Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Secret and Not so Secret life of a TTWD Wife!

Hello everyone,

I am pinching an idea from Meredith who wrote  a touching post about the secret ways in which we embrace our lives as ttwd wives. It was so true, and  I find it so joyous to be one of this secret gang.

I love lots of aspects of this life, our togetherness and my absolute joy in being with my husband. We are newly retired and loving it. Every morning we wake with this expression

We count ourselves to be so lucky to have got to this stage of our lives, so many of our real life friends don't seem to be truly happy. I find myself wanting to tell people, spill the beans as it were. I haven't and I won't but oh gosh don't any of you want to tell everyone the secret?

We have always held hands, but now we really mean it!

I love his stern looks, whatever they precede ;) I love calling him

I will admit to forgetting this is a secret phrase, by now everyone we know has heard me call him it, it pops out more often than not.

My favourite phrase, not so secretly said, but with it's own special meaning.

Like Meredith I relish the secret touches, the odd swat here and there, that special whisper.

 Who would have thought that at our age we would all begin to lead these double lives , me and my band of merry friends in Blogland. I feel like a secret agent, lol.

 How lucky we are, to have each other to share with and our amazing husbands and partners to live this lifestyle with. Long may it continue.

And secrets!

And then there is

There are times of course when the secret is not quite so secret as quite ably demonstrated by my darling daughter in law to be. Last night we were out at one of my son's gigs. Did I mention what a brilliant Guitarist he is?  Oops, I digress...

We were chatting and dil was wearing a new dress.

"Look at you, all dressed up in your new dress with it's own little bondage belt" I said. "It's really cute"
( Not exactly like this, but similar)

"Well" she replied. "At least I don't wear a necklace with "Spank me " written on it!"


 Yes I do and yes she has seen it and giggled about it. I wasn't wearing it last night though. 

"Ssh" I said, "Keep your voice down, don't tell the whole pub"

She just laughed, the cheeky girl.

"Anyway" I said " I love your belt, I like a bit of bondage, handcuffs and leather and stuff you know..." I trailed off, and at last she was rendered speechless.

So my friends, are you sure your lovely secret life is really and truly as secret as you think?

I hope you all have a great week, 
     Jan, xxx



Wednesday, 11 May 2016

After the Party and I am!

Hi All,

What a day yesterday was,  it was so good that this

turned into this

It was well worth it and the spanking for drunk and disorderly that followed

Thank you for having me!

I wish with all my heart that yesterday's party could be  real, just saying.....

And onto other matters , ones of  great  National Importance. It is that time, the time of 

I will admit to some big admiration for the American first Lady

She is a great ambassador, a real go get 'em type, but seriously you do not have a chance because WE have

The most amazing team of dedicated service personnel.
in awe of

They make me so proud to be British. Of course we also have a secret weapon

 Come on people , you don't stand a chance! I think even your first lady is smitten too

I wish great success to all the athletes from every Country,

 just so long as they know,

Great Britain rules!!

love Jan,


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Blogland Birthdays!

Hello everyone,

Today is a special day in Blogland as two of our own are celebrating their Birthdays. I would just like to say Happy Birthday to them both and invite you to visit their blogs today. It is time to party!

 Happy birthday  Meredith

Hope you have a lovely day filled with love, laughter and spanking ;) . xx
If you wish to visit Meredith her blog can be reached by clicking on "New Twist after all these years" on my Blogroll

Next, I do believe there is a party to be attended over at Lindy's. She is having a milestone birthday today and so I am off to visit armed with


I wonder what's inside , could it be .....

Oh really, would I?  
You bet I would :)

I would take these though to make up

and of course a  card

I believe we are all invited so if you feel in the mood for a jolly good party pop on over to Lindy's house. To get there just click on "Downunder Dreaming" on my Blogroll. I think it is going to be a good day in the land today.



Jan, xxxx

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

One Good Thought!

Hello everyone,

Not much of great importance, just this.....

It's one of those days, do you know what I mean?

My pouts however, are many and varied  ;)


   Jan, xx