Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. I hope you all have a great celebration with your nearest and dearest. Although we don't celebrate this festival over here it always seems such a nice one, a bit like Christmas without all the commercialism and with the happiness.

May your Thanksgiving be spank - free or spank - filled , just as you desire
Have fun!

love Jan and John,

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A Mess or not A Mess.....

Hello everyone,

This is the tale of a mess of a wife and an irritated husband.

Once upon a time in a little village by the seaside there lived a long married (happily, actually very happily) middle aged couple. This odd pair live a lifestyle most commonly known as ttwd.

Yes indeed, they did their own thing, as did lots of their friends all over the world.

Each couple lived this life in their own way,  with rules for some and none for others.
"How unfair "I hear you cry. Well true, but hey ho life is what it is, as much as we bemoan our fate.

One fine day, and believe me the winds and rain are upon us now, so fine days are few and far between our couple went to the nearest town to do a bit of shopping, for the festive season of Christmas is nearly upon us.

Before I regale you with the day's adventures can I just say a word or two in defence of the sweet wife ( Hmm,glossing over some of her less attractive attributes here....) For the last few months said wife has had a few health issues, really big ones and a few other stressful life issues that have dragged her down.   She has possibly tried the patience of the nice husband just a wee bit. In truth the patience of a saint would probably have reached it's limit.

Okay on with the jolly day out...

Now as far as the wife was aware nothing unusual was happening, a lot  bit of shopping, a trip to the bank, Christmas pressies for family and a few friends, a bit of lunch out ( including some jolly nice forbidden cake)

Husband however was getting seriously cross and keeping quiet about it.
Innocent wife carried on blithely annoying him without knowing.
At this point I do feel a warning would have been appropriate but nothing was said :(

On returning home whilst putting the shopping away, hiding all the presents our heroine didn't realize husband's intentions until from the bedroom came....

"In here, now!"

"What, why, what do you want?"

 She wandered in to discover the pillows piled at the end of the bed and husband standing in a certain familiar position with that "look" on his face. If you don't know what look you are lying  and as I have been in trouble I am quite happy to grass anyone else up for fibbing as I so don't feel like being the only naughty one around here :(

 "Are you playing?"

"Not  a chance, skirt up, knickers down and over the pillows. "

At this point our poor girl had no idea what she had done... bewildered but sort of  obedient she assumed the position. There may have been a teensy bit of arguing first. Now the aforementioned husband is not a particularly good lecturer ( I am sure he won't mind me telling you, we all have our good and bad points after all).

The spanking commenced fast and furious. And jolly hard!

"ALL day you have been putting yourself down,  and I am fed up with it. Why in earth would you call yourself a fat ugly mess? What makes you think I would be with someone like that? All day long you have been doing it"


 The lecture continued in this vein for a bit and even included

"Did you see what was out there in that Market Place today, for God's sake you are not a mess.

Repeat after me  "I am not a mess"

Nothing was repeated, hubby pressed the issue, (several times) He even decided that the belt may help his case. Ouch!!

"Come on, say it". More spanking, lots of ouch-ing, owie-ing and squiggling, but no words...

Couldn't do it, just couldn't do it.  And then a rare occurrence happened

Tears, lots and lots of tears and finally

"I can't say it , I am not allowed to lie.................."

Speechless, the darling husband stopped at once and everything turned to cuddles and hugs.

Firmly he said, " You are not a fat ugly mess and you had better not say it ever again. I will not have you put yourself down like that"

This is how  a new rule came into place in the little house in the village by the seaside, how the maybe not such a mess wife discovered that she was not allowed to say just whatever she felt like, at least not without consequences. She also discovered that there are definitely times when her placid easygoing husband would  not let things go,

                                                     and that he loved her just as she is. :)

And I love him too, more than words could say.

Hope you all are having a good week, with or without  the spankings you do or do not deserve.


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Is the Party Over?

Hi everyone,

Well that was a hectic couple of days out here in Blogland. I hope you all enjoyed the  Love our Lurkers party as much as I did.

Oh dear, Yes that is me!!

I feel exactly like that, actually for two reasons.
 The first is the hectic days I spent trawling around the computer talking to all and sundry. I do believe I have added a coupleof new blogs to my friends list and braved speaking to a few I haven't dared to approach before.

 The second is that I have had my little Grandbaby here all weekend and I babysat whilst son and dil went to a wedding.

Oh my goodness we had fun, and not much sleep. I think I could sleep for a week at the moment.  I think I must be getting old :( She is so beautiful, like a little dolly, bless her as she is tiny, thirteen weeks old and smiling all the time and just perfect. ( Yes yes I know I am biased but she really is)

I don't think lol day was as busy as last year but I hope I have made new friends and it is great to chat to my old pals just because we could. Let's hope that a few more people will become brave enough to come out and play more often.
 Blogging has been great for me, for advice, for fun, for stories (Yay!), for pictures, for always having someone who understands right there at the click of a button, I feel blessed to have met you all and so wish we were all a bit nearer. I would love to be putting the kettle on for you all

I would like to say a big Thank you to Hermione for hosting this year's event and to Bonnie for inventing it way back when.

I hope everyone of you had a lovely time.
Can't wait for next year.

                  Jan,  xxxxx

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Love our Lurkers 10!

Hello everyone and anyone out there on this special day in Blogland.

Yes, that's the day, Love our Lurkers day. I think we all have them and we  definitely all have been, or still are, lurkers at some point. Whether it is because we are not brave enough to speak up, or are not well informed enough to voice our thoughts, or simply not interested enough to shout out, we have all been and probably will be again Lurkers.

I quite like secretly reading blogs whose writers lead such very different lives to mine, often there I am not brave enough to butt in, but over the last three years I have made so many friends, people to whom I tell  my secrets to and some of whom I would dearly love to meet. 

If you are popping in here for the first time I will tell you the basics. I am in my fifties and very happily married for over thirty years to a kind and gentle man who spanks me  for fun always, and occasionally to rein me in a teeny bit. I am not particularly naughty, sometimes nice, often cheeky. I love my husband greatly and I am lucky enough to be well loved in return.

On my blog I talk about our lives together, the good bits and the whiny bits ( be warned), and everyone is welcome. I love getting comments (on the whole) and always try to reply.

I love this day in Blogland it is  like a fabulous party and for a couple of days I become

a party animal!!

I am so not a party animal in real life, I am more a home bird.
 In Blogland I have discovered that it is fine to be whatever you really are, I have made friends with some amazing people, I now have writers as friends, and I talk about the people here as if I had popped out for coffee with them to my real life friends , even though I do have to be careful what I say sometimes. 

I feel motherly to a couple of younger bloggers, and identify with a few others. Some I am amazed by, a few I  feel sympathy for and there are even a couple I would so love to meet I would travel miles ( and I hate holidays as a a rule so that shows how much I value their friendship) 

No one over here knows how we live our lives, although  second son and daughter in law are suspicious and not far behind us either!!

These pictures sum me up in a nutshell.....

This is true for most of us out here I reckon.

To be honest, I do ask although hubby is very perceptive and I find myself asking less and receiving more ;)

Doesn't matter how many times I look at this picture it always makes my tummy flip.Did I mention I am fairly easy to please!

My favourite phrase in the whole world

Self - explanatory......

Did I say I have  a fabulous artist among my Blogland chums? If you want to read her blog and see some more of her art it is called My Breath, and you can get in by clicking on my blogroll. In fact you can meet lots of my pals by clicking on their names there.

Just because.

And now you know a  bit about me this is the important bit for today. Can you for a moment or two stop doing this?

because you are very welcome to do this

Please, please come out to play today and ask away. You can ask anything you want to and I will try and answer it. I never lie ( it's a spankable offence don't you know?) so you hopefully will  get an honest answer ;)

Welcome to my world, I hope you will come again.

Meanwhile enjoy the party going on around the world today, mine's a Martini and Lemonade!
I will drink a couple whilst partying with my pals in America, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and here in England. I hope I haven't missed anyone's home country but to be honest I have no idea where some of you live!

love Jan, xxxxx