Saturday, 30 September 2017

Another Bit of Thievery.

Hello everyone,

Here I come...
                                                                   (This is for Dev !)

This is cuter

Now I have burgled the meme from everyone, here we go.....


Marriages - one lovely one

Proposals - ditto

Divorces - no thanks

Surgeries - four :(

Tattoos - not one, I think the divorce rate might have been different if I had!

Piercings - only my ears, just one in each ear.


Shot a gun - no thank you, it is not really an English thing 

Quit a Job -  Yes a couple of times

Been on TV - Yes in my teaching days with my little dancers

Fallen in Love - Yes  :)

Driven cross country - No

Hit  a deer - No, that would be awful

Watched a Birth - No , doing it twice  myself was quite enough, lol

Ridden in an Ambulance - Yes

Sung Karaoke - Oh  no that would be awful for everyone else!

Ice Skated - No, I did love my roller skates as a little girl

Been Surfing - No, that is my brother's big passion and I watch him

Seen the Ocean - Yes, a couple of cruises in the Med and I live by the North sea.

Ridden a horse - just about

Almost died - No

Been punched - No

Punched back - No I wouldn't have, even if I had been punched first, not my way.


In love now - Yes with my husband and my boys and my grandbaby - totally.

Hope you are all okay
love Jan, xx

Monday, 25 September 2017

Biking Bad Behaviour !

Hello everyone,

I am guessing that you really only have to read the title of this post to know exactly how things are going over here.

Of course I imagine that you all look like this

Yes I thought so. 

Honestly, you must all be so surprised to learn that someone of my angelic tendencies could possibly behave in anyway less than perfectly but I am afraid to say that I have had a very bad ride on my lovely bicycle.

As you all are aware I am supposed to ride it every day. Mostly I do, and if I don't I do have a good reason ( poorly, away for a couple of days, that sort of thing...)

Well the other day I had no good reason to renege on my obligations. I just felt


Usually once I am out and pedaling I feel better and can get going so to speak. This particular day however I didn't feel like it.
I think my beloved had a fair inkling as soon as we set off  that the was not in for an easy ride |(pardon the pun).

He always comes too, possibly to make sure I ride not hide, lol.  Possibly to keep an eye on my safety as I am pretty hopeless. Usually I choose the route we take if we are not going anywhere special. His first tip off  must have been when I flat out refused to lead the way.

an apt description

I could hear it myself when I said "I will follow you for a change", somehow even I could hear myself being stroppy. As he gave me this look

Guess what I did as he set off in front of me

Yep, that was it, good job he doesn't read here, just saying....

Of course as he is so bored with my routes he went a different way, well that didn't suit as you can imagine. I was moaning from the get go,

 too hilly ( it really wasn't),
 too much traffic (none so you would notice),
too far ( a few feet would have been too far the mood I was in) ,
too cold ( nice warm evening actually),
too hot ( It's Autumn in England, how could it be too hot!)
too fast ( nope)
too slow(nope)

I stopped..... Now please just remember here we are on a public road and although it was quiet it was still populated!

"I have had enough I am going home!" I shouted.

"Yes you are and when you  get there you are to go straight upstairs and get your knickers off . I have had just about enough of this!" he yelled back.

Goodness knows what possessed me to shout at him in the street but I suppose I asked  for his response :(

I then started back home and would you believe it I got the giggles, proper giggles even though  I knew I was in trouble.

I could hear him uttering dire threats behind me and muttering about the consequences of my actions, yada yada  yada...... He really better not read this post or else I will be getting another dose.
The more he threatened the more I laughed, must have looked like a crazy girl, riding along grinning like a hyena.

On arriving home  I was still smirking, he was still bossy :(

"Upstairs now! And open the box while you are getting ready, this needs weaponry!"

Oh dear that changed my tune a tad, I was not so keen on that idea I can tell you. While I am not a fortune teller or anything, I could foresee   wood in my imminent future.

   Oh my favourite position.

Please note I treated you to a nicer rear than mine here. In my imagination I look like this , in reality  I don't......

    No that's not me either

What ensued was a swift, very stingy spanking followed by the blooming wooden paddle and to finish off a few with  his favourite, that blasted wooden long ruler. (I wish I had sent that to Dev when he expressed an interest in it ).

I suppose by the time he had doled out  a bit of retribution I had stopped giggling and started wailing, and he had resumed  his usual demeanor. By now we were both laughing and cuddles etc were forthcoming.

Normal service resumes.

On a side note, today I had to take my bike back to the shop as .....

I have broken it :(((

Actually it has developed a nasty rattle and no it wasn't me, hubby says it is something to do with the  pedals.

On the plus side I get a day off :) Yay!

Hope you are all having a great week, with or without spankings as you so desire.
love Jan, xx