Monday, 15 August 2016

Friends, Birthdays and Baby!

Hello everyone,

When we started on this ttwd malarkey almost four years ago I never imagined that along with all the fun and games and togetherness it has brought to our marriage, that this lifestyle would also lead me to new friendships and meetings with people I would never have otherwise had the chance to meet.

Last Friday however I took advantage of my oldest son's proximity to a fellow blogger and off I went during a visit to them, to meet Rosie.

She is as lovely in real life as she is on her blog, smart, funny, classy and very very nice. I had a lovely time, gosh it is amazing how time flies.

We drank coffee, browsed the shops, and talked and talked.

This meeting has whet both our appetites for more and we are both looking forward to September when we are going to London to meet up with Ella ( yes from America!), Ronnie, Ami, and DF.

Thanks for the fun time Rosie, and I hope today you have a very

                                                                  Happy Birthday!!

We were down to celebrate another Birthday too, our darling little Grand girl is one already.

Dil is poorly still and so for the second time in a couple of weeks grandbaby has come to stay by herself. Forgive me if I am not about Blogland much, it is exhausting, lol
She is walking and gabbling on, and pretty much non stop from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning till we all drop from exhaustion in the evening. I know one thing though

There is a certain member of the household who grants her every wish!  I know who is twisted around someone's little finger alright.  I am not getting a look in  round here, lol. Kudos to anyone who manages to live a ttwd lifestyle with kids about. We are too tired, when she goes to bed, we have barely got the energy for a hug let alone a spanking. I reckon I would fall asleep in the middle of it to be honest,  and after chasing her about all day my "in charge" husband is just grateful for a sit down....

Hope you all have a lovely week, 

love Jan, xxxx