be,
Have Fun!

           Jan,  xx