Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Cure for Boredom!

Hello everyone

Okay well it is not exactly the cure for cancer but this afternoon I discovered my husband's latest cure for Boredom!!

Picture the scene,,

A lovely lazy Saturday afternoon, my Kindle ( there's a new Dinah Mcleod out today), coffee and a biscuit ( yes I know, but I am being truthful here, I could have lied and said an apple). All is going well, cosy inside, cold outside just how I like it and then....

No, no, no, not me!


My beloved husband has had a week off work and today he decided he was fed up. He apparently has no new books on his kindle, he didn't fancy the telly, the garden is fine. Seriously, he sat there huffing and sighing in the most dramatic fashion. Not his usual style so I knew something was coming up.

"I have had a light bulb moment, off you go upstairs!"

"What, what, you can't spank me because you are bored, " and a few more mutterings in the same vein.

"Oh yes I can, I need to fill in some time and this will do nicely" 

He was sporting a big grin by now so I figured this was not going to be exactly unpleasant ;)

Off I went ( whose grinning now)

Guess I don't need to tell you the rest, 

no lecture (him),
much giggling (me),
many spanks (him),
rosy cheeks (me),
lots of loving (team effort).


Boredom alleviated!!

Hope you all have  a nice busy, boredom free weekend !!

love Jan,xx

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Three Years on...

Hello everyone,

Today is  Blogiversary day!

It is three years since I started this blog and a few months more than that, that we have been doing ttwd. There have been many changes in our lives in that time, engagement and gaining the best dil in the world, beautiful grandbaby, new homes for both sons, retirement (mine already and his any minute), health issues (mine), outside stresses from the oldies, oh and did I mention a grand baby :)

Throughout this time ttwd has helped so much, we are totally united in dealing with the hard stuff and have lots and lots of fun when we are together. To be honest, I find myself not wanting to be anywhere but with my husband, I know it sounds bad but I much prefer his company to my friends these days. 

I am so grateful to all of my Blogland friends, it has been great getting to know you all and how I wish that it was possible for us to meet up and become " real life" friends !

Thank you all for being there through the good times, the bad times and especially the spanking times! 

Due to my angelic behaviour ;) there haven't been many "proper " spankings to report.  I can state though that Hubby practices his technique every time I am in swatting distance! How is it that whenever we are in the kitchen he always seems to be walloping me.

 I am going to go on strike soon and refuse to cook, I will just sit on the sofa watching T.V. and reading my kindle. At least  he can't attack my rear end if I am sitting on it, lol.

This morning I jokingly (and in hindsight stupidly) said,
"Am I getting a three year anniversary celebratory spanking seeing as you have nothing better to do?"

"You are getting spanked but I am not so sure it is celebratory. I saw that  chocolate you ate yesterday. I think you need a reinforcement spanking, a reminder of what you are supposed to be doing and not supposed to be eating...."


I was sent to wait in position over those pillows, still thinking he was joking about it, but blimey he spanked hard and every solid spank seemed to be accompanied with a stern word.

"You will not eat chocolate!"  ( four spanks for that sentence, see what I mean)

"You will get back on track and eat healthy food"

"This week you had better get that weight you put on at Christmas back off" :(

He spanked hard and fast ,and got a couple of thigh swats in when I kicked my feet up.  Gosh I hate those but I can't blooming well keep still. 

"Three years" he said, "great, I have enjoyed every bit of it and this spanking will give you something to blog about. You are always whining that you have nothing to blog about. Well tell all your pals that you  are getting a good hiding for continually breaking the rules and eating the damn chocolate"

I have to admit this was a really hard spanking, even though he only used his hand I felt every wallop and he was relentless. 

"I 'm sorry, I'll try! "

"Can you say that again and this time as if you mean it", he said administering  a jolly hard swat with each word and keeping both me and my dancing legs pinned .

"I am sorry, I am sorry! I promise I will try harder"

 At this point I would have promised him anything to be honest, Some celebration this was, lol.

Hubby did make me laugh though as he admitted to having " had quite a workout",  bloody cheek. I am not that difficult to deal with.  I told him he would have a heart attack if he carried on.


Yes, that's the look I got.

" No I bloody won't", he commented. "I am just making sure I do a good job, Got to make sure you feel it for a while. Making sure you remember this one when you next reach for a forbidden food"

Oh well, his hand was hot, my rear was hotter and as red as a cherry,  we were both ready to snuggle up in bed again.  I think we may be getting old.

And it was only ten o'clock in the morning. Such is the life of 
a couple who practice ttwd :)) and long may it continue.

Hope you all have a good week, hope those of you in the snow survive unscathed, I hope  DF,  Maren  and Casey finish their new books and I especially hope baby Katherina is doing well .

Lots of love,

           Jan, xxx

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Technical Faux Pas!

Hello everyone,

Today has been a flipping disaster and I have been a prize idiot :(

This morning, lounging in bed reading my blogs next to hubby whilst drinking  an early coffee I clicked on The spankings of the week and then popped in to a few. Whilst on one of these sites I must have clicked on some thing I shouldn't. Computer stopped and started bleeping like a damn fire alarm. Now I know I am stupid, I couldn't get out of it and panicking I rung the phone number and then followed instructions. Yes I know NOW that I shouldn't have but it wasn't until too late ( when I rung son number two and got him out of bed with him shouting to turn the damn thing off and he would be round in five mins. It was  scam and well you know the rest....).
At least I didn't part with any money, although I definitely let someone else have access to my computer temporarily. What a disaster. I have been worried all day long.

I have had to stop our bank cards, and my notebook is off to the shop as son ( who works with computers) couldn't fix it :(

Guess who is in big trouble ?

Yep you got it in one.

I have been spanked this afternoon, although he was panicking too and admits he is no better than me. I am allowed to use his laptop very very carefully but to be honest I am a bit scared. I will read my usual friends blogs but I will not stray far and am not sure mine is fixable, son thinks maybe not as it is a few years old anyway.

If I am not about, I am still reading when I can.

Hope everyone has a good week, back soon

love Jan,xx