Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone,
 what ever you are doing we hope you have  a lovely time;)

I think we are off to the pictures!

Alas I do believe I have been usurped in my husband's affections by a teeny little blonde fairy!

In the County we live there is a tradition that a character called Jack Valentine knocks on the door of a house and when the child opens the door there is a little gift waiting on the door step with obviously no sign of the giver.  This is attached to a piece of string and when the child goes to pick it up it is yanked away. After a couple of attempts the parcel is left for it's recipient. I had never heard of this until I married my husband, my own parents would not have wasted the time or money on it but his parents had done this for him and his siblings. Hubby loved doing this for our kids and so is determined to carry it on for the Grandbaby.

We were driving the other day and out of the blue my husband said (with a straight face I might add)

"I will never forgive them for that!"

"Uh, what! who!"

"The kids, for moving three hours away , how am I supposed to be Jack Valentine, can't exactly knock on the door can I?" 

I think he must have been brooding for a while, lol.
 Anyway  a plan was hatched and shopping done, cute outfit, and a cuddly toy and a valentine card !! 
Parcel was then sent off , not the same, but best I could come up with and instructions sent to the kids along with it.
I feel that this time next year we will be taking a trip...........

Do any of you follow this or any other bonkers traditions I wonder?

Hope you all have a good one

love Jan and John (Aka Jack!)

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Sweet Somethings!

Hello everyone,

Just a quickie today ( no, not that sort of quickie!)  words people, words !!!

There have been several mornings filled with  attention in the Rose household this week, ( lucky me).

I have noticed that this week my beloved has had some very sweet things to say whilst we have been playing.

Yesterday he was full of it,

" Not bad for an old bird, having someone worshipping your body" he chortled as he got especially handy".

 "It's still a good arse, can't resist it." as he began squeezing, stroking and spanking in equal measure.

Old bird indeed! set me off giggling.

Today he decided as my fibro was bad he would massage, not spank. How kind.

 Started off  lovely, I was nice and relaxed, melting into the duvet, and then

Wallop, whack ( gentlyish but still...)

"Oy, that's not a massage, I was quite happy without that!!"

"I can't help it, I just can't seem to stop myself anymore, it's too tempting" he said continuing with his ministrations spanking.

Thankfully lots of this too

Hmm, I can tell you I am not in the least bit tempting he must have been having a senior moment, poor chap.

"It's so spankable when it's pink, I don't think I could give this up, I can't stop myself!"

It seems to me it doesn't stop him when it is as white as snow.
He loves to see his handprints and that rosy glow!

Would that my rear was as nice as this


So True...

 As is this...

I love you my sir. x

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend with plenty of fun, laughter and good girl spankings!

Love Jan, xx