Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Answers for Roz and Abby.

Hello, thank you all for your questions. I am going to answer a few at a time as I don't want to bore you silly. First up   Roz asked these

What is the biggest change we have noticed in our relationship since we began ttwd?

The most obvious thing is our focus has changed. We put each other first in all things. It has been even more noticeable since we retired a year ago. We have the time for the little things.  I don't know if much has changed in our personalities. Although I am not a submissive I do like to please, and  I am definitely a nurturer. Yes I do fuss around him  but I always have, ttwd hasn't changed that and he has always been protective of me. I will say that our children have noticed, especially our youngest. he definitely knows about our kink and openly admits he wants what we have.

Do you ever wish spanking was sometimes for other reasons than fun, such as reset , discipline etc?  

Yes I do, I really do but it is not going to happen. I don't think he has it in him to be strict and I have learnt to accept what we have. Let's face it I married him as he was, I loved him then and I love him even more now. Also as he says I am not particularly naughty so he would struggle to come up with real reasons. I suppose he has reined me in a couple of times but it is generally all fun and games here.

 Favourite place to visit?

This was the hardest question.  If you are talking abroad, I loved the time we spent in Nice and Monaco, maybe Pompeii.
In this country while I do love visiting grandbaby my favourite place to be is at home, always.

Abby then piped up with these.

How did we meet?

 My husband's best friend worked with my dad and we used to meet at  lunchtimes when he was visiting his mate and I called in to see my dad. He asked me out one day and hey presto!

During the spanking challenge which implement do I wish he wouldn't use and which do I wish he would use more?

No thanks!!!

Yes please!!!

You win a meal cooked  by a five star chef. What is on the menu?
 No idea really, my favourite food is toast, lol. However I do like these
a cheesy starter

followed by pasta.

something with meringue for dessert

   That's it for today, more tomorrow.

Hope you are all enjoying the Mad March questions . 
love Jan, 

Monday, 27 March 2017

It's March again!!

Hello everyone,

Here we are again,  it is that time when we all spill the beans. I have been out here for a few years now so I am sure I have no secrets but if you wish to dig a bit deeper feel free to ask away.

To start you off  I have a question for all of you. Can I ask how often you read the blogs and do you read the same ones always or do you journey round Blogland on a jolly now and again? Just wondering.....

In case you don't want to ask me  anything just enjoy a few of my favourite pictures.

Nice implement,lol

nice behind!

nice position ;)

nice ideas :)

Just asking.....

 Btw we are still plodding through the spanking challenge, bit of a blip at the weekend but he has used a few more implements ,
crop (stingy),
hairbrush (thuddy),
 more spoons and spatulas ( ouchie),
 a slipper (yuk), 
another belt (yummy), 
and so we are soon to be repeating the choices. I am not sure if we will make it to the end but we are trying, it just seems a long way to go. Roll on Easter...

Happy March everyone.
 Hope you can all think of a question or two

love Jan

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Caught Ya!

Hello everyone,

We have been playing catch up to Lindy and Bear. First off we were poorly, and then they decided to follow our example and have their own bout of the dreaded lurgy.

Now it is day fifteen and we I am pleased to say have caught up to date. I am jolly glad and so is my behind as two a day added to my husband's oh so kind warm up is  quite hard on the posterior!

Here we go then , a quick look at my husband's choice of implement and no we haven't repeated any as yet.

 The spaghetti measurer, a holiday purchase and long forgotten in the toy box followed by a cute little spatula. I am not so keen on wood but silicon is not too bad.

 The nest day brought a dose of hubby's right hand. As he is left handed he doesn't use this one much and he is not as skilled in my opinion! Actually he always says his hand hurts , oh how tragic I hear you cry....
And can you all see the size of that bloody  WOODEN jam spoon! Another gift from a friendly blogger, Ami this time. I know there are a few of these gigantic spoons knocking around the land but if you would like to try one just give me your address, just saying.....

I can't imagine why but I am feeling a bit tender  today, especially for some reason when I am in the shower. Is that just me or does that happen to anyone else?

Moving on...

Our very favourite implements!!

Oh he loves that blasted ruler,and then lucky me, his thick belt, my favourite. A yummy day..

I don't usually have many long lasting after effects, hubby is quite gentle really. Not so you would know by the amount of squiggling and squealing I do (in his opinion). There are a few slightly uncomfy places on my behind today, lol.

And today we have got there, our fourteenth and fifteenth implements

For Christmas my beloved bought me the lovely  leather strap (among other bits that will appear on another day). he started with this and then discovered yet another slightly larger spatula to end with.

I hope you know how much I love you Lindy Lou! 

Thank the Gods I am back to one a day from now on as Hubby has been rummaging in the toy box and in his opinion we are only left with the "hard stuff".

Oh what fun!  Lol.

To be honest we are having fun, giggling our way through the challenge and in truth six of anything is not too bad, especially when wielded by my Sir.

Hope you are all having a lovely week, Spring is coming in our neck of the woods. The flowers are so pretty at this time of year,

For all of you...

Just saying......

Love Jan, xx

Friday, 10 March 2017

Doubling up!

Hello everyone,

So here we are again, still miles behind Lindy and Bear in the challenge and playing catch up.

We missed yesterday due to the ever present virus. Drama queen that I am I feel like I am wading through a quagmire ( okay I don't actually know what that feels like but I have a  vivid imagination combined with my overly dramatic and whiny tendencies)

Here goes with the last couple of sessions, 

On the eight day of challenge my husband gave to me

A very nice warm up with his hand , he says this mandatory no matter what as he doesn't want to hurt me, lol

followed by the belt, not my favourite one , this is a bit thin and stingy followed by a nasty little melamine paddle that is plain and simply unpleasant .

How many days are there to go, sigh.

Skip a day, behind a bit further and then this morning he had another attempt .

Another nice warm up, followed by the fun of the flogger , a useless implement really, there must be better versions of this on the market!  No pain though just plenty of pleasure.

This was followed by Ella's blooming rice paddle :( A lovely gift from  a fellow blogger when we met back in the Autumn. Gosh that is nasty. 

I have no say in the choice of implement, he surprises me each time so who knows what tomorrow may bring. 

Seven down.......

Happy Weekend everyone, I feel mine might be spent over those pillows, lol

love Jan, xxx

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Lindy's Lent Larks!

Hello everyone,

A while ago my darling friend Lindy came up with a challenge for Lent.

"Six spanks a day with a different implement" she said.

"Oh what fun"  I said. "Shall we join in? " I asked my beloved.

"If you like, why not, I might have to get inventive though....."

 I could see his mind working

" Left hand, right hand, all those spoons , wood, leather, flogger,  ruler, canes,  paddles,oh yes we can keep going for a bit till we have to start again"

 he trailed off, and I wandered off. He was getting a bit too keen for my liking. There is me thinking this is a lark, there is his Lordship planning his implements for a major challenge.

And then, oh dearie
Yep, he fell ill :(

 Actually he has had a really bad virus, he has been very poorly. I am a terrible nurse and pretty much just left him to it. I know, I know, I love him but I thought at first he was just being a man. Oh come on you ALL know what I mean.


My turn :(

At this point I realised that he wasn't just being a man (sorry my sir) and for the last couple of weeks we have been a couple of wet lettuces just lolling about doing nothing much.

Of course along came the first of March, and Lindy and Bear got going,  implements blazing. 

I read her blog and dutifully reported back to hubby , oh a belt today, oh yummy a flogger ...
Inside I was thinking good luck to her, if I had to lay over those pillows I reckon I would cough myself to death.

Time marches on and hubby is feeling a teeny bit better, he doesn't look or sound it but hey I am no Doctor.

This morning he said casually, 

"Are you up to joining in  then? Get some endorphins going , might make you feel better?"

Now I didn't exactly spring into action, it was more a belly  flop onto the pillows like a dead fish :(

"Aha, we have seven days to catch up with, in the interests of niceness we will only do three days today"

"Eek, I am a poorly girl you know!"

"Buck up," he chortled rummaging around in the toy box 


"A warm up" he announced,

Left hand coming up ( he is left handed so I guess he was starting easy) Lots more than six though, just saying..

Yep, that's it.

Two days coming up

Our first toy, by now rather dog-eared was his first choice. for sentimental reasons.We were total novices when we wandered into a well known sexy chain store and bought this one. It looks okay but it is a bit on the pathetic side to be honest. It is not too bad so hey go with the flow I say.  

He followed this with a nippy little stingy spatula, which I am not quite so fond of. Wood! need I say more...

So  Lindy, we are up and running spanking. I am still coughing and spluttering, he is still a bit on the wheezy side but gosh I needed that.  Three down , five behind but we are catching you....

Roll on tomorrow ......

Hope everyone in Blogland is happy and healthy.
love Jan, xx