Saturday, 28 January 2017

Fun and the Fourth!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a good week, very different across that pond this week I imagine. We are watching with disbelief your new President's antics, must be scary to be there.

This week has been one of change for us, My Mother's funeral was in the week and surprisingly it turned out to be a happy day. The service was sweet, the music she chose herself, and the wake was full of memories and kindness. I can only hope she finally has the peace she craved for so long.
Our lives are  certainly different without her in them.

Also this week it has been our

How time flies when you are having fun! 

Hubby said ,

"Surely it is not that long, we must celebrate in the traditional way".

Any excuse in this house for a bit of spanky action, he then proceeded to use more than a few implements in a jolly fashion...

When I think back to the early tentative days of ttwd it seems to me that he has become a lot more skilled, both in the application of and knowing just when spankings are needed in this household!

 Never to late to learn, apparently!

For me it seems longer, I feel like it has always been a part of our lives, four years out of almost thirty five is nothing, yet it is everything......


 We have achieved such closeness since starting ttwd , retirement has only added to it. I feel like life is just beginning. Our ttwd life is of the fun variety, just right for us. I sometimes see people struggling with the dd side of things and am glad we came to the conclusion that for us this lifestyle is simply an enhancement to our happy marriage. It must be so difficult to marry someone and then develop this desire to change into a completely different lifestyle. 

I don't particularly class myself as submissive but by the same token I am not a top either. I love to please and nurture, so that makes it easier I suppose.  Four years on I am still me, and he is still him, we are just more sparkly versions of us I suppose, lol.

We don't tell anyone in our real lives about ttwd but  we don't especially try to hide it. The one thing I do do is make sure when the kids are about (grown though they are), that there are no toys laying about, Minelle's drawing comes down temporarily, that sort of thing.

 Only this time I forgot something.......

Hubby has a mug that very clearly states "I love spanking my wife " on it. This is usually hidden after dil to be spotted it one time :(   This dil is the one who up till now has been the only one almost in the know.

Imagine my horror on their latest visit  that I noticed my son carrying it up the stairs to our other dil (yes the one that hubby once swatted in reflex when she hugged him, an embarrassing experience for him and her!) full of coffee.

"Omg , omg" I hissed at hubby as son went out of sight.

"He is using the mug ......"

"What mug?"

"Seriously !!!! What mug, what mug, you know what mug for Christ's sake"

 I suddenly became a broken record. Hubby had the audacity to laugh.

"Too late now, don't worry about it"

"Funny man, what if they say something?"

"They won't.."

"How do you know that?"

"Think about it, would we say anything to our parents if it was us?  We are English, we would never say anything and they won't either"

I huffed about, muttering the dire things I was going to do to said mug when I got my hands on it.

Guess who was right though. The empty mug appeared in the sink and once washed was banished (by me) to the dark recesses of the cabinet never to be seen again! Nobody said a thing, not  a single word but I am reckoning that all the kids  know now. I suppose we did well keeping it a secret for four years.
At least Grandbaby can't read yet, sigh.....

And I am guessing that when we shuffle off this mortal coil the four of them won't be too stunned by the contents of the toy box.

 Every cloud has a silver lining :)

And at least they didn't spot the pyjamas we bought each other for Christmas



 Hope you are all well and happy, and enjoying life.

     Jan, xx

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Good Bye Mum.

Hello everyone,

A sad post today. I am sorry I have been sniping and snarly around the land lately but it has been a difficult time around here,

Finally after over forty years of her wishing for it and forty years of my brother and I fighting it,  mum has passed away. The last year has been truly awful for her, and the last few weeks have been a nightmare. In all honesty I can feel nothing but relief, so much suffering over the years has finally ended for her.


As most of you know mum has been living n the same nursing home as my parent's in law (both in their 90s) and to top off this week, as my mum lay dying the weather decided to wreak havoc on us all and threaten to flood the place. Plans were put in place behind the scenes ( That means not telling the oldies) to evacuate if necessary and we waited.

Yesterday morning I returned to the home to break my sad news to his parents and right in the middle of calming down a crying mil I was asked to pack a bag as they were off!
Now this went down like a lead balloon, my fil ( dementia not withstanding) decided this was a great adventure , mil not so much  ( that there is the biggest understatement of I have ever made!) :(
 Three hours later and they were moved to safety.

It is now the following day and nothing has  happened as yet but I am seriously thinking of just keeping my head down and hiding.

Yes, that's it exactly!

I sincerely hope you are all having a great week, if so could you please blog about it as I wish to live vicariously through you all this week . Just saying......

much love 
Jan, xx