Tuesday, 17 October 2017

It Must be Love!

Hello all,

This is a little bit of nothing so don't feel obliged to carry on, lol

I decided that I must really really love my beloved, as today I made a new recipe for  tonight's tea and I pretty much dislike everything that is in it but knew he would like it!

Not this but similar.

I made Beer baked sausages with Dijon mustard. Don't get too excited, it was nothing to write home about. Among the ingredients were onions, sausages,  real ale, mustard, tomatoes, beef stock cubes ( I don't mind the stock cube, the rest I wouldn't choose on any day, lol). There was entirely too much faffing about for my liking for something so meh!

It said to serve it with cheesy mashed potatoes and roasted carrots  so I did. I hate mashed potatoes too so ......

I came to the conclusion.......

Maybe I will have earned myself......

a nice one of course

To be honest, I am very happy to cook him whatever he fancies, I am his wife after all, it's not really an out of the way thing to do but hey ho,  any excuse for a good girl spanking I say.

Whether or not I get a good girl I know I won't be getting a bad girl as he is in a very good mood.  (There was ale left over )

A happy husband makes for a happy wife 

While I am out here telling tales of my culinary ability I will just add in a little conversation I had with my youngest at the weekend. Actually nothing to do with cooking, more ttwd related.

Son was staying overnight with us as his band had a gig nearby ( he is a phenomenal guitarist). He had his girlfriend's car and keys. 

"Oh mum look at these, her charm has snapped in half!"

"What a shame, what was it, can you get another one?"

"It was a pair of handcuffs, we got it when we were away"

 Such is our relationship.  I am not sure how many 28 year olds would be able to talk to their mum about such things as handcuffs and spanking. It happens quite often nowadays , I am pretty sure they lean the same way as us. She defers to him in pretty much everything and is definitely submissive, (I would stake my life on it). 
I think I was at a bit more of a loss than him. I just sort of suggested he buy a new set for her Birthday. I nearly said get her some real ones like mine but stopped myself just in time. Maybe I will work up to that conversation after the Prosecco has been flowing at Christmas ;)

Happy families!!

Hope you are all having a nice week with lots of love and happy spankings.
love Jan, xx

Monday, 2 October 2017


Hello everyone,

Just interrupting normal posts to express our sympathy to everyone across the pond who has been affected by the awful  shooting in Las Vegas.  What an unimaginable, tragic situation.

 Our thoughts are with you all.

much love
Jan and John, xx