Sunday, 30 October 2016


Hello my friends,

AT las a smiley post !(I can hear the sighs of relief from here, I have finally been spanked enough to stop my moaning)

I have been thinking , in a shallow fleeting way about stages.

There are the stages of life

Sadly I am nearer the end than the beginning :(

There are many stages, from birth through childhood and beyond. Many firsts :) and a few lasts :(
that continue until the very end. Gosh how profound I am becoming.....

This morning I thought about the stages of a spanking ( here we go, back to the less profound)
We had  plenty of time for some spanky fun as we forgot to put the clocks back and were awake an hour earlier. I think time has lost all meaning since we retired, lol.

The first stage is the behaviour that cause the grand event. Behaving badly or temptingly generally determines the type of spanking. Today's main event was neither one thing or another, just a time filler ;)

 I have really been as good as this

If you believe that, what fantasy world do you live in?

Next stage are the orders, usually involving placement of the victim  playmate. These very often involve pillows or a lap and I don't mean to sit on.

Stage three  is the beginning, now depending on the first stage, this is generally a nice gentle warm up interspersed with a nice rub or two ( my preferred option) or a hefty swat or two incurring a bright red handprint on a nice white cheek.

Seriously does anyone actually manage that, still I like the skirt!
Both options are then followed with the spanking, no matter what sort at some point there is pain followed by rosy cheeks.

Next stage  is the squiggling and squealing (Oh is that just me?)

We had got to this stage this morning (doesn't take long I am a bit of a wuss) when hubby bent down and bit my poor posterior none too gently.

"Ow, ow You are supposed to kiss it , not bite it!"

"We haven't reached that stage yet!" he chortled.

What, who knew that was a stage.....

"Well can you hurry up and get there I like that stage much more", giggling.

Then of course there is the question and answer session. I am rubbish at this, I never seem to have  the right answer available.

"What are you going to do today?"


"Funny girl, try again",

"Ow, read my kindle, ow ow "

"I can keep going longer than you, cheeky girl"

"I am not going to moan or whine"

In truth he must know there isn't a cat's chance in hell of me sticking to that, now the first two maybe...

" Try and sound like you mean it ,"he said wryly.

"I do, I do, really and truly"  In my defence I do mean it at the time of speaking ( under duress and over the pillows).

"Okay then, moving on.." Did I say how gullible  nice he is? fancy believing me. Still it enabled a move to very pleasurable activities.

That last stage is my favourite, just saying......

Quite glad we forgot to put the clocks back now :)

I hope you are all on time today and having a fun weekend.
love Jan, xxx

Friday, 28 October 2016

Hello Again.

Hello everyone, and a big thank you to all my Blogland chums for your support whilst life has been throwing it's  little missiles at us.

I have been reading the blogs and catching up on everyone's shenanigans, ( mind you it is pretty quiet out here), about time for Love our Lurkers day to appear I see. That is my most favourite day out here and usually we gain a few new blogs after it.

Feel free to stop reading now as this is a long, boring, get it off my chest post. Just saying.....

Over the last six months, I have struggled with a lot of things, not least of which was our ttwd lifestyle. Having over the last four years had a fairly easy going approach to it all it came as a bit of a shock to both of us when......

I  didn't want to know,

 no playtimes in this house,

 no good or bad girl spankings,

Nope !

Zilch, nada, nothing, no interest over here.    :(.

Now bearing in mind my most common reason for spanking apart from play was stress relief after dealing with the various oldies in our lives (Bless 'em, but seriously....) the stress has built and it seemed like all I could think about was the nursing home, dementia riddled parents and the pressures associated with them. I was fit to burst with it all and spiralling.

After calling a halt to it all , there was a sort of silence in the home. We pussyfooted around each other, neither of us daring to broach the subject. This went on until the conversation had to be had.

Hubby was adamant that we had to sort things, he was determined not to lose what we had , our wonderful life together, newly retired.
During our long conversations we realized that this had all started after I had my surgery , guess my hormones had gone haywire ( well awol at least). At least we had identified part of the cause, hubby then began to listen to what I was saying about how the spankings made me feel (mostly pain and more pain and no sexy fun anymore) and then bless him he turned to the blogs for advice.  It was very tentatively that he started to read, I did recommend some of you to him. At this point I have to say a big thank you to Meredith and Jack, and Jane and Jason. Unbeknown to them they have given us  a great deal of silent help.

We in no way live our lives like either of these couples, but advice is advice and Jane has loads of general stuff that could apply to most of us. Her "Advice from the Trenches" has been invaluable, I know hubby returned to her blog more than once.  He has learned that I need the words and the consistency. Always affectionate, he has become so much more everything :)

 I think for me, knowing he was trying so hard  has been what helped me turn the corner.

Things are so much better now, better than before even. Spankings are much more prevalent, not so hard maybe as I don't seem to be able to take as much. However  I am so pleased to report that the giggles are back !!

On the subject of the oldies, that is not going to improve, hubby's parents are going to live forever (both 90 now), I have the best mother in law in the world, she is the queen of the nursing home and long may she remain so.

My own mother is inflicting her own brand of dementia on the other residents and staff , her prevalent traits are even more pronounced :(
While her mind gets more addled every day, she is getting physically stronger, A never ending struggle in which there cannot be a happy ending. I have made a big decision, not to visit more than twice a week, this is huge for us and although I don't always stick to it I am trying,  hard though it is.

Just to make you smile and try and redeem this post slightly:

On a spanking note, son and dil to be were here one night and as usual my mouth ran away with me...

Son swatted dil in the kitchen,

"Too high" she said, "That's nearly my back!"

"Oh", says I,  "you need to get some advice from your father, he is very experienced and never misses!"

Giggles ensued, although son did seem a bit redder in the face and wandered off changing the subject.

Seriously , will I ever keep my mouth shut. 

Hubby told me off later in his own special way. ;)

"You will have the kids thinking I am a brute!"he said as he spanked me (in a very non brutish way I might add).

Normal service has resumed and if I can think of anything to tell you that unlike this post won't bore you to death, I will be back soon.

Oh and did I say, it's Love our Lurkers day soon. Yay, it's party time!!

Hope you all have a great week

love Jan. 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven't been around much. To be honest I am struggling with a lot of things at the moment and so have decided to have a little break from it all. Hopefully I will be back soon. I am still reading, lurking and occasionally commenting. Hope you are all well and happy and will remain so.

Just a thought to leave you with!

Much love 

Jan, xxx

See you soon...