Saturday, 23 April 2016

Master Dominick is Out and About!

Hello everyone,

Do you have a favourite author?

 I have several, indeed lots of them are now Blogland friends.

 I am a complete bookworm, read fast and often all the time. Today is my lucky day as my most fave author of all, Maren Smith, has published the next in the Masters of the Castle series.

The Masters of the Castle are back.

 Specifically Master Dominick. Well known sadist and  Dungeon Master, he is sent off to help set up a similar sort of set up to the Castle, but  on a Caribbean Island, with a pirates and prisoners theme.

I loved how we re-meet the other Masters at the beginning, I do love to keep up with what they are all up to!

It is clear from the first time Maddy claps eyes on Dominick on the plane that she is in for the adventure of a lifetime. From the first spanking to the last it is clear Maddy is under his spell and frankly who can blame her?

I was able to buy it last night and guess who hasn't  had had much sleep. ;)  I am not telling you anything more about it, except to say it's great! You need to read it for yourself!

 Maren doesn't disappoint, I always love that her books are just a bit "more", her heroes and  heroines   have flaws and problems to overcome ( and we all know how Dominick helps to overcome a few of Maddy's) and this book is as touchingly written as the rest of the series.

 Plenty of kink, a plethora of sex, lots of spanking, a proper story, a  bitchy baddie, and most important of all a happy ending!

Thanks Maren, for yet another fab Masters of the Castle Book, I love it !

   Jan, xx

Monday, 11 April 2016

Black, White and Giggling!

Hello everyone,

Just browsing and thought I would share some pictures. Not sure why but they always look "classier" in black and white. Or is that just  me?

First come the rules.....

Then the implement....

Preparation follows...

Then there's getting to grips with her....

Going nowhere...


Added colour now....

Snippets  from the Rose Household today...

Oh I have really missed this, (chuckling)

Ouch ouch, gently I am out of practice!

Too bad, It has been a long time coming.

Exactly!! I am too tender

You just need toughening up. You bloody need this spanking, all I have put up with lately.

Ow, ow, (squiggling)

My hand is bloody hurting! I am out of the swing of it too!

That's better,(laughing as he swung the belt), not too hard , this is the perfect implement, not too deep, wouldn't want to hurt you just yet !

Giggling, lots of giggling.


Yes my friends, finally, I managed to provoke him into it ;)

Happy Days!

Hope you all have a good week,

much love

             Jan. xxx

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Just thinking..

Hello everyone,

Life is plodding on  over here,

 I am so so,

 mum is frail,

weather is lovely,

 husband is fabulous,

 grandbaby growing,

Something is lacking, hmm

Yep, that's it!

Will he?

Won't he?

Never have I wanted to see this look so much

Trouble is, I haven't the energy to be naughty, even if I was, I think I could get away with anything, "sigh".

I know, I know, I 'm not ready, he's not ready ( won't even consider it actually:)

How did we live without ttwd that's what I want to know?

What did we do with ourselves?

How did we fill our time? ;)

Blowed if I can remember, but  blimey I could do with a return to "normality"!

I hope all of you have an action packed, fun filled, spanky, loving  weekend. And then can you blog about it as I shall have to carry on living vicariously through all of you? lol

much love

Jan, xxx