Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A Big Thank you!!

Hello my friends,

I am overwhelmed with all the support and messages both on and off the blogs that I have received. I am so grateful to Lindy for her lovely post and all the comments are so touching.  I have had a bit of  a difficult time and all your messages have cheered me up no end.

Oh how I wish I could throw a party ( in a bit , when I feel up to snuff) and invite you all. The friends I have made in our community are very special, it takes more effort to reach out to someone across the world than to pop next door (although I will admit to running out of vases over the last couple of weeks!)  and I appreciate all your efforts, truly.

Yep! that's it, exactly!

One of my Blogland friends sent me some pics to cheer me up. I thought I would share a couple

Thanks Maggie!!

Thank you all, I am  on the mend now, not liking to count my chickens, but anything is an improvement on the weekend! 

If that was Easter....... 

Hope all of you are well and happy and ttwding with joyous abandon. 

much love and gratitude

Jan, xxxxx

Friday, 25 March 2016

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone,

What a lovely time of the year. Spring is springing and flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.

 To complete matters, there is a weekend filled with  family and chocolate. My cup runneth over....:)

I hope you all a have a lovely weekend,  May it be just as you want it, with or without spanking, most likely with family or friends and almost certainly with chocolate.

I rather think that it will be this Easter bunny paying a visit here ,

not this one

A girl can dream, but according to my beloved although spankings are accruing at a rate of knots, they can't be given for blooming ages :( .

I am becoming quite determined, but he remains resolute, it's jolly annoying and my behaviour is not quite up to my usual angelic standards. This being out of action is becoming rather tedious if you must know. I never thought I would be quite so determined to do the ironing!

Grandbaby and her entourage are on the way, bunny ears and cuddly lambs at the ready.
 Maybe that will take my mind off it, lol.



Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Conversations, Wishes, Thank yous and Life in General...

Hello everyone,

Obviously this post is yet another spank free one ( how boring I hear you say) but I still felt the urge to annoy you all with a post. Let's face it there is not a lot of action going on here and I have a bit of time on my hands at the moment. :(

I thought a couple of family conversations would give you a fleeting smile.

Husband and I first.

I never thought I would wish to spank you this much!

Why, what have I done? I am trying not to be a pain ( okay I am not trying very hard but a girl has to make spank free mischief sometimes).

Nothing, I just can't seem to keep my hands away. When you bent over (actually to pick something up) and presented your arse I was so tempted I nearly couldn't stop myself!

I want it too....

Not  a chance, my sweet, not for ages , no matter what you want :(

A couple of days after this he patted me so gently as I walked past him and said,

blimey, when you can't have something you really want it!!

Us and the youngest son and daughter in law to be, next

We are on our way to  Sunday lunch in a local restaurant,having been to a wedding fair. The grand event is 18 months away but they are all saved up and nearly ready! I have been invited to look at dresses with her at the weekend, so exciting.

The conversation started as the kids told us they had bumped into my brother the previous day and he had been moaning about his wife. I had seen her earlier in the week and she had moaned about him. It is a really rough patch and I have to say she is pretty hard going and he is very laid back. Having dissected their marriage, I thought I would give them some motherly advice

Well, I said, as we are on a marriage day let me advise you not to run your marriage like theirs then (giggling)

Oh no, she said. They are really unhappy, they never say anything nice about each other. My parents were like that until they split up (Both are happy with new partners and she has a lovely stepdad and stepmum) We are going to be like you two instead.

Now follows my version of

Keep trying, work on it all the time, do stuff for each other and realize that it isn't all sunshine and roses. Stick together when it is a hard time, don't blame each other all the time like your aunt and uncle! Yes, your dad and I are happy and I am glad you know it and feel happy about it.

Oh mum, he said. You and dad are like sickening love birds , can't keep your hands off each other. It's ridiculous, he said grinning.

Don't get us wrong mum, we like it. It's cute , we are aiming to be just like you two.

I hope in years to come you can be like us

At this daughter in law got the giggles. I wonder why, lol

I would like to thank all of you for your good wishes , I feel very cared for.

 I have another thank you too.

Guess what I have got.  

I have a genuine original Minelle, yes this actual one and as we speak it is framed and hanging on our bedroom wall. Not to make you all jealous or anything but ha!  I am the lucky one, so a massive thank you to Minelle. What a  treat that was popping through the letterbox.

On the life in general can I just say I wish I felt a bit better, my tummy is sore, I feel a bit queasy and I am stressed about my mum who is challenging to say the least. The poor staff have had enough of her and it has only been two weeks. She is going downhill fast and we have hopefully got medical advice tomorrow and a move somewhere else is likely in the future. She has had two falls in a week...... I saw her today for the first time since the surgery and although my brother and son had warned me I was surprised at how much worse she seems. It's really pitiful. We as a family are at a loss.

Hubby is being fantastic, I am barely lifting a finger in the house, and he is a much better cook than me. I am quite enjoying this bit, every cloud has a silver lining they say!

I am looking forward to a spanking post,

gosh who knew that one day we would be waiting for the all clear to spank. has the world gone mad?

Oh no, it's just me then ;)

Hope you all have a nice week
     Jan, xxx

Monday, 14 March 2016

Good News!

Hello everyone,

I am so pleased to say that I have heard from Roz. :)

Both her and Rick have been poorly,but thankfully both are on the mend now. Some nice news.

What a nice start to the week for us all!

Hope your recovery continues,and you are back in Blogland soon.


Friday, 11 March 2016

Missing Bloggers.....

Hello everyone,

I know that actually this is none of my business but I have noticed a few bloggers have gone awol. Whilst I am hoping they are just busy, does anyone know if Roz and Blondie are okay?

They have both been around since I joined Blogland and I must admit to being a bit worried at their disappearance. If anyone has heard from either of them can they please just let us know they are doing alright.

 I just want to say I am thinking of you.

I hope so

Jan, xxx

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

My March Answers.

Hello everyone,

As I appear to have a lot of lazy time on my hands I thought I would answer all your questions ( before I have yet another nap!).

Here we go.....

 How long have you been practicing ttwd? What made you want to start it? What's your favourite implement and position?. How often do you get sent to the corner and how serious does it have to be for that to happen?

We have been ttwding for three and a half years now. I started it but only after FSOG came out and hubby said, there's a book for you... It gave me the courage to ask, and things went from there.
My favourite implement


His favourite implement


Favourite position is over the pillows at the end of the bed( squiggling about)

I have been in the corner only a couple of times, the first time was when I ordered him about during a dinner party, and after that it has been for his amusement. Secretly I quite like it, don't tell him.....

Where do you find the wonderful cat pictures?


What scares you most about about ttwd?
Are you a patient person?

I think what scares me the most is stopping it
Yes I am (probably. lol)

Have you ever had a disagreement or hurt feelings that has been resolved  by a spanking? What about ttwd has bought you closer as a couple?

No, not really, our spankings always end in laughter and mostly start that way even if he is making a point.
 Ttwd has made us focus on each other more for everything.

Do you and John talk about what he gets out of spanking, what is his reward?

He says it sets him up for the day, our day always gets off to a good start if it has started with a spanking, he says his reward is seeing me happy. (See why I love him?)

Do you desire more from ttwd?

Yes , sometimes, but life is all about compromise. He is not a dominant man by nature and I am grateful for every minute I have with him just as he is.

Since starting ttwd what change in you are you most proud of?

I do more for him

this, and


You are in charge of planning a romantic evening. What would you plan?

His favourite outfit, dinner and the Theatre...

If you could change one thing concerning how you and John practice ttwd, what would it be?
What is your most memorable moment about life with ttwd so far?

I think I would wish for him to be stricter, I get away with murder!
He laughed and said more implements when I asked him.
There are lots of moments I remember:
the first and very rare time I cried during a spanking, when he gives me the message when we are out, the time he swatted dil (as swatting has become an ingrained habit), forgetting myself and calling him my sir in front of the kids ( they are used to it now, don't bat an eyelid), dil number two finding out about the games we play, the first wallop of that wooden paddle, the cane,  there are so many things that keep ttwd to the forefront of our lives.

Thank you all for your questions. I hope you are all having a lovely March,

      Jan, xxxx

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Hello everyone,

I am home from hospital, operation over, recovery has begun.

And so I just want to say a very big....

to all of you for your support, both on the blog and in the emails. I am grateful to everyone. I think it will be a while before I am on top form but I am on the mend.

I will get around to the March questions in a later post but for now I have one question for all of you.

How long does it take to recover from a hysterectomy?

After all I do have a newly retired husband to play with.........

Hope you all have a great March, I think I might just have a lazy one.

lots of love


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

It's March again!!

Hello everyone,

Well this has come round quickly.


Go on.

I dare you.

 Ask anything you want to.

 I will answer as best I can.


I may not be around for a few days as I am off to hospital tomorrow for a  large dollop of surgery. I will answer the questions (if anyone doesn't know enough about me by now) as soon as I can.

much love
           Jan, xx