Friday, 25 March 2016

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone,

What a lovely time of the year. Spring is springing and flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.

 To complete matters, there is a weekend filled with  family and chocolate. My cup runneth over....:)

I hope you all a have a lovely weekend,  May it be just as you want it, with or without spanking, most likely with family or friends and almost certainly with chocolate.

I rather think that it will be this Easter bunny paying a visit here ,

not this one

A girl can dream, but according to my beloved although spankings are accruing at a rate of knots, they can't be given for blooming ages :( .

I am becoming quite determined, but he remains resolute, it's jolly annoying and my behaviour is not quite up to my usual angelic standards. This being out of action is becoming rather tedious if you must know. I never thought I would be quite so determined to do the ironing!

Grandbaby and her entourage are on the way, bunny ears and cuddly lambs at the ready.
 Maybe that will take my mind off it, lol.




  1. Happy Easter to you and yours, Jan. Have a lovely time with Grandbaby, she must be at a very interesting stage now.
    If you run out of ironing, I can send you heaps!
    Love, Rosie xx

  2. Happy Easter Jan, John and family. Hope your grandbaby takes your mind off spankings for a while and you enjoy everyone's company.
    Hugs Lindy

  3. Happy Easter, Jan,
    When I had to recuperate last year, I spent hours sorting old photos into some kind of order and even had a big envelope of pictures for each boy. Baking was fun; I just had to be careful not to be the one eating it all. I also tried on every piece of clothing in my closet and got rid of heaps. I even retired some shoes which is very hard for me. All activities where I did not have to lift. This, too, will pass, my friend.

    Hugs Across the Pond,

  4. I think this would be an EXCELLENT time to try a Fantasy Friday to share with all of us! Now think about it, write what you would like to be happening now.

    I hope your Easter is wonderful!

  5. Love PKs idea! Do it! Please!
    I bet the baby occupies your time completely! When things are on hold..... I do lots of reading and re-reading!
    Happy Easter!

  6. How wonderful to have Easter with your family. Our daughter and her family are coming tomorrow and I'm so excited too. So glad you're feeling better and you are because you're taking it easy and following directions.
    BTW, I don't know how long you may have had my book up, but I just noticed it today. Thank you so much.

    PK is always pushing but she's right, why not give it a try.

  7. Jan,
    It sounds like you have Easter all worked out. Enjoy that grandbaby.

  8. I do hope you have a happy family weekend Jan.
    I know it's hard, but how lovely that he is really missing it too. You have lots to look forward to!

  9. Hi Jan,

    Happy Easter to you and family and big hugs for that little grandbaby of yours.

    I like PK's idea as well. Give it a go.


  10. Jan.. wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter weekend filled with laughter, good ties, and of course all of the Easter bunny treats that a girl could ask for. Loved this post, very cute!!!!

  11. Meant good times!!!! or may be good ties? Who knows?

  12. Happy Easter. Have a wonderful time with family
    bottoms up

  13. Happy Easter! Enjoy your time with family. Hugs

  14. Happy Easter, Jan! So happy you are going to be able to spend it with that darling grandbaby!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  15. Happy Easter, Jan. In a way I am sorry that your husband won’t spank you yet, because I can see so well how much you miss that. I think it is similar here, as hubby won’t do that either, and I’d love to be spanked again. However I am happy for you having such a caring husband who is determined to wait until you have healed. That is pretty awesome.
    I love that your family is there this weekend, woohoo two years ahead and you will have Easter egg hunts with your grandchild!! This is pretty cool, and in a few minutes we’ll have one here with Tilda. :)
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter filled with love … and maybe a little chocolate (Keeping my fingers crossed that you don’t have to wait too long for a nice kind of spanking).

    hugs and love


  16. Happy Easter....still late on Easter....I got to spend it with all four they are fond of was awesome! I know yours was special, and trust me, it will only get more fun...and hope that spanking is in the near future..hugs abby

  17. Hi Jan, it sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! We did, too! It's been a busy two weeks over here.

    Now, you listen to your hubby! He's just trying to keep you safe and healthy! Lol. I hope you are doing well and getting better every day. I'm sure it sucks being so bored and stuck at home! I will send more spanky pictures! Lol