Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Pillow fighting :)

Hello there,

I think I must have forgot my age for a moment or too because as my husband joined me the other evening in bed I suddenly had an attack of naughtiness!

 I had been in bed for a while reading a spanky story,  one of April Hill's actually, they do make me laugh  and seem to incite  impishness.
So you see it wasn't my fault that as my husband turned back his side of the duvet I suddenly snatched up his pillows and threw them away after first walloping my astounded hubby with them.
I then got the giggles and couldn't stop laughing. I think it was the look on his face, lol.

 Just like this, lol!!

I really hope he doesn't read this as that  will probably get me another go round ! ( he looks nothing like that but I couldn't resist the pic)


Hubby good naturedly picked them up  and grinned as he swiped me back. Still giggling I threw them away again and giggled on.....

Suddenly the tone of voice changed,

"Pick them up."

"You could pick them up, you aren't in bed yet"


"Umm, I am comfy here thank you"

"NOW!! And don't push your luck"

I reluctantly got moving. Slowly.

"Actually while you are there you may as well put them on the bed and get in your favourite position. I am pretty sure you know whats coming"


Well sometimes I will admit to liking that position, you know, when a massage is on the cards  or other activities best not talked about  here for fear of putting you off your tea.

 "Chop chop, it is bedtime my sweet"

There after ensued a short  and very stingy  surprise spanking, didn't last long and I was still a giggly mess afterwards .

 Might just try that again one day. The surprise element (the look on his face) is most entertaining to see I can assure you.. And it seems to be a great sleeping aid.

All's well that ends well :)

Why don't you give it a go? And let me know how it goes.

Have fun,

love Jan, xx

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Missed You....

Hello everyone,

A few months ago I decided to take a break from Blogland after four and a half years. I think maybe life has taken it's toll on me, ill health, family issues, life in general I suppose.  I found myself only blogging about the horrid stuff, always moaning. Who wants to read that? No one, anymore than I want to write it.

I will admit to lurking sometimes, but I couldn't bring myself to comment on anyone's posts as I lost confidence when I commented on a new blogger's post that had worried me.
I felt it best to stay quiet for a little while.

However I do have lots of friends out here and lots have contacted me by email and I am very grateful to you all. So I dipping my toe back in the water so to speak, just to say hello.....

I hope all of you are well and happy and enjoying ttwd. That aspect of our lives seems to have settled into a relaxing fun sort of thing,  morning spankings mostly,  just because he/we want to. There has been no "proper" discipline of any kind, due in part to my angelic behaviour (or his ignoring the naughtiness, much more likely, sigh...).
I am not complaining, how could he  really spank someone who is already in pain? Why would I want him too? And if he did could I cope with it.... I am thinking probably not if I am truly honest.
I think my mind wants more than my body and he knows it
Sad but true. Still there are

 Plenty of the giggly ones

Some of  these ;)

 It might be different these days but this is still as true as ever

as is this.......

In our day to day life, we still have two oldies to care for. I have heard today that the nursing home in which they live has been put up for sale. I have no idea what will happen as yet. I am in almost daily as fil is so frail and mil is a joy to visit!

Grand baby has been to stay again and we have had some lovely times with her, she is almost two now and the light of our lives. She loves bows, sparkles, any book she can lay her hands on, and her favourite person in the world appears to be her  Poppa.

 Not to brag or anything but I think I know this one off by heart as it is her favourite!!

The English summer has been lovely, days of sunshine and flowers, walks on the beach and in the country. In a few weeks time we are having another bloggers meet up and I am so looking forward to meeting up with some English bloggers friends and Minelle. I am sure we will miss Ella and DF but what a treat to meet our famous artist friend from across the sea.

Hope you are all having a fun summer (or winter in Lindy and Roz's neck of the woods),
Missed you all. Thank you to all of you who have emailed me, I have much appreciated it.
love Jan, xx