Sunday, 13 November 2016

Thoughts for Roz. Update!

Hello every one,

Below is the post I wrote when I heard that Roz had been affected by the Earthquake near her home. Thank you so much for your wonderful support. Roz has posted herself today and is pleased to say that things are settling down a little. I wanted to say how great Blogland is, there for each other in the good times and the bad.

P.S.Don't forget it Love our Lurkers this Friday and Saturday!

                                                                    See you there!

                                                                           Jan, xx

This has been a very unsettled week in the news and now our thoughts turn to another Country hit by disaster. A natural one this time, not one of man's own making.

One of our Blogland sisters lives in New Zealand and today this country  has been hit by nasty Earthquakes..


I am not making light of this (Roz loves cats as much as I do). A small smile in a bad day.

I have been in email contact with Roz and  she is safe, scared but safe.  She doesn't live in the Epicentre of the Earthquake but the effects have been felt by all and her area has been affected as most of New Zealand has. While her home remains undamaged I believe work is affected.

Roz and Rick, 

  This is a time for Blogland to say a few prayers and send our love to one of our best loved friends.

Stay safe Roz, we are thinking of you and all your fellow bloggers in New Zealand today
Love Jan and John, xxx


  1. Thanks for letting us know. I was going to email her.
    Let's pray the worst is over.
    hugs DF

  2. Oh no!!! I didn't know! I'll be sure to try and make contact! Prayers coming their way from us all!

  3. Yes, I've been in touch with her also. I know how frightened earthquakes make her - we've talked about it before. Hopefully, the aftershocks will abate soon, although they usually hang in for a bit.

  4. Hi Jan, :) SO glad to know that Roz and Rick are okay! That is terribly scary! They have been, and are in my thoughts and prayers. I sent her an email. I'm so glad that she has Rick by her side! I too hope that those aftershocks end quickly! Prayers continue for all in New Zealand. Many hugs and love,

    <3 Katie

  5. Prayers for all affected, a special one for a special friend.
    hugs abby

  6. Oh Jan, thank you so much for this, I am truly humbled and grateful. Thank you to everyone for your kind words here and emails. This community is so truly amazing.

    The main quake was extremely scary. It wasn't near us but was big enough and shallow enough to be felt widely across the country. It was severe here and seemed to last forever! There have been a ton of quakes and, of course, after shocks since. Just had a good one just before actually. All very unsettling right now.

    There has been some damage in the city and public transport is out so at home today. We will have to wait and see what the situation is tomorrow, whether we return to work.

    Love the cat pic, my poor girls have been fairly clingy. I don't blame them and it's much better than them running off!

    My deepest thanks to you Jan, and to everyone for checking in and for your kind words and support. It really means so much.


    1. Hi Roz, it is scary just watching it all on the news, I hope things settle down soon
      love Jan, xx

  7. Prayers and hugs for Roz and all others dealing with the earthquake. So scary! Thank you, Jan, for bringing this to everyone's attention. Happy Roz is safe!

  8. Jan,
    Thank you for sharing the news with us. We are all thinking about Roz and have her in our prayers.

  9. Thank you Jan for sharing the information with us and thank you Roz for checking in with an update.

    Sending lots of prayers, protective energy and positive thoughts for you and Rick. Stay safe!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  10. Thanks for sharing.. It is quite frightening now that I am looking online at the latest news. Our prayers to everyone.
    Red and Cindy

  11. Thanks for letting us know Jan. We are all thinking about Roz and Rick.


  12. Only too happy to send prayers and love to our Roz. She was the first person I thought of when I heard the news. So glad she is OK.

    Thanks, Jan,

  13. Hi Jan,

    I thought of Roz as soon as I heard the news. I hope she stays safe.


  14. So glad to hear Roz and Rick are safe. Thanks for giving us the good news, Jan.
    Rosie xx

  15. Hi Jan, thank you for sharing this information. I am so glad that all is ok with Roz and Rick.

    hugs and love


  16. Jan this is such a lovely post. Poor Roz and NZ. Thinking of everyone over there and praying the after shocks settle soon. Stay safe.
    Hugs Lindy