Saturday, 22 August 2015

Being good is not always a Good Thing!

Hello everyone,

I haven't got anything exciting to write about ( so if you want to tootle off feel free, there will be no offence taken here as I am currently boring myself let alone my friends).

We have been ttwding for almost three years, married for thirty three and happy all of them. But oh my goodness I wish I was  naturally naughty.

I am open to any and all suggestions because the longer we go on the more I find myself just, well, behaving,  See I told you this was boring. At this point I fear I may come across as smug but please don't think that is how I am feeling. I am feeling meh...

 I am actually feeling as though I am letting the side down somewhat amongst all my ttwd friends. I read your exploits and think

"Bloody Hell I am  not partaking of this life at all!! " I think how brave you are when you are spanked for smartmouthing! Then I think

"But I don't want to!!" See  useless.:(

We don't row, I am not rude to him, I love doing things for him ( and he is always doing stuff for me).

What the heck is going on?  Don't get me wrong, he still spanks but it is always for fun! ( lots of fun sometimes but am I just greedy because I want more ( just a teeny bit more please...))

 Before all of you sassy wives tell me that this is a good thing


 Somehow though a bit of naughtiness makes it all a bit more.....everything.
He often says he wishes I would be naughty so he had reasons to spank, seriously though what would I do? Well so do I, but I am at a loss. I can't be naughty on purpose and even if I were to try I haven't the first idea where to start.  See I am no good at this stuff, I am just me.

I don't fancy getting a speeding ticket, rule breaker I am not. ( I thought about lying to him and then thought instantly I can't lie to him!!!)lol

He works hard, is always respectful to me so how can I not return the favour?

I love keeping house, no problems there.

On the plus side I guess this means that ttwd works. Yay!!

I really need a blip :(   Oh gosh that sounds bad.... actually that is bad.

I have no ideas really on how to spice it up a bit. He is definitely not into role play, (mind you I would give it a go)

Of course, as I am writing this post there is an old saying running through my head

Hopefully now I have written about my patheticness ( I know, but for the life of me I couldn't think of the word I needed, so I made one up) something will happen and I will finally have something to entertain you with instead of whinging on about my boringness ( I know, same thing.) For goodness sake all the books I read you would think my vocabulary would be a bit broader by now. I am into historical spanking right now, a bit obsessed as there has been a run of new ones come out. Have you read the latest Jaye Peaches, or Ashe Barker and ooh what about the series by Golden Angel? All very yummy.... But I digress.

Does this happen to everyone? I know a lot of you have been at this a heck of a lot longer than us and are better at it too.

Is it just that we are getting on a bit?

I have a feeling the underlying things are that after all this time we have total trust and respect for each other. Our love is rock solid, that I am sure of, and we would do anything for each other and our family. There are no secrets between us, I can and do tell him anything and everything.
 Is that perhaps why I find it hard to be naughty? or maybe it is just that I am as ordinary and boring as I secretly think :((( What a depressing thought...

I hope you are all having a great weekend, and a spankfree or spankfilled week according to your heart's desire!
love Jan,xx

Monday, 10 August 2015


Hello everyone,

this is the quickest post I have ever written but I have to say........................

Our darling granddaughter has finally arrived after a so long labour and then a c-section. She is over 6 pounds and both her and mum are doing well.

We are just off for our first visit!!

We couldn't be happier....

Hope everyone is having a great week. My husband is looking forward to spanking a Grandma later, lol Could do with the stress relief, this has been the most exhausting weekend or our lives, worse than when we did it ourselves!!!

love Jan,xx