Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Summer Spanking Days!

Hello everyone,

It is finally and definitely Summer here in England. Now it may not last but it is very hot!! It is hotter here than when we were on our recent holiday in the sun. I am glad to be home and here amongst the flowers in my English country garden, just relaxing and sipping the odd Pimms while I read about all of your antics and Casey McKay's new book, "Claimed" (Yay).

This weather is not particularly conducive to spanking however,
 it is too hot to have the windows closed  ( we are very close to neighbours in our little semi!),
 too hot to get into close proximity to another person ( we are too sticky. lol),
and  too hot to use any energy ( his not mine , I do just lay there and squiggle about like a fish on a hook to be fair).

I am not complaining about the heat though, I am enjoying being lazy and warm.

This morning however I got spanked for moaning about saying I was bored! Hubby says he is not  my entertainer and I need to stop making him feel guilty for watching TV or reading or just whatever.......

He maintains that every evening I complain that I am bored. I am absolutely, positively sure that this is completely untrue......................... maybe.

When he ordered me over the pillows this morning I was not keen to be honest,  I seem to have gone off the whole thing lately. Without a real reason, or some attempt at dominance I am not feeling it, just not feeling it.
I did comply though and a very unsatisfactory affair it was, a half-hearted spanking at best, especially on my part, I wasn't exactly an active participant, couldn't even be bothered to squiggle.

He did make me laugh though when he said his hand was a healing hand -

 to cure my boredom!!

I have to say it didn't feel very healing and I was quite happy to announce I was done and wander stomp off to the shower.

Yep, still grumpy, a few hours after the event, maybe it's the heat, maybe I just need a little sit in the sun with a very nice Martini! I know one thing I don't need and that is another spanking so I will very carefully remember not to be bored tonight. What was on TV again?....

Hope you are all having a great week and for my fellow Englanders, enjoying the sunshine, I think we better make the most of the next few days.

     Jan, xx

Saturday, 9 July 2016

PK's challenge!

Hello everyone,

 Not much to report from the Rose household so I thought I would get my implements out for a photoshoot as requested by PK.

Not as many as some, and more than others I reckon, my favourites are the belt and  the pink spoon :)
 My least favourites are the wooden paddle and that damned ruler :(

Just to say,
if you feel like a spanking just do what I did. I asked hubby to take the photos for me and upload them to my laptop. If course seeing them all in their glory he decided he just had to put a few to use, I think he used most of them at least once or twice.

A lazy Saturday morning, no kids, no oldies, just us.......

Hope you all have a great weekend,  with plenty of fun and frolics
      Jan, xxx

Monday, 4 July 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Hello to all my friends across the pond.

I hope you all have a great celebration, may it be full of fun and family and lots of spanking!

 Jan and John,