Wednesday, 23 August 2017

New Toy Equals Sore Behind!

Hello everyone,

Now I know the title of this post is enticing you all to read here today expecting an exciting spanking  tale.

What I wonder was your first thought?

 Maybe a new and dastardly implement such as one of Ronnie's stingy little 

Well I do have one of these little suckers but mine has a snazzy red handle, but no try again,

Nope, the pain isn't egg shaped!

Not a nasty piece of wood either even if mine has pretty blue ribbon threaded through the handle.

Onto another feel, could it be leather causing my pain, possibly a

Oh gosh I wish I looked like this!

I am not fond of this either but I reckon this could have done it, but no still not the right pain

It wasn't even one of these little delights
Well, I suppose some find these delightful ;)

Not to be a masochist or anything but I do so wish it had been this..

Okay suspense over. My darling husband has bought me a nice  new shiny,
Drum roll please ......

 Ta Dah!!!!

Oh my Stars!
 I love my new toy but blinking heck! I have a sore posterior. My new (and only ) rule is that I ride it every day.  After not having ridden a bike since my school days I am finding my lovely new toy very hard on the rear. Any suggestions ladies?

I am jolly sure I need to stick to my rule. I am not too keen on a naughty girl spanking at the moment.

 Not this sort  thank you very much!

 Maybe this one as a reward for all that riding, with lots of massage and rubbing in between.
A girl can dream.......

So there you have it ladies, if you want a sore behind  and can't get a spanking buy a bike!!!

Hope you are all having  a lovely week
love Jan, xxx

Thursday, 17 August 2017

My Most read post!

Hello everyone,

This is one of Amy's bright ideas and with much help from Ronnie and my husband here it is....

 just to give you a giggle....

 I can't Count!

Earlier on in the week after a count up of the biscuit, cake, chocolate action in the house my oh so kind husband decided to take action :(

"Well I make that eighty" he rumbled in a sort of satisfactory tone .

"Wait, it can't be eighty, that's impossible! I haven't been that bad! Not eighty surely" I actually squeaked on in this way for a few minutes but I figured you have the idea.

"I am going back to the last spanking and there are a few days to consider. Stop your whining and move yourself up those stairs and over those pillows"

Now I don't usually count so I had no idea if this is a lot more or less than normal  or the same but it sounded pretty scary to me so it was with a less than keen attitude that I trudged slowly to my fate.

"Oh and before you get in position get the key out"

It just got better and better, as the key referred to is the key to a lovely leather chest kept in our bedroom that contains all our  toys and kept locked just in case the kids decide to have a look.
In my opinion 80 with anything was not going to be a pleasant experience. The devil left me laying there worrying for a while before he appeared rubbing his hands with no small amount of glee. 

The first ten were administered on his arrival with what seemed like a very determined hand. I was already squirming ( which he moans about all the time, and caused him to "suggest " that  If I didn't keep still 80 could quite easily turn into 90.

"That's ten, let's see what else would make  your naughty food habits better. "
Rummaging in the box I could hear him chuckling as he returned to the bed and put several implements beside me. 

"Ten with each of these  should have you thinking about that piece of cake"

He used  a wooden spoon, I swear I could feel those little egg shapes appearing on my bottom, he used a silicon spoon ( that I actually quite like but won't be telling him anytime soon in case it get's decreed as useless), a wooden ruler ( very stingy), a really hard leather paddle ( that aimed for my thighs as the kicking levels rose)  and then  more with his hand. 

And then, and then this is where I fully expect you to have a laugh at my expense. feel free I don't grudge it to you but he asked me how many we were up to.....

"50!" I shrieked "50!" 
There was a moments silence and then he laughed loudly and said 

"Actually it was 60! But I think we will go with your count "

"No, no. I lost count that's not fair, you can't do that, you are being mean"
Who really tells their Hoh that they are mean when trapped with one hand on their back and their legs pinned ? An extra, not counted flurry of slaps accompanied that small piece of idiocy.  My stupidity levels seemed to have grown even as my counting skills had decreased.  

The remainder were given with the aid of my least favourite implement, a nasty wooden paddle and I screeched the whole time, promising fervently to avoid any food with sugar in it for ever!! 
I will admit I have broken this promise already not even a week later,  but I do think there is a wee bit of improvement.

So there you have it my friends, next time you have to count, my advice is to concentrate, or take a blinking calculator with you. I am simply going to admit I have no idea and rely on his mathematical skills which are quite clearly better than mine.

Well there you go.  A miracle has occurred I have manage to copy and paste!!

love Jan,xxx

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Memeing on a rainy Afternoon.....

Hello everyone,

Back from a trip to London to meet up with the most amazing friends, Rosie, Ronnie, Ami and Minelle I find myself wishing it was time to do it all again. I am so lucky to have met you all and received such lovely gifts. For some reason my husband likes Ronnie's present  the best!!! he could hardly wait to get back to our hotel room to try that nifty little cane out. We then spent the weekend with Grandbaby who is two this week. It hardly seems so long since I was saying to Ami how much I longed for a grandchild and here she is two already!

I am sitting on the sofa looking out of the window , just admiring the typically English garden that my husband has lovingly grown into our own beautiful space and....

It is absolutely pouring, the rain is hammering down and not expected to stop for a good long while. So thanks to Ella I am going to while away the afternoon completing her latest meme.

1. Name a tender song that can almost make you cry.

"Close your eyes", by Michael Buble. It gets me every time.

2.What is your favourite shade of lipstick? and nail polish? If you don't wear either what do you like or dislike about the shades you see others wear?

I wear a shiny lip gloss in a pale pink and on my toe nails I change colour  to match what I am wearing. I never leave it on at night and rarely wear it on my fingers. I don't mind what others wear but I am not a fan of black.

3.Name a children's nursery rhyme or song that you loved and to which you can remember all the words.

The first one that grandbaby took a liking to was "Twinkle twinkle little star" so probably that has become well known around here.

4.What outfit would you put on in the morning if you wanted to feel happy and well dressed?

One of my phase eight or Roman dresses with nude patent shoes, with a little heel. Maybe a nice jacket if it is chilly.

5.If you had enough money to buy just one, would it be a cottage by the ocean or a cabin in the mountains?

Cabin in the mountains, no question.

6.If you are old enough, which one of the Beatles did you have a thing for? If you are not that old, tell us a musician that really did it for you.

Not a Beatle for me, it was .......

 Yummy then and ...


 Yep, still got it, lol.

7.Name a smell you love, your choice.
 Flowers, especially roses. Surprisingly I love the smell of Vanilla too ;)  

8.How often do you defuzz your legs? Wax,razor or electric?
In the shower, every day, takes no time at all. Couldn't stand to leave them for days on end!

9.How /why did you choose your blog name?

 Seriously that is why, I am stupid .

10.What do you like to eat for breakfast? To drink? Tea or Coffee?
 My favourite meal of the day and I could eat it anytime in preference to anything else. 

                                     coffee and toast, white bread, proper butter and marmalade. 

11.How many siblings do you have? Are you the oldest, youngest or in the middle?
 I have one totally amazing brother who is a couple of years younger than me and yes I was the bossy older sister.

12.What is your favourite salad dressing?

None, I eat it as it comes with nothing on it.

13. If you could sit next to anyone (alive) on a long plane trip who would you pick?
 If I wasn't sitting next to my husband I would want to be by myself.  My kindle and I would be just fine by ourselves thanks.

14.Have you ever gone shopping just to cheer yourself up?

   Is this a trick question?

15. If there is one thing that can make you lose your temper what would it be?
  I can't think of one thing, I think I must just fly off the handle randomly  :( and probably too often.

16.Tell us the best photo you have ever had taken.
 Oh gosh I am not keen on photos of me. My husband's favourite is one he took of me sitting on the edge of a fountain in Paris the weekend we got engaged.

17. Have you ever gone skinny dipping and where?
Recently we hired a log cabin with a hot tub to celebrate our wedding anniversary and we were naked in the hot tub all the time, but in a pool or the sea no.

18. What do you like on your pizza? What don't you like?

    Just cheese for me, thanks. I am not a fan of spicy pizza or too much meat. 

Thanks Ella, that filled in the afternoon nicely.  

Hope you are all well and happy
love Jan, xx